With Friends Like Fox, Who Needs Liberal Media?

Fox News channel SC With friends like Fox, who needs liberal media?

Since its debut in 1996, we conservatives have seen Fox News as our sanctuary from the hostility and bias prevalent for decades in the liberal media.

Why wouldn’t we? The brainchild of longtime Republican media consultant Roger Ailes, Fox was willing to air content often ignored by the rest of the news media,and give a voice to conservative punditry other networks didn’t want to admit existed. Fox seemed to treat institutions and ideals we conservatives hold dear with a respect and benefit of the doubt we rarely received elsewhere.

That is starting to change.

It first became noticeable during the past two presidential campaign cycles, when I was inundated with e-mails and social media messages from conservatives (especially social conservatives) telling me they had to watch CNN and MSNBC to get unbiased coverage of the Republican primary, because Fox was perceived by these people as being in the tank for Mitt Romney.

Remember when Rick Santorum accused Fox News of “shilling for (Romney) every day?” Newt Gingrich also said, “I think Fox has been for Romney all the way through…We are more likely to get neutral coverage on CNN than we are Fox.”

Read More at USA Today. By Steve Deace.

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  1. Fox was in the boat fo rRomney before it was ever launched. I have written countless letters to the Republican National Commitee withour receiving one response. They are not interested in what true conservative citizens have to say. They only want our money! Like McCain, they have chosen a moderate Democrat to run against Obama. We will lose again come November!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    All I can say it wasn't Fox Media that throwing softball quetions to Obutthole.If it wasn't for Fox and the people on this network Romney would be toast because they're teling him to go after Sambo and not sit back like McQuack McCain did.

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