“You’d Rather Look Good And Lose Than Look Bad And Win”

Eric Cantor 2 SC “You’d rather look good and lose than look bad and win”

Among rank and file Republicans angry over the idea of granting amnesty to illegal aliens is a ticking time bomb that will explode in the faces of the Republican Establishment (GOPe). This is the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn from the polling data being ignored by the GOPe.  Numerous polls show huge 60% plus majorities against “amnesty before border security.”

A visitor from another galaxy would have to conclude that since politicians’ only concern is re-election, the sheer weight of poll numbers against amnesty would stop House Republicans from granting amnesty to illegals. That visitor might be wrong.

A line from White Men Can’t Jump  – “You’d rather look good and lose than look bad and win” – fits the GOPe’s obstinate refusal to back down from amnesty. Clearly, killing the country and the Republican Party aren’t as important to the GOPe as “looking good” in the eyes of the media and Democrats. Their treachery is a serious threat to America’s very existence.

The GOPe is like a crazed explosives expert in a movie who wants to blow up an orphanage to make his statement. Nevertheless, at some climatic point in a movie, a hero comes forward to save the day. We need real heroes to step up and save our country and our Party. We need to come forward and stop these GOPe maniacs who are obviously consumed with looking good.  John Boehner, Eric Cantor, John McCain, and Marco Rubio are the real life destructive lunatics who must be stopped; and we must be the heroes who stop them.

Why they have chosen to light this fuse really isn’t important. Engaging in a dialog now is a sucker’s play that will only send the wrong message. We have no time for people like Boehner, who is making moves to grind us down, or feckless worms like McCain, who is willing to bargain away our border security to stay on Chuck Schumer’s good side.

The GOPe has made it clear they are willing to destroy our Party and, more alarmingly, our country so the New York Times will like them. We have to fight them and defeat them.  We have to be America’s heroes. We have to get to town hall meetings to warn these people that we will vote against them, and all of their treachery will go for naught. We have to remind them that the “big donors” demanding amnesty will be giving their money to Democrats after quisling Republicans lose their seats.

The lines have to form in front of Republican headquarters.

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