You Won’t Believe What The “Politically Correct” Michelle Obama Just Said…

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

As the term ‘Redskin’ continues to face an onslaught of criticism from Americans who believe its use is insensitive to Native Americans, it appears the crusade against racial slurs remains active. When the offensive language emanates from the mouth of leftist icon Michelle Obama, however, the usual voices of outrage are strangely quiet.

Obama, herself a minority and activist for racial sensitivity, used a term believed by many to have insensitive and discriminatory undertones during a recent interview.

While describing her efforts to succeed as a working mother, Obama noted that she initially attempted to work a part-time job.

“I realized I was getting gypped on that front,” she maintained.

While the original ABC report of her comments failed to mention it, a number of other sources explained the term ‘gyp’ is widely considered a slur against the Romani people.

As the Daily Caller pointed out, the word is derived from ‘gypsy,’ itself a derogatory term for the group, which suggests the use of fraud or thievery to achieve a goal. The site compares its use to similarly offensive phrases such as ‘Jewed down’ or ‘Indian giver.’

Early in his first term, Barack Obama also used the disparaging term in describing how insurance companies treat consumers.

While some might contend she did not intend any offense when using the term, critics say Republican politicians are often lambasted for use of language deemed racist despite the user’s intent. One example posted on Twitter was an extemporaneous comment made in 2006 by then-Senate candidate George Allen.

Other social media users pointed out the apparent incongruity of Obama’s position regarding inclusion and her use of such a term.

Still, others believe that, no matter the source, America’s preoccupation with political correctness has gone too far.

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

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  1. I guess we got gypped when Osatan stole office, he is the poster boy for fraud and deceit.

  2. TOMMY Spearing says:

    What difference dose it make coming from a coon!

  3. The difference between being "gypped" and using the term "Redskin" is based mostly on the part of speech that the terms are: the word 'gypped' is a VERB (indicating an action), while the term 'Redskin' is a NOUN (indicating a person, place, OR THING — my emphasis). There tend to be more "offensive" NOUNS as opposed to verbs because nouns are descriptors, and descriptors are used to DISCRIMINATE (as in discrimination) between different types of persons, places, or things. As I see it, the noun 'Redskin' is more discriminative than than the verb form 'gypped' . However, since the God of the Bible DISCRIMINATED between those who were HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL and those who were not, why shouldn't people be allowed to discriminate, be PROUD to do so, and to use whatever terms THEY WISH in order to accomplish this task????? Just remember what P.C. really means —….

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