Wow: This Trucker Just Epically Turned The Tables By Pulling Over A Cop For Speeding And Talking On Cellphone

When they know theyre being recorded

Warning: complains some inappropriate language

Trucker Brian Miner was pulling a load through Illinois when a police officer passed him. Miner, who captured everything on his dashcam, says the officer was not only speeding, but was on his cell phone as well (a violation of Illinois State law.)

Miner decided to take the law into his own hands and honked his horn to signal to the officer that he needed to pull over. The officer, after stopping Miner, was clearly irritated from being honked at and began a heated exchange until he was told that he was being recorded.

Until that point, the officer hadn’t admitted any fault for speeding or talking on his phone.

That sure changed quickly afterwards.

The officer, after an investigation, returned with good news. He stated he wasn’t going to be writing Miner a ticket, and even went so far as to perform an inspection that showed no red flags to help Miner “look good” for his company.

Had Minor not recorded the exchange, the result would not have been as pleasant. He not only would have gotten a ticket for unlawful use of his horn, but could have been host to a bunch of other infractions as well.

As Minor’s video shows, the public has the opportunity to use cameras on traffic stops to not only prevent gross violations but trumped up charges as well.  This in turn creates citizen-officer transparency that the government doesn’t need to oversee.

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