Women With Wedgies: 2013′s Renewed War On Women

Zuckerbergprotest Women With Wedgies: 2013′s Renewed War On Women

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on ThoughtfulWomen.org.

According to Wikipedia, the free online dictionary, a wedge is a triangular shaped round tool, a compound and portable inclined plane, and one of the six classical simple machines. It can be used to separate two objects or portions of an object, lift up an object, or hold an object in place.

In 2012, Barack Obama effectively used wedge issues in his hand-crafted “War on Women“ to separate women from voting for Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

Give the guy credit. He was able to fool a good cross-section of women utilizing two polarizing figures who shall not be named in this column (hint: losers in Missouri and Indiana) to drive wedges between the Republican Party and women voters.

The Obama campaign used the wedge issuebrilliantly to brainwash single and minority women into thinking the GOP would take away their reproductive rights, deny them equal pay, and perform other unsavory tasks to get a lily white, intolerant party in the power seat.

The frighteningly successful Obama taunted us even after the election during fiscal cliff negotiations where he scared people about the rich paying their fair share, Republicans removing middle class tax cuts, and Medicare being taken away from seniors.

It was great political theater but kind of unfair to Speaker John Boehner and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, statesmen and gentlemen who believe a man’s word is his bond.  Now its unlikely that either will meet privately with Obama without witnesses.

Political operatives and pranksters paid by Obama’s operatives and liberal special interest groups are now using the same bullying tactics – an issues “wedgie” in 2013 – to scare women and business people from helping or even listening to Republicans.

wedgie, according to Wikipedia, occurs when a person’s underwear or other garments are wedged between the buttocks. While a wedgie can be created naturally, the term is usually associated with a prank or as a form of bullying.

So, I’m declaring it fair game in 2013 to call it exactly what it is:

The Women With Wedgies campaign has begun!

Get your panties in a bunch and join the fun!

Separating people into groups has become routine now for the Obama political machine. They effectively control the mainstream media and use that power to scare women and minorities. It’s the same tactical strategy as it was in 2012, but with a different delivery of the message using “groups” of women to pick on others.

You’ll begin to hear rhetoric from fictitious groups made up the day before. They will say that Republicans are “bad” for refusing to fund liberal special interest groups.  These groups often hide behind non-profit organizations for legitimacy. But they are controlled by the same people who control political action committees that will only back Democrats.

The most recent Women With Wedgies campaign was on display this week in California when Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was in town for a fundraiser hosted by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

The “Raging Grannies” (pictured above) picketed Zuckerberg’s home with a thumbs-down Facebook symbol expressing their “dislike” of Zuckerberg’s support of Christie.

It’s pretty clever if you ask me and the media falls for the joke every time.

Read about it here:  Raging grannies, others picket Zuck’s political party.

So, why do these women hate Chris Christie?  Could it be because he did something fiscally responsible?

Governor Christie signed a budget in 2011 which cut proposed funding to Planned Parenthood and other liberal groups.  Democrats said he hated women, but the press covered it as New Jersey Democrats’ efforts to restore funding to public assistance programs with dollars they did not have.  This would have meant raising taxes so Governor Christie said “no”.

At the time, Governor Christie slashed $900 million, called the budget “unconstitutional” and based on “fantasy revenue found between the cushions.” He vetoed the things he thought were frivolous:

“They decided to deceive the citizens of the state with a budget that makes them look like Santa Claus in an election year,” Christie said. “How shocking, politicians deceiving and pandering to voters to get re-elected.”

Christie had one explanation for his individual reductions: “We can’t afford it.”

Read more here.

Governor Christie’s budget ax fell in 2011.  How did the “Raging Grannies” remember that?

It turns out that opposition research is twelve times easier using the Internet than it was in the old days.  Liberals masquerading as “Grannies” heard that Zuckerberg would host Christie.  It takes about a second and a half to find out the date, location and time.  After all, the mainstream media has the details when a major figure is in the area.

Given the odds against conservatives and the huge financial advantage liberal groups have, it will be harder for women who don’t drink the Obama Kool-Aid to promote their point of view and stick up for guys like Chris Christie who are doing what’s right to get their home state back on track.

But once you define the enemy, you can prepare.  Conservative women who care about putting food on the table, filling the gas tank, and helping their kids go to college might start to rally, engage and act.  You never know.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Women With Wedgies acts in 2013, when the States of New Jersey and Virginia hold their elections.  Stay tuned in 2014, when one-third of the U.S. Senate and all 435 Members of Congress will face re-election.

It promises to be good (and predictable) political theater.



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