You Won’t Believe How This School Handles Common Core Opponents

As Western Journalism has reported in recent months, public school officials are determined to subject the next generation to the leftist propaganda and confusing lessons included in federal Common Core education standards.

Although taking standardized tests associated with the government-approved curriculum is technically optional, there have been several publicized cases of students being singled out or punished for not going along with the agenda.

For instance, an eighth-grade student in New York recently described being treated like a criminal by her principal after informing fellow students that they could opt out of the exams. The same week, another New York school rewarded elementary and middle school students who took the test with ice cream–while excluding those who declined.

The most recent example of this trend was reported this week in Huntsville, Ala., where a student claims she was suspended for three days for refusing Common Core tests.

Alyssa McKinney, also an eighth-grader, said she informed administrators that she was not comfortable with the exams and was initially confined to an in-school suspension on two separate occasions. The third time she refused, however, she was sent home for three days.

Whitesburg Middle School staff did not respond to local media’s request for comment on the matter.

Though many parents – particularly those trying to raise their kids with traditional values – are incensed by the propagandistic content found in many Common Core lessons, others are apparently perfectly comfortable with the ideological infusion.

Recent news of an unconscionable assignment given to students in a Rialto, Calif. school, however, leaves little doubt that this curriculum includes content most Americans would find disgusting.

According to reports, eighth grade students were required to debate whether the Holocaust truly happened, or whether it was “merely a political scheme crafted to influence public emotion and gain.”

After initially suggesting the school had not received any complaints about the unbelievable assignment, officials have subsequently decided to revamp the requirement. Judging from this and plenty of other disturbing assignments, however, it is hardly shocking that many students – and their parents – want nothing to do with Common Core.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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