You Know It’s Bad When The New York Times Tries To Pin The IRS Scandal On This Group

New York Times

As Republicans continue to search for answers in an ongoing investigation into IRS targeting of conservative groups, the left seems to be resisting at all costs. Not only did countless relevant emails allegedly disappear before investigators could view them; some are now trying to turn the tables by declaring the GOP is really responsible for the scandal.

What likely strikes many Americans as a disingenuous argument actually graced the editorial page of a recent edition of the New York Times.

The paper’s editorial board penned an article titled “The Real Internal Revenue Scandal,” in which they levied several allegations against Republicans while whitewashing the legitimate scope of the current investigation.

The piece excoriated Republicans who “have not given up on their noisy crusade to tie [former IRS official Lois] Lerner to what they imagine to be widespread political corruption within the Obama administration,” contending that the agency’s only real issue is an inability to properly back up the computer files containing two years’ worth of her email correspondences.

To the contrary, the editorial claims, “the real scandal is what Republicans did to cripple the agency when virtually no one was looking.”

The Times article lambasted GOP legislators for cutting the IRS budget in 2010, classifying the move as a disastrous misstep rather than a response to the wasteful spending rampant among federal agencies.

A common leftist refrain, the editorial advocated throwing more money at the agency as a way to prevent what virtually all evidence suggests was a strictly partisan scheme to punish conservatives. For good measure, the editorial board criticized the fact that only about one in four tax returns for incomes over $10 million were audited in 2013 (while 30 percent of Americans in this group were audited three years prior.)

“That is great news for the nation’s highest-income taxpayers,” the article stated, “many of whom donate generously to Republican politicians to keep their taxes low.”

In conclusion, the Times editorial board applauded Obama’s plan to increase the IRS budget by a whopping $1.2 billion, though it lamented the fact that even that amount is “not nearly enough” to ensure the agency can “do its job of collecting the money to pay for essential government services.”

This administration seems determined to take the focus off of Democrat leaders in this and numerous other scandals. As has often been the case, the New York Times is apparently willing to parrot the left’s talking point on the pages of its once-heralded publication.

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