You Won’t Believe Who Violent-Movie Director Spike Lee Blames For The Violence In America…

Photo credit: Scott Beale (Flickr)

Spike Lee, a movie director, has apparently found the reason for all the violence in America.

“This country was founded on violence,” Lee told TheWrap. “Africans were brought here, to this land, and then the genocide of Native Americans, that’s the foundation upon which this country was built. It’s simple, not taught in schools. We’re taught some other stuff, and particularly, how we’re taught is through the media. And as African Americans, we were taught how barbaric Africa was, with the Tarzan movies and whatnot, and the savages of the Native Americans in the many, many John Ford, John Wayne films.”

Lee also thinks it’s only getting worse.

“And the NRA is responsible for it,” he said. “These video games are not helping either.”

Ironically, Lee’s most celebrated film, the 1989 drama Do the Right Thing, was not only racially charged, but also was littered with intense violence. His latest film, Oldboy (the 2013 remake of a South Korean film), contained a steady stream of violence to perpetuate the narrative.

Is Spike Lee on to something? Do you think he’s figured it out? Your turn to weigh in…

Photo credit: Scott Beale (Flickr)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Spike Lee is just an angry ni–er who has made a fortune off of white people because if he depended on his kind he'd be in a welfare line.When I attended school we were taught by nthe nuns who we screwed the indians.As farbas his people they had a chance to go back to Africa after the civil war but nstayed here becausenthey knew sooner or later football and basketball was going to make them rich.

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