Yes, Obama Really is the 4th Greatest President, Says White House Spokesman

At yesterday’s White House press briefing, a reporter asked the president’s spokesman Jay Carney about Barack Obama’s claim that he could be considered the fourth best president in U.S. history, behind only Lincoln, FDR, and LBJ.

Carney basically said, yes he is:

Sure, I mean, this has obviously been of great interest in the conservative blogosphere, but the fact of the matter is, he has — he was making a point about the volume and substance of the legislative accomplishments, and the foreign policy accomplishments, in his nearly three years in power. He was not making an assertion of — that only historians will make about the success or — this was not a comparison of success to other presidencies except in the significance and substance and size of the legislative accomplishments, whether it’s health care reform, which was an effort that took 100 years to accomplish; or the Recovery Act, which was an enormous response to an historic economic crisis; the bailout of the automobile industry, the saving of the American automobile industry against great political opposition; and on the foreign policy front, continuing to take the fight successfully to al-Qaeda, embodied most notably in the successful mission to remove Osama bin Laden from the battlefield; the successful efforts that we led to bring the international community behind the effort of the Libyan opposition to remove Moammar Qaddafi from power.

I could go on, and believe me, I will, as time permits. But it was within the context of the substance and volume of what has happened in the face of enormous challenges in these past nearly three years.

Ah, see? Obama was not saying he was greater than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Ronald Reagan — except in “the significance and substance and size of the legislative accomplishments.” And in some ways, he truly has exceeded all his predecessors, placing him in a category all his own.

The exchange begins at approximately 22:29.

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  1. jason osworth says:


  2. VirgoVince says:

    One more time, he's best at being the worst!! Other than that, he's totally useless and worthless!! Don't waste too many more words on him!!

  3. This is unbelievable, coming from the VERY, VERY WORST president America has EVER had !!

  4. John Nelson says:

    More bullshit

  5. Harold Clark says:

    Yes! And Adolph Hitler was Germany's greatest leader? After all he lead them into a war that caused 50 to 60 million people to die. What more could you ask of a great leader? Unless it would be one who lead America to become a third world country like the one your FATHER came from. Kenya.

  6. What a joke – 2 month extension of a tax cut – not a tax increase. Another twist of facts. Does this short term decision help anyone's long term plans??? As much sense as Dem controlled congress not able to pass budget during 2009 & 2010.__
    4th place? He will achieve 1st place in history – as the greatest Destructor this country has ever had!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The American people voted the first black president in our country, we where proud of it. It's his polices
    That has killed our small business, hurt our economy , spend our tax money, made intitlements worse,
    Expanded goverment . Made us more divide in our country than anyone in his office ever.

    • “, we were proud of it.” Speak for yourself. Those of us who researched whence Obama came proudly didn’t vote for him because we knew what he would do.

  8. How could someone bent upon destroying our country be the fourth best President? For that matter, how could people vote for him when he campaigned on "transforming" the entire government? What did they think that meant coming from a Muslim radical of unknown origin?

    • “they” didn’t care that he came from a black Muslim radical and a white Atheist radical…all “they” cared about was voting the first “black” person into the office of the Presidency.

  9. Obummer's claim to be the 4th best president shows hiis narcissism and arrogance. The country is on
    the brink of economic collapse and he's bragging about it. His claim just goes to prove what i've known
    sll the past 3 years. Per se, he is a communist puppet of George Soros who has been trying to destroy
    the U.S. fur many years. He finally found his dummy to tie the strings to manipulate any way he wants.
    Both Obummer and Soros are dangerous. Wake up America!!!! We have to unite behind a republican
    to put in OUR WHITE HOUSE. When we get that done there must be some reckoning, prosecution of that
    whole bunch of Chicago marxist thugs..

  10. Vietnam Vet says:

    These obamaites are ALL BRAIN DEAD Radicals

    • ^5 Welcome Home Brother 5^

      Obama and his lemmings are ALL ANTI-AMERICA Communists, Marxist, Communists.

      U.S. Army 1964-1968

    • part of wight civil rights is getting a third party. Ron Paul, ( same way bush got elected), still that’s what I’m doing. and I’m doing it for america. you know those 2 parties are compromized.
      BTW I was very much looking forward to the celebrity apprentice that sunday night. the timing on that the instant it happen I said their son of a bitch( stanley and whomever baby berry daddy is) that son of a bitch just tried the f*** up donald trump. it was kinda funny but, then again not so much. it even seem difficult to get the replay the next morning on network tv.

  11. Who keeps letting that little boy get behind the podium.

  12. He's actually the best president — best destroyer of America. Watch the video of an ad put out by American Crossroads; they use his words against him in this great ad —

  13. I think I'm gonna PUKE !

  14. I thought Gibbs was bad but he takes a back seat to Carney. Barack Hussein is the worst president in history. Actually, he is not the president since he stole the presidency from millions of sheeple who will believe anything as long as it's a LIE. Hussein is a LIAR, CHEAT, CROOK, MARXIST, DICTATOR and makes Nixon look like a Saint.

  15. Beachsnake says:

    So Obummer has a direct line for interpreting the Bible now?! This guy is a professed Islam and belives nothing the Bible has to say. He has stated the call to morning Islamic prayer is one of the sweetest sounds he has come to love. He would do whatever is necessary to see the Christian religion fall! This man is out to make America his own. He has professed the Supreme Court knows less about our judicial system then he. The man is in love with himself and he will obey noone when it comes to fulfilling his interpretation of himself and what he thinks to be the good of the country. He is self professed Messiah, the Autonomous One, the World's Dictator in sheeps' clothing. The good of the people in this country is not the reason for his occupancy of the White House!

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