You Might Feel Sick After You See How Much Obama Wants To Spend On Housing For Illegals

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

Republican legislators have roundly criticized Barack Obama’s request for $3.7 billion in emergency funds to address the ongoing border crisis.

Sen. Ted Cruz, for example, is urging fellow Republicans to oppose the allotment – at least until there is proof illegals already here under Obama’s policy of de facto amnesty will be sent back to their respective countries of origin.

Many have criticized the administration’s request, alleging that far too little of the spending will go toward securing the border and enforcing existing laws. Those concerns seem to be validated by the White House’s own report regarding how the nearly $4 billion would be spent.

Nearly half of that sum would be set aside for the Department of Health and Human Services to meet the housing and medical needs of tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal minors caught crossing the border in recent months.

Reports indicate that 1,200 or more illegals continue to cross the border – just within Texas’ Rio Grande Valley Sector – every day.

“The president wants $3.7 billion,” Arizona Sen. John McCain said in a recent CNN interview. “If this keeps up, he’ll ask for another $3.7 billion next year.”

According to the Obama administration, the proposal would “provide an additional $1.8 billion for HHS to provide the appropriate care for unaccompanied children, consistent with Federal law, while maintaining services for refugees.”

In contrast, a comparatively meager $433 million would go toward funding the beleaguered Customs and Border Protection agents tasked with enforcing the nation’s immigration laws along the border.

Just over $1 billion would be earmarked for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which would be further broken down into funding for transportation, detainment, and other duties.

McCain asserted his belief that enforcement of immigration laws at the source would not only protect Americans and the illegals risking their lives to come to the U.S. but would also reduce the influence of the drug smugglers often behind the human trafficking.

“As soon as [Central American families] see their money is not effective in getting their kids to this country it will stop, and not before,” he said. “And as tragic and as terrible as this situation is, we cannot have an unending flow of children from all over the world, much less Central America, into our country.”

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  1. Obutthole unilaterally and illegally has allowed these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to remain in this country AGAINST the will of close to 70% of legal Americans. Let him unilaterally pay for their room and board, healthcare, education etc., etc.

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