Yes, Virginia, There is a Republican Establishment (And It’s Suicidal)

The GOP Establishment candidate is…?

That’s a question that has divided Republicans during this primary season, with charges meeting levied counter-charges, allegations meeting recriminations. Whatever an Establishment Republican is, during the Tea Party’s first primary no one wants to claim the mantle. The denials have become so heated some have claimed there is no establishment; it’s all a fevered dream of talk show hosts and demagogues. Unfortunately, the establishment is real, active, and suicidal, willing to throw the next presidential election in order to maintain control of “its” party.

George Will likened the existence of the party establishment to the Loch Ness Monster. Michael Barone, the walking encyclopedia of on-the-ground politics whose own views are neoconservative, agreed, offering some pretty unusual criteria by which to measure its demise:

My understanding is that “the Republican establishment” was a term coined to refer to the mostly New York, WASPy types — lawyers, journalists — who swung the Republican presidential nominations to Wendell Willkie in 1940, Thomas Dewey in 1944 and 1948, and Dwight Eisenhower in 1952.

They were fiercely internationalist on foreign policy and willing to accommodate the New Dealers and unions, somewhat, on domestic policy.

It’s been a long time since people like this made decisions for the Republican Party. I think it’s hugely anachronistic to refer to “the Republican establishment” any more.

By Barone’s standards, the mark of the establishment is an internationalist foreign policy and willingness to accept the New Deal. The last Republican president sent us nation-building in two Muslim countries, had the United States rejoin UNESCO, and created the largest new entitlement in decades. Have Republican presidential candidates committed to withdrawing our troops from “West” Germany? Has a single elected Republican president reversed the Great Society, much less the New Deal?

There’s a reason every GOP ticket for 20 years had a Bush or a Dole on it. (And then we got McCain.) Yes, Virginia, there is a Republican establishment, and it’s increasingly out of touch, not just with America, but with its own membership.

The good news is, unlike years past, picking an Establishment candidate was not obvious. Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour chose not to run. The elite shifted gamely to Tim Pawlenty, the candidate who “had it all,” only to see him drop out of the race before anyone realized he had dropped in.

Mitt Romney is not their first choice. They do not really believe he can pull it off — not because he is insincere, but because he looks insincere. They value deception, not insincerity.

Newt Gingrich gives them pause. In conservative media, they pretend it is because his record is not reliably conservative — which it is not. His real liability from their perspective is that he is is a creative thinker who has shown no signs of self-censorship. And after a conversion to Catholicism, he seems to have thrown in his lot with the hicks in flyover country. He invokes America’s religious heritage, and no one has so lambasted the judiciary since George Wallace. (Newt will not appreciate the comparison, but it is historically accurate.) He has creative solutions — many of them not to my liking — to problems the establishment would prefer remain unfixed. There is no room for an intellectual when the country clubbers want to appoint a company man.

Two candidates absolutely frighten the GOP Establishment: Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. Whenever their names are uttered, they invariably precede the words “can’t win.” Michele Bachmann “can’t win,” although she won the only 2012 primary election held to date in Iowa. Ron Paul “can’t win,” although he appears poised to win the next one. “They can’t win” means, “We don’t want them to win.”

In fact, two GOP strategists, Ford O’Connell and Matt Mackowiak, wrote an article for Thursday’s Daily Caller entitled, “Ron Paul Can’t Be Allowed to Win Iowa.” (Allowed?) In a none-too-veiled threat to Iowa’s GOP voters, they write, “Helping Paul win a victory in Iowa will not only be a wasted vote, but it will likely challenge the party’s wisdom of permitting the Hawkeye State to hold the first nominating contest in the future.” Not to be outdone, National Review editor Rich Lowry wrote, “Iowa caucus-goers are protective of their preeminent place in the nominating process. If they deliver victory to a history-making Ron Paul, no one should take them as seriously again.”

Translation: give us an insider at all costs, or else.

