Wind Energy Nothing More Than A Fraudulent Scheme

Wind Farm SC Wind Energy Nothing More Than A Fraudulent Scheme

When it comes to wind farms and their supposed generation of renewable electricity, one must examine the definition of the word “fraud”. Dictionaries define it as deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.

The fact that we are told that wind energy is helping in any way to lower our use of fossil fuel-based electricity fits well within the definition of fraud. In reality, in the United States, we have thousands of wind turbines currently in operation; yet the official estimate of actual electricity produced is 1% or less nationwide (and as high as 2% in some states.) California can be used as a prime example of fraudulent estimations of actual wind generated electricity. Here, it is said that wind-generated electricity makes up about 1.5 percent of the overall state usage of electricity. However, this estimate is nothing more than an outrageous lie. California has a population of 40 million, as well as the most wind farms in operation. Thus, the state should be able to be used as an example for the whole US, as far as actual electricity generated by wind, if you consider the total number of turbines in operation along with the overall population. So, both California and the US should have the same percentage when it comes to the actual amount of wind-generated electricity. However, California is estimated to have half of a percentage more than the rest of the country. This is because the wind farm industry simply does not really know what percentage of electricity wind farms generate because they do not meter the production of electricity or the amount of grid power used to maintain the turbines.

What this essentially means is that no one in the wind energy industry really has an idea of what is produced or used.

With this in mind, for them to even give estimates of wind-generated electricity is fraudulent. This is because it doesn’t matter if their estimates are at 0 or 10% due to the fact that the fossil fuel is used in the manufacture and production of the wind turbines themselves. The construction of the wind farms puts the whole wind farm industry at such a deficit in fossil fuels used before they even go into operation, and they have no chance of even coming close to producing enough electricity to ever get out of the hole. This doesn’t take into consideration the fact that each turbine uses more grid electricity while in use than it will ever produce.

Realistically, we have a whole industry scamming billions off the public under the guise of producing renewable electricity from wind. The very idea that wind-generated electricity is helping reduce our dependence on fossil fuel is the biggest fraud to ever be bestowed on both the American public as well as the world population in general.

The claim that wind farms are environmentally friendly is a joke, since millions of endangered bird species have been killed by the turbines themselves. Marine life, exposed to the constant low-pitched noise generated by coastal turbines, suffer huge losses by the beaching of whales and dolphins. Human health has also come into question, from those who live close to turbines and experience constant exposure to this noise.

The large areas of turbine forests seen from many highways here in the US are yet another example of how the wind industry is decimating the natural beauty of the American wilderness.

From an environmental point of view, wind farms are very destructive overall to the general preservation of endangered species and to the natural beauty of the land.

It would be a different story altogether if wind farms had something productive to offer. But as it is now, they offer nothing because they produce nothing, while both damaging our environment and defrauding the public of billions of dollars each year.

The wind industry must be exposed for the scam it really is, and treated like any other criminal fraud scheme. It must be shut down (and those responsible for the sham prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.)

In any case, it is nothing more than an experiment at this time and should be treated as so by removing it altogether as a source of electricity until technology can improve efficiency in the future.

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  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm hoping Concerned is reading this because he or she is a wind person looking to outlaw oil.As you look out what a beautiful sight to see all those wind turbines doing didley or those acres of of solar panels making our landscape look so gorgeous.About the only good part is Al "the Whore" Gore became a multimillionaire like Dingy Harry did in Nevada

  3. Charles Hanna says:

    The whole article is written out of ignorance. Many European towns generate enough electricity to produce a profit for the town. There are also forms of wind power that harm no birds and create no noise. And the production of power at a competitive cost per kilowatt hour includes the amortized cost of turbine manufacturing and installation.
    There are also small wind turbines which may operate independently of the grid and serve individual homes and businesses. I suggest the author wake up to real life before writing about something he knows so little about.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I see you forgot to mention the health risks suffered by those who live within a 5km range from these wind turbines aptly named Wind Turbine Syndrome.
      Unless you're one of those that dismiss these facts but embrace the lies claimed to be associated with fracking.

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