You Know You’re A Communist When…

Obama Communist SC You Know Youre A Communist When...

Here’s a simple question: At what point do you know you’re a communist?

As a strongly principled Conservative/Libertarian, I feel like I could easily recognize other strongly principled Conservatives and Libertarians because their views fall similar to mine.

Using this logic, shouldn’t one communist be able to identify another communist? Better yet, wouldn’t someone who lived through Communism be able to identify a communist leader?

I think the answer is yes, and there is some frightening (only if you haven’t realized it yet) proof.

Recently an opinion article appeared in Pravda (a Russian newspaper), by a relatively unknown writer, Xavier Lerma.

Let me start out by saying that after doing a little research on Xavier, I have found that he is not a Communist, Socialist, or Marxist. He is a Conservative, but of Russian standards of course, with a true love for Vladimir Putin. If you read the column, you would catch on quickly to his favorable bias towards Putin.

While the column contains extreme spin and favorability towards Putin, everything that Xavier said about America and Obama is true – well, mostly true:

Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society, and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them. He gives speeches of peace and love in the world while he promotes wars as he did in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. He plans his next war with Iran as he fires or demotes his generals who get in the way.

What about this isn’t true? Except for the ‘illiterate society’ comment, this paragraph expresses some of my feelings with the reelection of Obama to a tee.

Why do we study history?

We study history in an attempt to learn from it and (to the best of our ability) not commit the same mistakes twice. However, we almost never learn from history, and we always commit the same mistakes twice.

Xavier gets history, though. He has learned from the past of the nation that he holds near and dear to his heart, and he is strongly against Russia committing those same mistakes twice.

Xavier knows that communism doesn’t work, nor does socialism. Xavier knows that low taxes are the way to go. And finally, Xavier knows that faith, morals, and strong principles are the key to prosperity.

History tells us these things, and this is why Xavier is able to exploit all of Obama’s mistakes. Not only is Obama and his administration not learning from history, but they are going in the direction of a “Soviet Plan”, something of which we know does not work. History tells us this.

The American media should be covering this story – its news. But they aren’t going to; that’s why you probably haven’t even heard about it. Because American media doesn’t report the news anymore.

However, when Glenn Beck says something that is deemed to be “politically incorrect”, he is persecuted by the media.

What’s the difference between Beck’s thoughts on America and Xavier’s?

Nothing, and that’s why the media isn’t covering this story.

I suggestion you click on the link and read the column. It could do without all of the favorability towards Putin, but Xavier’s views about Obama and the current state of America are Right. On. Point.

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  1. PatriotWorks says:

    Obama is America's Second and Third 911.
    The time for The Left honoring themselves will soon be at an end.
    There is no more urgent task in America right now than finding out who Obama is.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      To patriotWorks,
      You are correct, we need to find out who the hell is this bogus prez is, but congress has the power to do something and they are not doing anything to stop this dictator. Congress sworn to protect the Constitution and they are not, this bogus prez whoever or whatever the hell he is, he is doing whatever he wants, including trampling all over our Constitution. I blame more the morons who supported and voted this black thing back into our white house.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Congress is a spineless organization they have let this muslim get away with to damn much.Besides he use executive priviledge to circumvent congress.Sambo wins and the media backs him.

    • Yes, it needs to be blasted form the rooftops, that obama is a fraud with a bogus birth certificate, a fraudualent social security number, sealed college records that would tell us alot and has a marxist, communist agenda. And did i leave out that he is a muslim, with a love for the muslim brotherhood and he is anti American and anti white and anti Christian. He watched in real time while Americans died and denied them help. And he is a liar. He needs to be tried for treason for crimes agaisnt American humanity.
      Ben Franklin said that we had a republic as long as we could keep it. Washington said that a democracy needs a virtuous people. Where has virtue and self reliance gone? The press is a joke. They are partners in crime to the downfall of liberty. If someone knows how to get the truth about this evil dictator out on page one and on the mainstream media, pleasee get it done. And obamacare is NOT the law of the land, the Constitution is.

      • Tricia Anthone says:

        "And obamacare is NOT the law of the land, the Constitution is." Hurray! We need for more of us to stand up and say so! ObamaCare is an ASSAULT on our Constitution. We've made unconstitutional mistakes in the past – AND RECOVERED our senses. It's possible to do it again!

      • defender3 says:

        Very well said Kit! We are being betrayed by Elite Republicans who are more interested in votes to remain in office in perpetuity than protecting and defending what was once our Constitutional Republic. They had 4 years to remove Obama from office and did nothing as he carefully orchestrated his evil plan with almost daily assaults on our constitution and total disregard for the rule of law. Then, the Republican National Committee offered up a moderate Democrat to challenge Obama. Now they are preaching to us to put our anger aside and ramp up for 2016 at which time they will offer up the same strategy they pushed with the McCain and Romney campaign. They are forever trying to win over moderate Democrats when there no moderate Democrats. With this communist in office and the help of his followers, we are doomed as a nation unless, some true patriots step up and brand these thugs for who they are.