Like clockwork, enter Jeb Bush. On Monday, Jeb wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Capitalism and the Right to Rise,” blasting various unnamed politicians for curtailing economic freedom:

The right to rise does not require a libertarian utopia to exist. Rather, it requires fewer, simpler and more outcome-oriented rules. Rules for which an honest cost-benefit analysis is done before their imposition. Rules that sunset so they can be eliminated or adjusted as conditions change. Rules that have disputes resolved faster and less expensively through arbitration than litigation.

The Democrats went too far, he seems to write; we need to go just-a-little-bit less-far, to provide “an echo, not a choice.” That’s the winning formula that propelled Presidents Landon, Willkie, Dewey, Ford, Dole, and McCain into the White House.

David Catron wrote an embarrsingly supplicatory article in The American Spectator begging Jeb Bush to “suffer himself to be lowered onto the political stage in order to resolve the ridiculous plot dilemma the Republicans have written for themselves.” After all, he has “name recognition.”

That he does. Barack Obama could scarcely hope for more than to face the brother of the man who, in his cadences, “drove this country into a ditch.”

Some Republicans counter another Bush is exactly what we need. After all, Jeb would remind people how the George W. Bush administration was much better than people remember: unemployment was lower than it is now, the deficit tiny by comparison, and gas prices averaged less than they do today. This is largely the same argument the GOP establishment made in nominating George W. Bush in 2000. “Clinton fatigue” has set it, its wise men said; people are longing for the days when the only lie a politician told was, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”

And so it goes. The GOP establishment destroys the Republican brand by nominating or electing a kinder, gentler version of the Democrats; that president ensures the election of a far-Left Democrat for four or eight years; then the Establishment clamors to remind the nation how its socialism isn’t as bad as the Democrats‘ socialism.

Pardon me if I refrain.

There is cause for hope, however distant or uncertain. This is the first primary since the rise of the Tea Party. Candidates the Establishment would have foisted on the party with ease in the past can get no traction today, and those who do will feel compelled to pay lip service to small government principles. If Mitt Romney wins the nomination, he will have to name a vice president as conservative as Sarah Palin to secure his own base.

And it probably won’t work. A recent poll conducted by found more than one-third of conservatives will not vote for a liberal Republican, “even if my candidate of choice were to get the VP nomination.”

If one of the more conservative candidates — especially Bachmann or Paul — should become the nominee, RINOs will do everything they can to sabotage the candidacy, up to and including supporting a third party candidate. (Look for Jon Huntsman to take the Americans Elect party line with the support of No Labels.) They openly declared war on Barry Goldwater in 1964, and liberal Republican John Anderson ran a third party campaign against Ronald Reagan in 1980. The Beltway brahmins prefer four more years of Obama’s misrule over the country than four years of outsiders ruling “their” party.

Barack Obama has cratered this country so badly, any Republican in the race, including Huntsman, could beat him. That’s all the more reason not to abandon conservatives in the primaries now.

And as my friend Leslie Carbone has said, “Read my lips: no new Bushes.”

– from Ben Johnson at The White House Watch.

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  1. Ridge runner says:

    I will vote for Ron Paul in the primaries And if his name isn't on the ballot i will write it in. Damn these bunch of no good do gooders we have in the gov. Just maybe if we can get him elected and keep him alive,give him some help with some change in congress and the senate he can reroute the course of destruction our country is on.

    • Victoria DeLacy says:

      The man with the experience is Rick Perry, three time governor of Texas under whose watch his state created the most jobs in America these past few years. Since my state did not manage to get him included on the primary ballot, I will include him as a write-in candidate and hope that a Virginia majority will follow suit and do the same.

    • There won't be enough people to do the same. I wrote in his name in 2008 and it was a wasted vote. We have to vote in the primaries for the best candidate and support whoever wins in the general election. The left MUST be stopped!

    • I wouldn't vote for that Antiamerican old goat for anything. I despise him and his supporters have helped me to despise him all the more. Get him elected. You're nuttier than he is. He will destroy us even faster than Obama.

