Would ANY Of These Democrats Be Touched In Ordinary Times?

The slaughter of Democrat sacred cows continues, and writing it off as mere coincidence becomes harder.  It started several weeks back with a series of FBI raids on the Speaker of the Rhode Island Assembly, an openly gay, married, bi-racial man. From there in rapid succession, there were FBI raids/arrests and/or indictments of the black mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina – bribe taking;  a white Illinois State Senator – child pornography; a black New York State Assemblyman – padding his expense account; a black female Indiana County treasurer – stealing county funds; a Chinese American California State Senator- gun running to terrorists; and a Korean American female lawyer in Georgia – aiding illegal aliens.

In ordinary times, NONE of these people would be touched. They are all Democrat sacred cows by virtue of their sexual proclivities, race, gender, criminal specialty, or lust for nude pictures of little children. It is simply inconceivable that the FBI agents and U.S. Attorneys involved made these moves against Barack Obama’s core supporters with the knowledge and approval of Eric Holder – the man who would not allow Christian Adams to prosecute the Black Panthers armed with truncheons who intimidated white voters in Philadelphia.

The latest two liberal “sacred cows” to come under investigation in a very public way are Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis (the Democrat nominee for Texas governor) and NYCLASS, a New York City “animal rights” group connected to Comrade Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Wendy Davis is being investigated for her shady legal work for the Dallas area North Texas Tollway Authority. Like many of these moves carried out by a clearly rebellious FBI and US Attorneys, this investigation is not new. It goes back two years. Democrats must have been certain it would never see the light of day when they backed her; but, surprise surprise, here it is.

Comrade de Blasio had to break out of a crowd of left fielders in the Democrat primary last year. The early favorite was lesbian Christine Quinn, the City Council Speaker. She lost, and now the FBI is investigating charges (from her?) that she was threatened by an “animal rights” group that came out against the City’s famous Hansom Cab industry. The group is tied to “union linked” John Wilhelm, who is Comrade de Blasio’s cousin.

We can shrug these off as coincidences; but for the Democrats, that might not be a smart idea.

Which Democrat “sacred cow” will be herded into the FBI’s slaughter pen next?

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  1. You mention "in ordinary times." What's so unordinary about these times?

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    These people got caught now lets see what happens to these crooks.

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