You Won’t Believe What This Officer Does To This Man In A Wheelchair

Police Knock Over Wheelchair

[Warning. This video contains graphic language!]

The footage is a little sickening. Police brutality and abuse has and will continue to be an issue. Just last week, a man’s dog was recklessly shot by an officer while he was doing a search in the backyard for a missing child.

This police officer violently pushes a man in a wheelchair and, in a true testament to the bizarre, might not be on the hook for police brutality.

This incident occurred in October of last year, when Lt. Tom Davidson knocked over the wheelchair-bound man, 25-year-old Nicholas Kincade.

Police confronted Kincade because he had told security he had a gun in his backpack.

Police searched the backpack and only found a pocketknife, so they issued him a warning and told him to leave.

As he begins to leave, Kincade rolls over the foot of Officer Davidson, prompting him to push him and his wheelchair over onto the ground.

“Whoa, what the [expletive]?” Kincade yells as he falls to the ground.

“You did not drive over me you [expletive],” Davidson says. “Now you’re going to jail.”

“I didn’t see you,” Kincade protests, to which the officer responds, “Oh my God, right.”

After a review board looked at the incident, they determined that Davidson had acted inappropriately and could have removed himself from the path of Kincade’s wheelchair.

“Police officers cannot put themselves in a position where the subsequent need to use force is created,” Police Chief Patrick Flannelly said. “We can’t do that.”

The civilian review board voted on the matter, deciding that Davidson should be fired, although on an appeal they reconsidered and lessened his punishment to a demotion and a 30-day unpaid suspension.

“[Davidson] made the mistake. He’s received the punishment,” Flannelly said. “We’ve spoken; the merit board has spoken. The process is done. At this point we move forward.”

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