  2. There is no conventional Republican establishment because historically, they were always basically conservative.There is NOTHING conservative about most of the Republican candidates; and the ones who are, are not taken seriously. This entire country has become a horrendous example of retrograde evolution and is rapidly regressing into totalitarianism and socialist squalor as a result. God help America because no RINO will and unless we vote out every incumbent candidate for reelection to office, REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION, the downward spiral and diminishment of our Civil Libertires, quality of life, exponentially increasing debt and the destruction of a decent legacy for our progeny WILL continue until there is nothing left of the shining city on a hill; just a crater full of human excrement without a future where once it stood
    and, the noble experiment, will have ended in dismal and total FAILURE; simply because those in the constituencies refused to believe the evidence of their own eyes and ears and heed the obvious warnings and threats to the Constitution and rule of law; a tragic but warranted end if only for it's BLATANT STUPIDITY.

  3. Bachmann/Paul… Paul/Bachmann Screw all the rest. Perry caters to the illegals too much.

  4. I question most of your logic. I seriously doubt that Ron Paul could beat Obama, but I doubt he could ever win the GOP nomination either. He caters to ultra-conservatives, of which he is not one. He fails to attract moderate Republicans, and could never attract moderates and independents in a general election. He could pull some liberal "peaceniks" from the Democrats, but hardly enough to counter the numbers he can't attract from the center and right.

    Paul may win the Iowa primary, but that means very little, other than it will definitely hurt Gingrich. It would effectively help Romney in New Hampshire where Paul is trailing distantly.

    I could say much more, but I think you've got the gist of my ideas,

    • Trust me Ron Paul does not cater to ultra conservatives. I am one and I despise this miserabel lying Nazi. He has people who invade any discussion and make it seem like he is supported. He is despised by thinking people. They see him for the evil dangerous individual he is.

      • I guess since you label yourself an "ultra-conservative" that you have cornered the market on knowing who the best candidate is. I too consider myself to be very conservative- and BECAUSE OF THAT- I support Ron Paul!!! Conservatism AT IT'S CORE- is limited government, and that is what Ron Paul is all about!!! He wants to pare down government -especially at the Federal level, and give the power back to the states and to the PEOPLE, where it belongs!!!! THAT is Constitutional!!! How can people be so thick-headed as to not realize that the Constitution is the cornerstone of our country, and once it is gone- we will be no better than the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany!!!! Everything he says makes sense, and unfortunately, people such as yourself do not have the facts, or have not thought his positions through, but they would RADICALLY change this country for the better!!! Our main problem is that the Federal government is like a boa constrictor, and is squeezing the life out of our country!!! The government is poised to start knocking on doors, and dragging people off to FEMA camps- and they passed a bill to do just that. We are a hair away from being Nazi Germany.

      • Ron Paul is the ONE candidate that the global elites fear- that is why he is being singled out as the candidate to dismiss as "unelectable". That is hogwash!!! He is the one candidate who will bring our troops home and remove the dangerous Federal Reserve that is responsible for the economic shambles our country is in. Thank God, more and more people are waking up and realizing that Ron Paul's ideas are revolutionary- and will shake this country up, and revive it like nothing else will. RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I think you give Ron Paul too much credit; he's a nut case!

    • I queston your logic too. Gingrich didn't file in time to be on the Virginia ballet. RP is a Libertarian. How do you figure he caters to ultra-conservatives? He thinks we should legalize prostitution (so he said in the first debate)!

    • So, for whom are you planning to vote?

  5. Rule 1. OMB – Obama Must Go.
    Rule 2. See rule #1.

  6. candyman238 says:

    Man decisions, decisions. I do definitely agree on one thing-" Read my lips: No new Bushes." Like I have mentioned before, if Romney wins the nomination, he is gonna need Sarah Palin to win. I like Paul regardless of his foreign policy, but he spooks me with his temper. Newt is out cause he's had his hands in the cookie jar since he left Congress. I don't even like Bachmann as a vice president candidate, much less for President. Perry is just another Bush. Remember the election when the cry was "Anybody but Bush"? We ended up with more Bush. But now look what we ended up with as "President". I almost fell like going way out on the limb for Trump as the independent party candidate!!! Has anyone considered Palin-Bachmann in 2012? Boy that's gonna get some comments. God Bless America!

