Women’s Group Airs Ad Criticizing Health Care Law

Barack Obama speech 14 SC 300x201 Women’s Group Airs Ad Criticizing Health Care Law

NEW YORK (AP) — A conservative women’s group on Wednesday launched a $6 million ad campaign in presidential battleground states criticizing President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.

The 60-second ad from Concerned Women for America features a family physician, Ami Siems, warning that patients may be denied care under the new law and might not be able to choose their own doctor. Siems previously appeared in ads criticizing the health care reform proposal sponsored by another conservative group, Americans for Prosperity, in 2009 when the plan was being considered by Congress.

“Everyone agreed we needed reforms, but this new health care law just isn’t fixing things,” Siems says. “President Obama promised my patients that they could keep me. But what if because of this new law I can’t keep them?”

The spot will run in top presidential battleground states including Iowa, New Hampshire, Virginia and Wisconsin. It also will air in Minnesota and New Mexico, two states not considered quite as competitive.

Opposition to the health care law, narrowly passed by Democrats in Congress in 2010, has been a major rallying cry for conservatives. The Supreme Court is expected to rule this month on whether the law— particularly the so-called individual mandate requiring everyone to purchase health insurance — is constitutional.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    The MAJORITY of Americans said WE DON'T WANT THIS!

    On top of this, what is someone who can't AFFORD insurance, and has NO INCOME, to pay the FINES for not having insurance to do?
    So what happens to these people?
    This represents a MAJOR group of Americans that are unemployed thanks to failed obamanomics!

    The economy was STABLE before oblameo messed it up!

  2. Tricia Greenwood says:

    I have seen the ad .It is good

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