Yet Another High-Profile Conservative Demands Obama’s Impeachment

Photo credit: SS&SS (Flickr)

As calls for impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama increase among prominent Republicans, it is clear the proposition is one that resonates with a large number of Americans. A pair of polls this week shows that at least one-third of the public wants to see him removed from office.

The trend is so obvious that even the White House has admitted that the pursuit of impeachment hearings is a distinct possibility.

Alaska Senate hopeful Joe Miller added his name to the growing list of impeachment proponents in a statement released earlier this week. Echoing the sentiment of fellow Alaskan Sarah Palin, he suggested that the inaction of the Obama administration regarding the ongoing border crisis is an issue that must be addressed swiftly and decisively.

“The truth is, what we are facing with respect to the massive influx of illegals is not only a rule of law issue,” he said; “it is a public health risk and a threat to our national security.”

Miller asserted that Obama must be held accountable, suggesting that impeachment would be the most effective solution.

“Sarah Palin is right,” he said. “It’s time to impeach this president for dereliction of duty, selectively enforcing the law, and usurping powers the Constitution does not authorize.”

Miller went on to conclude that Obama is “willfully undermining the rule of law and creating chaos.”

He also lamented that Mark Begich, the Democrat senator he hopes to succeed following the upcoming election, is similarly unwilling to address the problem in any substantive way.

“Silence is consent,” he said. “Mark Begich has not even deemed the crisis on our southern border worthy of a press release.”

By refusing to act – or even address – the issue, Miller concluded that Begich “is complicit with the president in encouraging and empowering this illegal invasion, both from a policy perspective by voting for amnesty, and by virtue of his refusal to hold Barack Obama accountable for dereliction of duty and usurpation of congressional authority.”

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  1. Wiseoldlady says:

    He should have been impeached right after "cash for clunkers". Anyone with a brain knows all that was about transferring money and making America poorer. Benghazi was about drugs and weapons…our borders at present is about drugs and weapons and gangs….PLUS DEPOPULATION and releasing deadening viruses to kill us by the millions….just as the NWO has planned.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Impeachment all talk and no action.

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