    • And how exactly did Newt have his hands in the cookie jar? VA. screwed him and Perry. They are a disgrace. They want Romney who will be defeated by the Commie. Of course, you have lowlife Paul who might runt as a 3rd party. To tell the truth, I would vote for Trump before I would vote for that evil old man. He belong in the annals of history with Hitler and Stalin.

    • Wish those two ladies were our nominees

    • You are (whether deliberately or not) repeating the lies of the left when you say Newt had his hands in the cookie jar. Approximately 490 days ago, the IRS completely vindicated him of ANY financial wrong doing. What news media did you see reporting it? None, because they prefer Americans to believe the lie. Freddie Mac themselves, however reluctantly, admitte that he never did any lobbying for them. How often have you seen that on the news? Maybe once by conservative networds that really don’t want him either. He was a private citizen with a consulting business. Did the “private citizens” who started the Stapes, Lowes, Home Depot, and other businesses also have their hands in some “cookie jar.” If he had started some nationwide chain when he was out of congress rather then leading a consulting firm–which gave advice that Freddie Mac did not take by the way–would he be subject to the same accusation? If you’re going t repeat lies, you ought to repeat the truth along with it.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      El Zorro,

      You forget we have to have at least one good Senator for a role model for the other senators and hope his good is catching. Hope Palin replaces McCain in his Senate seat, ya know the designated loser in the last presidential election. Hope the Grass Rooters or Tea Party or Independent comes up with some good replacements for my 2 senators and 1 representative. No more new world order puppets need apply!

      But we've gotta vote those other nwo puppets out of Congress to give Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura a fighting chance.

    • Wondering Woman says:


      Please explain what you mean by being spooked by Paul's temper. Don't tell me you fell for the hatchet job of his throwing a temper fit and walking off video recently. The video itself and the reports on it made by the opposing sides don't quite match up. What I have observed from Dr. Ron Paul in most of the other debates, I would describe as exasperation than temper. Frankly I admire Dr. Paul's remaining as calm as he does, considering the treatment he usually faces. Put me in Dr. Paul's shoes at some of those debates, and my final remark after fighting to gain time to answer their questions, would not have been as respectful as Dr.
      Paul's "What is going on here?", but "What TH is wrong with you people?". Obviously what is going on is the powers that be have declared that "Dr. Ron Paul can not be allowed to win".

      Dr. Ron Paul, I congratulate you on your manners and my vote stays with you! If that puts me on Obama's
      " probable terrorist list", I'm proud to be in such good company along with all the returning veteran's who have put their lives on the line because of orders from the "chicken hawks" who are so grateful to them they call them "probable terrorist" upon their return to our homeland.

  7. The establishment candidate is picked by people like carl rove….look at the mid-terms how he attacked the tea-party women who ran in nev.and delaware against liberal left……how they picked and supported mcCain whoose only mission was to give BO the whitehouse. In both Nev and Del …. the democrats would have been defeated with a little help from the national party….. Congress and the country would be much better off with a Senator Sharron Angle instead of Sen. harry ( dirty old dog ) reid. no offense to old dogs meant

  8. Are you thinking about using FedEx?
    You need to watch this first…………

  9. we have to get the rep establishment out , the just ther , and sit on ther fat asses and try to sabotashe ouer belives, we need to stay together and put them out , the are in there to long, and the gething to comphy , the need to goo

    • Wondering Woman says:


      Love your spelling, but it is good enough to get your point across and I wholeheartedly agree. My cintimints, exactly.

      Don't we just love foneticks?

  10. The only candidates that will be on the Virginia Presidential Primary is Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Gingrich and Perry did not have enough signatures and the others didn't care. Is that what you call 'establishment'.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Well, Virginia, it kinda looks like the establishment (new world order) is maybe getting a little rattled with all their plans coming apart at the seams at this late date! Yippee. Makes me think that the fellow who said they are on their last legs and fast falling apart is right.

      The fact that more and people are waking up and thinking for themselves is also very rattling for them, because thinking for ourselves our song seems to be "Together Again" which translates to UNITED WE STAND! and the WE is "We the People" not We the republicans or We the democrats!

