You Might Be Sick To Hear What Obama Would Rather Do Than Deal With Global Crises

Obama Fundraising

Despite another Malaysian Airlines tragedy and Israel incursion of Gaza, the president attended two fundraisers in New York City Thursday night.  The Fundraiser-in-Chief has attended nearly 400 such events in the past five-and-a-half years in office. While speaking in Vice President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware earlier in the day, the president acknowledged the airliner crash for all of 40-seconds – which he referred to as a “potential tragedy.”

Kate Obenshain was a guest on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor along with James Carville.  Obenshain criticized Obama’s speech and his photo-op at a local burger restaurant, The Charcoal Pit.

“President Obama is glad-handing, ordering burgers medium-well while the world, frankly, is falling apart in other regions, and it’s a stunning thing. Either he’s tone deaf or as you said he just doesn’t care,” Obenshain said.

O’Reilly commented that if he were president, he wouldn’t be at a fundraiser that night.

“If 23 Americans are dead, this becomes a huge story for the United States of America,” O’Reilly said of the crashed airliner.

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