Words That Don’t Offend Liberals

While not politically incorrect, these are words Liberals have no concept or understanding of:

Amendment, American Constitution, Balanced Budget, Bill of Rights, Budget, Christians, Common Sense, Compromise, Debt, Deficit, Equality, Equal Rights, Freedom, Honor, Hypocrite, Illegal Aliens, Integrity, Liberty, National Deficit, Over Spending, Racist, The Law, Tolerance, Treason

Antonyms for the term “Liberal” – freedom, belief in the Ten Commandments, willing to listen to others, honest, free choice, commons sense, love for America.

Liberals still don’t understand “illegal” unless applying it to their opposition, and they consider all opposition illegal.

Liberals consider you voicing your opinion for “traditional marriage” as bullying those who believe in “same sex marriage.” BUT it is okay for those who are in “same sex marriages” to disparage Christians, tell them the Bible is wrong, and call them “homophobic.”

Liberals understand voter fraud because they need it to exist; and it is supported in all elections, unless they learn you are a Republican doing the same thing–and then you are called “racist.”

Liberals also apply infinity to the phrase “National Deficit.” To them, balance means trying not to fall down.

The concepts most Liberals have of some words are so humorous they really could fill a book.

When trying to narrow down to one word that actually describes what Liberals have done to America, the only word, out of millions, that can define Liberals is treason.

Outlaw guns, and only Liberals will have guns.

Liberals lack two critical skills: math and common sense.

Liberals expect everyone to give money to the poor–well, except for themselves.

To a Liberal, “redistribute the wealth” means taking it from conservatives and giving it to other Liberal causes.

To a Liberal, a discussion is only their point of view.

If you disagree with liberals or argue with them, that automatically makes you a racist, a terrorist, or homophobic. Free speech does not apply when talking to liberals.

You like Star Trek? Another word for Liberals is the “Borg.” Liberals want all others to assimilate.

The Ten Commandments are to Liberals as sunshine is to Vampires. Come to think of it, Liberals really are sucking the blood out of America.

Liberals can lie, but you can’t.

Liberal – another word for communist.

Progressive – communist

One Liberal who was known to have affairs accused a Republican candidate of having an extramarital affair. When he was called out on the fact he had multiple affairs, he said it was okay for him to have affairs because he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with them. Since his opponent believed affairs were wrong, and his opponent had an affair, it made his opponent guilty.

Better yet, a Liberal friend of mine blurted out that he believed there should be gun control; and I snapped back, “I also believe in gun control. I think all Americans should have a gun and know how to control it. Then at the next Batman movie, if someone started shooting into the crowd, he would be gunned down after a couple of shots.” My Liberal friend continued by saying, “No one should have a gun.” Curious, I asked, “You mean you don’t have a gun?” That was when he said, “Oh, yeah I have a gun but that is different.”

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