  11. Fellas,read my lips, NO “Moderate GOP’s (RINO)”, No more”Dubyas, No more
    Liberals!! Conservativses(even so-called “extremists”!) CAN WIN! Let’s get
    rid of these CHILDISH fears! WE CAN DO IT! Damn the Libral Media or Powerful
    Big Labor! This is the BEST chance to do it right! Hang the GOP “Establishment”! If we don’t do it, be READY for WAR and 2nd Revolution (We might already be in it!)! REAL CONSERVATIVES OR BUST! No Defeatists, TImids. or Pessimists need apply! SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS! KEEP THE FAITH! God is SOVEREIGN and ABLE!

  12. You know why all the talking heads disregard Ron Paul? It's because he's the only one with a different boss from them in the running! Vote for any one of the others, Republican or democrat and the powers that be will still be in control! Ron Paul is the only candidate that has to lose for them to maintain control. Also, anyone that thinks the Constitution is nutty, is an idiot and an enemy of the people

    • Ron Paul is a total fraud and a Progressive/Liberal America hater. I wouldn't vote for that lowlife to be dogcatcher.

  13. Ron Paul for president and Ran Paul vise president, and the Republic will be restored.

    • You are so blind that you can't see Paul for the lowlife fraud America hater that he is. Very sad. He is hurting the process in selecting a candidate because all of his idiot supporter refuse to see what a Progressive/Liberal that he is. He is a disgrace to America and I make sure I let everyone know exactly why.

  14. What is with Newt and Perry not getting on the ballot in VA?? Another good GOP move and if they can’t manage a campaign, how will they manage the nation????? sigh!!! Is it time for a new party – one that is competent? So this leaves Romney as the front runner unless you think Paul should be the candidate? NOT!! I am glad I am going on vacation – forget about politics and the fools who are in charge or want to be in charge of this country!!

  15. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    It isn’t so much the division of a stupid party that can’t find it’s own ass with directions, maps, and a flashlight, as it is the people. I have read and read comments on this site and others, and the division among we, the people is at least 75% of the problem here. We can’t seem to make our minds up for anyone, and stick together, and behind them! However, I am going to hope against hope, or however that saying goes, that Trump finds a way to run INDEPENDANTLY, and let me tell you right here and now, my VOTE GOES FOR HIM! He at least, loves America, and what she has given him for his hard work and patriotisim, and nothing else matters to me, except that he loves my country, and wants to see her back on the track of success and prosperity. That he would do exactly as he says, because basically, running a country IS BUSINESS OF THE BIGGEST AND HARDEST KIND OF JOB GOING! And I beleive that this man, Donald Trump, could put my country back on the right track! I do not like the rest, for the one simple reason, they do not have the business experience that Trump has and they do not share the LOVE OF AMERICA WITH HIM! They are out for themselves and the GLORY AND NAMES THAT THEY WILL HAVE AS PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY! I may be wrong about the reasons they have, but I would not trust a one of them as far as I could throw them, with the exception of Michelle Bachman maybe. And, furthermore, I do not trust my fellow Americans either, after this muSLIME being elected……….and the rest of you need to get together for ONE MAN OR WOMAN BEFORE WE ARE COMPLETELY DONE FOR! UNITE OR FALL INTO A DIVISION THAT AMERICA WILL NEVER COME OUT OF!!!!! Only a REVOLUTION WILL SAVE US from the absolute HELL THAT THIS FILTH HAS IN MIND FOR US IF HE IS REELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! islime anyone? Sharia law anyone?

  16. People whatever you do, do not be easily swayed by the media or the rhetoric! Stick with your instincts when voting! We have to all stand together!!! 2012 will be the year of "WE THE PEOPLE" lets think about ourselves for a change!

  17. I would rather just hang all the sons of bitches but since I cannot do that I would rather four more years of the marxist son of a bitch than to vote for the other enemy within that pretends to be something it is not. At least barack does not blow smoke up our arses we know what he is.

