You Won’t Believe The 14 Awful Things That Are STILL More Popular Than Congress

Harry Reid Blames Kochs

You’ll be shocked when you found out what things are more popular than Congress.  Get ready…some of these are downright gross:


1. Jar Jar Binks

 Photo Credit: John (Creative Commons)Photo Credit: John (Creative Commons)

According to a recent poll by, Jar Jar Binks received a favorability rating of 29%. That’s more than double the 13% favoribility rating of Congress, according  to Real Clear Politics. Since The Phantom Menace came out, Jar Jar Binks has consistently been called the worst character in Star Wars history. Nice job, Congress.

2. Dog Poop

Dog scooping poop.jpg

 Dog Poop (47) beat out Congress (40).


3. Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams SC

Despite the annoyance, Traffic jams (56) beat out Congress (34).


4. Emperor Palpatine

Andy Lidstone /

Emperor Palpatine’s ( the ultimate evil in Star Wars) favorability (31) beat out Congress (13).

5. Zombies

Photo Credit: Guillermo Navarro (Creative Commons)

Photo Credit: Guillermo Navarro (Creative Commons)

Zombies (43), despite their ghoulish looks, still beat out Congress (37).

6. Cockroaches

 Cockroaches SC


Cockroaches (45), the ulitimate pest, still beat out Congress (43)



Photo Credit: Rachel (Creative Commons)Photo Credit: Rachel (Creative Commons)

Nickelback (39) beat out Congress (32)

8. Donald Trump

shutterstock_196597034 Donald Trump SC

Donald Trump (44), always on the lookout for #1, still beat out Congress (42)

9. Hipsters

Photo Credit: Erik Bjornson (Creative Commons)Photo Credit: Erik Bjornson (Creative Commons)

Hipsters (42) beat out Congress (33)

10.  France

France 3 SC

France (46)  beats Congress (37).

11. Brussell Sprouts

Photo Credit: Too Fat for Tahiti (Creative Commons)Photo Credit: Too Fat for Tahiti (Creative Commons)

None too tasty, Brussel Sprouts (69)  still beat Congress (23).

12. Used Car Salesman

01-10-12 SlickUsedCarSalesman SC

After making shady deals, used car salesman (57) still beat out Congress (32).

13. Lice

Lice SC

Despite infesting your head, lice (67) beat out Congress (19).

14. Toenail Fungus

 Toenail Fungus SC

 Toenail Fungus (44) still beat Out Congress (41)

Why would anyone still want to join Congress?

Note: Polls that show 13% are based on Real Clear Politics average. Polls that show different numbers are results from questionnaires asking a head to head favorability rating compared to Congress. These come from (links below)

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