Yup, Obama’s Still Arming And Training Al Qaeda

Not wavering from his foreign policy mission of aiding the Muslim Brotherhood to restore an Islamic Caliphate under their control, Mr. Obama has ordered the training and arming of Syrian jihadists to overthrow Assad. Current reports indicate that the forces loyal to Assad are gaining ground against the Muslim Brotherhood–supported rebels.

The Muslims in the White House are also providing clandestine support to the Syrians rebels. Feeling emboldened by the Arab spring uprisings in Libya and Egypt, for the last three years, the Administration has attempted to use American and NATO aircraft to create a no fly zone to protect the Syrian rebels and their al Qaeda allies (Al-Nusra and ISIS). The plan was soundly rejected by the American and international communities, but that didn’t deter Obama.

In fact, unable to leave Syria alone, Obama ordered the CIA (and most likely U.S. military advisers) to train and supply the Christian-murdering rebels in an attempt to remove Syrian President Assad. Of course, the CIA cannot act alone. It requires a Presidential order from either Mr. Obama or the real power, Valerie Jarrett, to carry out such a mission. According to a PBS FRONTLINE documentary, the rebels are being supplied from Turkish bases and trained in Qatar in a facility near the Saudi Arabian border.

The terrorists-in-waiting would receive three weeks of lessons in setting up ambushes, raids, and proper weapons drills. The rebels were trained to kill off enemy survivors and gather intelligence. Upon graduation, they would receive new uniforms and boots (but no picture of their benefactor, mullah Obama, or a Geneva Convention card.) Anyone supported by the Muslim brotherhood and their military arm, al Qaeda, are terrorists; and Syrian rebels are no different. Any support for one side or the other in Syria is akin to being between Scylla and Charybdis.

The American population does not support any plan that would squander troops in another senseless war in a country that does not present a danger to the U.S. When the Obama regime proposed bombing the Assad forces after a supposed chemical attack (without knowing who used the weapons), the American people and the international community rejected the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s warmongering proposal. Thanks to PBS, Obama will learn that America supplied arms to the rebels against the wishes of Congress that the U.S. provide non-lethal aid only; that is, food, clothing, and medical supplies.

The revelations from the Syrian rebels prove that, once again, American has been lied to by the Community Organizer in Chief.

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  1. mutantone says:

    Is it treason yet? does this make it an overt act? so that only two of use need be witness to bring charges against him and his administration?

  2. Don't you mean muslim-in-chief?

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    You can't expect anything different since the pres is a muslim and his chief advisor Val Jarrett is a raghead.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Someone should go over the Tyyrant-in-chief’s head and bomb the Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Syria al Qaeda rebel base 56 miles 242 degrees S-SW from Camp As Sayliyah Military base and blame it on a retiring general

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