Win Or Lose, Biden May Be Back In The Race In 2016

Joe Biden 10 SC Win Or Lose, Biden May Be Back In The Race In 2016

SARASOTA, Fla. (Official Wire) — Two weeks after the election, Vice President Joe Biden will turn 70, with 40 years in elective office. But win or lose, this may not be Biden’s last campaign.

Just this week he jokingly told a voter in Florida that he should vote for Biden in four years after the man’s health insurance rates drop because of Obamacare.

Biden’s presidential aspirations are anything but a joke.

He ran for president in 1988 and again in 2008. If he ran for the White House in 2016, Biden would be 73, one of the oldest candidates for president in history, older by a few months than Ronald Reagan when he ran for re-election in 1984.

Biden aides say he will not make a decision until well after the election, when he sits down with family members and advisers for a heartfelt strategy session. It’s the same process Biden used when he decided to run for president in 2008 — and when he passed up a bid four years earlier.

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Photo Credit: US Coast Guard Creative Commons

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  1. A guy with dementia? Are you kidding?

  2. He's been feeding off taxpayers all his life. Does he have any other talent?

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    If this country tried traitors he'd be in the same cell as Obutthole.joe knows the Clits would have him killed like they did all those other friends of theirs from Arkansas or like Vince Foster.They couldn't do Obunghole in because he was half black had he been white she would have most likely been preident.

  4. hahahahahahahahaha – he can try…………………….
    BUT if bo is elected this month – there may NOT be another election in 4 yrs – bo may have already taken over the USA. he has signed enough EOs that put him in Control of the USA plus there are too many in DC who are socialists & communists… that have given him the power he has now.
    It will only get worse……………………………..

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