You Won’t Believe Why This Marine Is Facing Eviction

After serving three tours in Iraq, it is obvious that Marine Corps Sgt. Manuel E. Vega is proud of his country and his service. In expression of his dedication, he has displayed United States and Marine flags at his residence in Fredricksburg, Va.

The two flags have been flying since last year; however, Salem Run Apartment Home’s management has been complaining to him about the displays recently. Unless he agrees to take them down, he will reportedly be evicted from his home.

According to Vega, who spoke to recently about the ordeal, he received a warning letter late last month.

“Although we appreciate and commend your patriotism,” the note read, “as a reminder per your lease agreement, you cannot have anything attached to the railing or any part of the building.”

Vega noted, however, that several of his neighbors have affixed wind chimes and other adornments on their patios and have put out planters and other items forbidden in the agreement. It is unclear whether each of these other apparent violators received a similar eviction warning.

It seems local management is just acting as the middleman in a dispute that began with a regional company, Grady Management, in charge of overseeing the property.

“I just called them and they told me that they are aware of my complaint and are working with corporate management to see if we can resolve the issue of the flags,” he recalled, noting local managers were respectful and “told me to be patient.”

Though he faces the loss of his home, Vega said the flags he put up have a much higher significance.

“Independence Day is not only on Fourth of July,” he said. “Memorial Day is every day in remembrance of our fallen and Veterans day as well, for I will honor all troops past and present and I will never cease to.”

The decorated veteran insists that, whatever may come from his patriotic display, he will not give in to the demands.

“I will take no other alternative,” he concluded. “The flags will stay where they are at.”

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. RacerJim says:

    If I had Marine Corps Sgt. Manuel E. Vega's home address I'd send him a 3'x5' "Honor and Remember" Flag ( to fly along with his Marine Corps Flag and American Flag.

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