WOW: Americans Just Picked The Winner Of Last Repub Debate – It Wasn’t Even Close

The Independent Journal Review, along with Google Consumer Surveys, conducted a poll to determine who won Thursday’s Republican presidential candidate debate. According to the opinions of those polled who watched the CNN debates, Donald Trump won by a landslide. The debate, which had Sen. Marco Rubio, on Trump’s left, and Sen. Ted Cruz on his right, could be likened to a fireworks display of attack and counter-attacks, with both Cruz and Rubio sandwiching Trump with their blasts, which were often personal.

Viewers took notice and the poll numbers reflect their opinions on which candidate emerged the victor. Of those polled, 43.6 percent believed Trump defeated his Republican opponents. 29.7 percent has Rubio as the winner. Only 12.1 percent believed Cruz won the debates. Gov. John Kasich (OH) recieved 9.7 percent of the votes, and Dr. Ben Carson, coming in last in the polls, only had 5 percent of the post-debate votes.

Another potential post-debate poll was another question asked in the survey, that is, which candidate did voters most want to exit the race. Unfortunately for Carson, those surveyed also conveyed they most wanted Carson to drop out of the race.

45.2 percent want Carson to exit the race, and 22.1 percent want Kasich to leave the race. 12.6 percent, want Trump to leave the race, but as it appears now, that is very unlikely to happen.

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    Remember this time. But I don't know that 45.2 percent want Carson to exit the race, and 22.1 percent want Kasich to leave the race. 12.6 percent, want Trump to leave the race.
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