Xenophobia And The Forced Acquiescence Of Christians

The traditional is queer.

Common decency offends.

Moral absolutes have become wholly objectionable.

But the biggest offense of all is the faithful Christian.

But I don’t take this time to proselytize. I just want to make a few points of clarification. In the end, I speak only for myself….

The religious conservative does not seek control and authority over his/her fellow American. Our only desire is that our rule of law remain as close to ‘original intent’ as possible.

We don’t reject science.

But we are not quick to embrace falsified science that presumes an applied bias.

We don’t want to force our morality.

But we do not believe all desires are created equal or that all behavioral consequences should merely be covered up or excused. (There is much blessing and growing that comes with learning from our mistakes and adjusting to our personal circumstances/adversities).

We do not reject you.

We do not begrudge you your personal right to believe and behave the way you choose. (But let’s not quickly disregard the honest paths and established truths. Often, the most difficult journeys will produce a greater reward.)

My main point?

Do your own research. Don’t just write off the tried and true ways of the past. There are some things that are timeless and shall remain. We have progressed in many ways, but is there ever a point where we cross the line?

Don’t believe the hype.

Don’t blindly accept the trends. With greater technology and medical advancement comes greater ethical dilemma. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

With great power and authority comes great responsibility.

The more potent the weapon, the greater the devastation.

The potential for calamity is now greater than at any time in the history of the world.

May this be time of sober reflection.

Resist the call for progressive tyranny and blind conformity, that the raging storm may yet pass us by.

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