    • You have to be nuts! If he gets another four years, you can kiss this country goodbye. Even if we vote for the liberal/moderate RINO, Mitt Romney, who is about the only one who has a chance to get the nomination, it won't even be close to the resident evil that is now living in the White House.

  18. Chunkiechoc. says:

    Since I do not see the liberal media trying to hang any of the so called candidates, I have to believe the only person who may have been able to beat Bam Bam was Cain. Anytime ugly women come out of the woodwork like roaches after dark to claim they were hit on,one can bet it is a set up and money is involved.

    • Wondering Woman says:


      Agree with you that Cain sounded like a Constitutional Patriot's dream candidate, until the thought occurred to me that his meteoric rise from no one knowing who he was to his name becoming a household name almost overnight matched that of Obama's sudden appearance on the political scene. Hmm! Do they have the same powerful backers???

      When you compared the two and wondered why they were chosen, one had to look at Obama's being mixed black and white race and a good part of why he won was because of the race card being played so often, many whites voted for him to show they weren't prejudiced. Unfortunately Obama did not turn out well for "we the people", but he has really done an excellent job for his puppet masters, the new world order.

      So now the new world order sees the way to keep control of the federal government is to run Obama for reelection, but since many are unhappy with him make sure one or theirs is running on the republican ticket also. Hey the race card won the election the last time, so their ideal republican candidate has to be blacker than Obama, but oozing and enthusing over all those things the public has come to see that Obama isn't –
      American, natural born citizen, patriotic, proud of his country, strong family values, strong believer in the Constitution, Christian faith, etc.

      Still undecided, then word of Cain's connection to the federal reserve bank emerges, tilting me further toward thinking that Cain's backers and Obama's backers are one and the same. Then sexual harassment charges
      start unraveling the edges of their shining black republican candidate. The prolonged affair alleged by the 4th
      woman leaves the would be emperor stranding with no clothes on because he has come apart at the seams.
      No doubt his delay in stepping down was to give him time to consult with his backers for instructions. When
      he finally announces that he is stepping down from campaigning for President, he throws his support behind

      No more questions for me. He's answered them all, including who is going to be the next candidate for his and Obama's backers to put before us. Another candidate has pretty well summed up their new choice's character with 2 words: "Serial Hypocrisy"

      The old saying: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS" comes to mind when comparing the three of them. Obama, when using a teleprompter, is an excellent baffler. Cain and Newt are pretty much tied on the dazzling and the baffling, but Cain has Newt beat on his sense of humor & thinking quick on his feet.

  19. Jay & the Americans says:

    Trump is correct, the Bushes gave us obama, and now they want to rescue us again by the idiot Jeb who's dad and granddad started all this problem with the n w o. Now, they want to put a new baby Bush in to give us even more war, patriot acts, and control. We want a Conservative not a fascist regime.
    Bachman is the best, and Santorum second, but even if Ron Paul wins we will still have a conservative in the white house, end the wars, stop the spending, cancel the fed debt, and protect our borders.
    The ulra liberals like Mitt & Gingrich although Gingrich has all of a sudden started becoming a conservative to a degree, need to run as democrats against obama on his ticket not the republican party. the amount of facsist control they generate needs to be put to good use a liberal progressive democrat.

    • I stopped listening to Trump when I found out that he donates primarily to democrats. He donated $50,000 to Rahm "dead fish" Emanuel for Chicago mayor. And Rahm Emanuel's brother is a top manager in Trump's organization. I now believe that he is trying to throw the election to obama! Why aren't you hearing the MSM talking about Trump being a loon – look past the forest!

      • Wondering Woman says:


        I hadn't heard about Trump's donations before, but if your statement is true, then it settles my suspicions into a firm conviction that Trump is another new world order puppet, as are all the radical appointees and czars of Obama's shadow government.

        It also confirms my suspicion that Trump running on a 3rd party ticket to split the vote if Ron Paul should get the nomination would be the new world order's last ditch attempt keep one of their puppets in the top position of our government.

