You Won’t Believe What This Principal Just Banned At Her School

As school ended two years ago, a Coney Island, N.Y., principal made headlines nationwide for banning a song she said could “offend other cultures.”

The song in question was Lee Greenwood’s classic patriotic tune ‘God Bless the U.S.A.,’ which the top administrator at PS 90 felt contained lyrics that were “too grown-up.”

Young students at the school had traditionally ended the year with a patriotic display, including their rendition of the song accompanied by a flourish of American flags. Greta Hawkins replaced that in 2012 with a ceremony featuring a Justin Bieber song about teen romance and a pro-diversity piece called ‘The World is a Rainbow.’

A Jehovah’s Witness, some contended Hawkins cancelled the patriotic tradition based on her religious objection. Reports at the time indicate that, in compliance with her faith, she personally refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Others suggested she was motivated by intolerance, pointing to a 2010 reprimand the black principal received alleging she made inappropriate – and racist – comments about her own school and a prior Jewish principal.

In any case, she made it clear that she feels it is more appropriate for her students to sing “baby, baby, baby” in the style of troubled teen Justin Bieber than acknowledge their allegiance to America.

This was not the first altercation she initiated with proponents of in-school patriotism. Hawkins reportedly tried to bar students from reciting the Pledge and singing ‘America the Beautiful.’

Two years later, Hawkins is still the principal of PS 90; and according to recent reports, she continues to crusade against patriotic displays.

When pre-kindergarten students planned to carry flags and sing ‘Stand Up for the Red, White and Blue’ at an upcoming ceremony, Hawkins shot down the idea. Ostensibly, her decision was based on the fact that she did not receive proper notice; however, a number of those who work for her suggest this move might just be the latest in a troubling tendency to fight such displays at her school.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why aren't the parents doing something about this ungrateful principal who hates the country.Someone should play the knockout game with this crazy coon orr at least bitch slap her

  2. This principal needs to go! She is part of what is wrong with our country today! How did she ever become a principal??

  3. Patriots For America says:

    If this woman does NOT appreciate our Country then she should leave

    • Paid Troll says:

      You're the one that doesn't love this country and the way it is going. You leave.

      • Patriots For America says:

        Hey Paid Troll,
        I love my Country any love my American Flag for what it stands for, unlike you and this un-American lady. This woman has no right to take away the Flag from those who are Patriots, I wonder how many of her student's parents are serving our Country and dying shedding their Blood and she does this because her distorted beliefs.

        • Paid Troll says:

          You're the one on a constant rant about how this country sucks and is going into the toilet, not me I love my country and I like the way it's going. I'm doing great and my business is doing great.
          Thank you America and Obama.

          • I can't help but detect a massive contradiction in your comment. You love the (unnamed) country, yet are blind to the perils that are brought upon it? This would suggest a severely narrow and selfish perspective. You state yourself that you're concern is for you and how your (unnamed) business is doing, but nothing further than that. That would imply you care for only those within your circle and not the country for which they reside. This could be described as a hedonistic standpoint: you're doing well, your business is doing well, therefor all is good in the world. What's more is you attribute your well being to the actions of Obama, yet neglect to examine his actions. To sum up his actions, he's fought hard to a) get power for himself, b) fought hard to get his way, and c) punished the American people for threatening that power. That in mind, you concluded your sentence by thanking Obama for his actions. This further substantiates that you care only about yourself and those within your circle and therefor, couldn't care less about what happens to those outside of it. So, by your own admission, you like that everyone else (the country) is being brought into destruction and you applaud the actions of the man that is bringing it. Sorry, that doesn't match the criteria for love of country. It matches the criteria of love of self, however. Now, I've stated in detail why I don't believe you, but if you want to prove that you love America, be my guest. If you can refrain from issuing pointless insults, leveling accusations, building straw-men, and stacking the deck, that would be nice. However, I understand that when one self-identifies themselves as a "troll", deception and uncivilized behavior comes with the territory. The trick will be in determining your sincerity.

          • Patriots For America says:

            Hi Fennec,
            Well said, Thank you for speaking the truth.

          • Harry Chinn says:

            Make hairy chin lady wish she could right in complete sentences. Harry Chinn feel same way.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Fennec, could you sum up all that blabbering so we don't to read through all your BS? Thanks.

          • Dickson Cider says:

            You read the long ramblings of the crazies here? First and last sentence, baby, first and last.

          • Paid Troll says:

            If you have a problem with your life. . . . . Fix it that's what I'd do, and stop blaming Liberals and Obama for your own failures.

            And try to write in more than one long sentence or a huge word salad that makes little if any sense.

    • Dickson Cider says:

      The vote was unanimous, and you have been elected to escort her to another country and remain at her side guarding others from her for the next 10 years. Adios and godspeed, and don't let the screen door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

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