  2. Tricia Anthone says:

    Xavier Lerma's definition of those who re-elected Obama as illiterate is essentially correct. While most are able to translate characters on a page into words, most Americans today are largely illiterate in their understanding of their own government, Constitution or the implications of their own liberty. This being the case, they cannot retain that liberty – they are compelled by their own stupidity to cede all to the government from which they seek their sustenance. People who trade in their liberty for care from their government are deserving of neither.

    Our Constitution is EXCEPTIONAL in that it is the first to enshrine the idea that people are created free – Liberty is the NATURAL STATE of man. A person, by virtue of his/her HUMANITY has a right to his LIFE LIBERTY and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and that right is not bequeathed by a benevolent Government – it is a function of NATURAL LAW. This is the revolutionary idea on which our entire system of government is built. AND IT IS UNIQUE IN THE WORLD and in the HISTORY OF MANKIND.

    This is the very idea from which so-called "liberals" recoil because attendant to this idea are two central truths: 1. Transcendent morality (as opposed to relative morality) 2. Responsibility of the individual

    • bravo! beautifully said.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      With respect….
      Although much of your assertation is correct, the problem I see is you assume. You assume most Americans are taught about our government and what liberty really is.
      Most are taught from a young age that liberty is an antiquated word that no longer relates to our society as a civilized nation. They equate liberty to the anarchy of the Wild West where the rule of law changed as the weather did. To be truly free they must succumb to the will of the government. We are taught that the government is our brain trust and will always have our best interest at heart. It's deemed almost sacrilege to oppose them. The children believe because no parent teaches otherwise.
      To reclaim our liberty, we must first reclaim our humanity. We may be human, but we lack humanity. How can we claim to be humane when the simple gesture of helping someone less fortunate by buying them a simple pair of socks and shoes is deemed news worthy? To be truly humane shouldn't that be a common occurrence instead of the rarity that begs to be news? Is it humanity for a 12 year old to be taught it's acceptable to kill another simply for the color of their skin?
      I agree with much of what you said, with exceptions. It wasn't liberty that was traded, it was our humanity. For without humanity there can be no liberty. I also believe the number 1 slot for central truths should be recognizing the effect of parental neglect, of which the loss of our humanity stems.

      • Tricia Anthone says:

        Your essay cuts to the very heart of the matter. That such insight still exists, and can be freely shared between strangers actually restores my faith in the human race. Thank you so much for your reply.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Thank you. I was hoping you would accept my opinion with the respect I gave. That's a rarity in itself.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Eloquently said my friend Seeks there is no reason for saying more.It is what I've been saying for a long time and where I live I question people on the board of education as to do they really know what is being taught in school.I find parents are to busy to talk to their children and leave it up to socialist teachers.

  3. Bippy Bellito says:

    We DO have an Illiterate Society who is content on dependencies, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or government. Our public education system is in shambles. Our infrastructure is falling apart(see Sandy's aftermath) due to neglect while more and more "social" programs are established to create more dependency. Our Country lacks a Moral Compass. He no longer know what is right or wrong, because our elected officials and judges have obfuscated the lines. Instead of being Shamed by this; we become Shameless. Instead of being admired as a country, we are mocked. Shame on us All.

  4. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    Just wait until the other shoe falls, those who voted for this dictator on steroids will soon have to pay the piper. Their free handouts will come to an abrupt end and they will be labeled as a burden to society and treated much like how hitler hunted the Jews in 1930's Germany along with those with physical handicaps and those chosen to be contributed for their cause. This man obama did not get into office by himself and would have never heve been heard of except he was one of the pre-chosen by organizations we know little about. We as an illiterate society are being lulled into a false sense of security by our media while people are being installed in key places to gain full control of us. In order to conserve this Nation, we have to select our elected from out of the media selected box.

    • I firmly believe that God has the answer , the bible says that a lying tongue is credited but for a moment that proves why is lies have been believed. But the rest of the scripture says but for a moment .I believe that says a lot his moment will come.It also says that that which is spoken in secret and behind closed doors will be revealed brought out into the light and shouted from the housetops. Could that be our satellite dishes and antennas?

  5. Chuck Holmes says:

    People being dummbed down because the government has control of schools and implementing their thoughts, goals and agendas from a bully pulpit. Get back to reading, writing, math and history that is not spun and that would be a start. My friends in public schools push it and drink the Kool aid. It will be a long row to hoe!!!!!!!

  6. we NEED to protest against him before it is too late. when can we rally to impeach him? and what ever happened to Benghazi??

  7. What is the problem with "illiterate" Chris? Have you seen our graduating classes from public High Schools today?

  8. James Loney says:

    If you want the full story on this Communist so called president and so many others in the Gov. go to and you will certainly get your eyes opened.

  9. When you join the Obama administration, Does this answer the articles question?.

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    You know your a commie when you start believing that Obutthole is the solution for America instead of the problem.

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