        Fellow American Patriots, please join me in standing fast behind Ron Paul (even if we have to write him in) and voting the rest of those new world order's puppet congressional members out to try to give him a few
        true patriots to work with him in getting this NATION back on track and off the new world order track!

        Our Creator meant it when he said "Thou shalt not kill" and it applies whether we are looking at a single
        homicide or mass genocide as planned by the new world order's reduction of the worldwide population
        by 85 to 90%.

    • Ron Paul is absolutely no conservative. He is a Progessive/Liberal. Don't let all this Constitution rhetoric deceive you,. He is the enemy of America just like Obama.

      • Wondering Woman says:


        May I repeat, please contact your psychiatrist immediately for an emergency consultation! I fear you are soon going to be completely out of bricks altogether, not just a few bricks shy of a load!

    • Wondering Woman says:


      One of us seems to have our facts mixed up. The nwo arose long before either of the Bushes was elected.
      Papa Bush was the first President Bush. His son George W was the second President Bush. Jeb is a younger brother of George W, which makes him a younger son of Papa Bush, not his grandson.

      You confuse me when you speak of Bachman being the best, but denigrating Bush for the patriot act. I agree with you on your obvious dislike of the patriot act, but do you not know that Bachman voted for the patriot act and I believe if you look it up you will also find that she voted for the more distasteful citizen detention act. She definitely cannot be considered to be the best, if she doesn't know what is in our Constitution and is doing such a pitiful job of doing her sworn duty of protecting and supporting it!

      Need I also point out that she is a lawyer, yet she has failed to see anything to file charges against this corrupt administration in three years of obstruction of justice, fraudulent illegal alien with fraudulent SSN, fast and furious gun running program, etc. Neither have any of the many other lawyers who are congressional members.

      As for the brilliance of Newt, who smugly beams while proclaiming: "someone should be filing papers for impeachment", why did it take this brilliant man 3 years to arrive at this conclusion and why hasn't he done the good deed himself instead of implying that everyone else is shirking their duty? None of them were in a better position to do so than Newt himself is and was for the last 4 years (Obama has only been our president by fraud for 3 years, but add another year of campaigning and no one challenging his fraud).

  20. "Unfortunately, the establishment is real, active, and suicidal, willing to throw the next presidential election in order to maintain control of “its” party."

    It would be more correct to say that they are will willing to throw the next election in order to maintain control of the Washington Mafia that has control over both political parties.

    One of the biggest reasons that the Republicans have such a hard time in fending off attacks by the Democrats is because their bath water is just as dirty as the democrats and how can you call the cops in when you are just as complicit as the perpetrator.

    Ron Paul and Michele Backmann would be the main top contenders today if the media were not owned lock, stock and barrel by the same pack of rascals that own the FED and control the Washington insiders better known as the Washington Mafia.

    It is sad that many folks actually still listen to the propaganda spewed by the media and actually believe that Ron Paul or Michele Backmann have no chance of winning. It is also sad that the media has complete control over the media because if they didn't, we not only would be far better off today but Ron Paul or Michele Backmann would be seen in a far better light and would be the next leaders of our nation.

    We are down to the wire and America can go either of two ways, we can believe what the media says and slide further into an oligarchy and fascist police state where tyranny will eventually turn the country side into a charred and scarred battle zone of dead and starving or we can try our damnedest to elect someone that would reinstate the constitution and common, or should I say "not so common sense".

    • Ron Paul is a lowlife Progressive lying racist Antisemitic indivudual. Wake up and see how evil this disgusting America hater is.http: //

  21. Ron :Paul is frightening. He is a Progressive Liberal lowlife. I wouldn't vote for this America hater to be dog catcher.

    • Wondering Woman says:


      Please contact your psychiatrist immediately for an emergency appointment. Obviously none of your marbles are playing the same game.

  22. The election in Nevada was won by fraud.

  23. What this article tells me is that we are in even worse trouble in this country than anyone thought. Since the deck is stacked against us, I hate to say it, but there is only one logical, though not so popular, choice, the only one who has a chance of being nominated, and that is the liberal/moderate RINO, Mitt Romney. If the "chosen one" gets another four years, you can kiss this country goodbye.

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