Will The Supreme Court Kill Constitution?

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In 2012, National Federation of Independent Business vs Sebelius was considered by many to be one of the most significant Supreme Court cases heard in decades. On its outcome would depend the continued liberty of the American people. For if our elected officials can force the public to purchase government-approved health insurance, what can they NOT demand the American people acquire?! The full effects of the unconscionable betrayal of the Constitution and the American public by Chief Justice John Roberts are only beginning to be realized.

If the NFIB decision pronounced an end to our liberty, the Court’s upcoming ruling in Bond vs U.S. has the potential to literally end the 240 year history of the United States. For at issue in this case is the following question: When the United States joins an international treaty, may Congress pass laws toward its implementation that violate the Constitution? The Obama Regime, through Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, says YES. For during oral arguments on November 5th, Verrilli told the Court that “…once a treaty is signed by the president and ratified by the Senate, Congress has the power to pass any law necessary and proper to implement the treaty.” ANY law! The constitutional limits on Congressional power may be ignored at the whim of lawmakers.

As a result, the United Nations would effectively make the laws by which the American people are governed. The UN Small Arms Treaty would, for example, wipe out the 2nd Amendment as international police acquire authority to order–even carry out–the disarming of the American people.

The Bill of Rights will become the former law of the land. Express an opinion insulting to pro-Islamic UN doctrine, and an American citizen could be imprisoned (or, should the terms of a treaty call for it, perhaps even be beheaded as an infidel!)

The legal history of Bond is a bit involved and not really at issue here. What is of importance is the fact that the terms of a treaty entered into by the president and ratified by the Senate will effectively take precedence over the Constitution. For elected DC representatives may fashion and pass legislation based solely upon upholding the terms of any treaty with any nation for any purpose.

Imagine a United States in which parents have no right to raise their children except according to accepted, international doctrine; wealth would be subject to “fair and equitable” forced re-distribution; expression of unacceptable opinions would expose a speaker to fine or imprisonment; and everywhere, informers would gain favor with the powers that be by betraying freedom loving neighbors or family members for a carelessly expressed desire for liberty.

A ruling on Bond vs U.S. is expected before the end of the Court’s term next summer. John Roberts has already betrayed the American people by ignoring the Constitution in his decision on the Affordable Care Act. Will this corrupt and cowardly justice now participate in a majority ruling that would put that document to death?


Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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  1. The states need to take their power back. They need to ratify an amendment to the constitution that State's Supreme Courts rulings supersede the Supreme Court's rulings. That is the only way to give the power back to the people!!!

    • Yes, the States MUST insist on their rights as guaranteed by our Constitution. It clearly states that all rights except those SPECIFICALLY given to the Federal Government automatically belong to the States!

  2. Many people think the US Supreme Court is the final say as to what is law and what is not law but they would be wrong . The US Congress ( We The People ) and the US Constitution have the final say . US Constitutional can only be changed by Amendment and not by nine judges . If the congress had some people with some back bone no UN treaty could be enforced in the USA . The only reason why this is even an issue is because We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting In the White House gong by the name of barack hussein obama . The US Government is not a legal body because of the fact barack hussein obama is not a legal sitting US president .

  3. A previous legal precedent, Reed v. Covert, determined that the Constitution takes precedence over international treaties. This case has never been overturned. If the SCOTUS acts contrary to this precedent and allows the Obama administration to enforce unconstitutional laws in support of the UN ATT they will leave us no choice but to use any level of force necessary to prevent it.
    Prepare yourselves!

  4. Evermyrtle says:

    They have already killed all but the tag ends, might as well do away with them, too.The Kenyan has never honored the constitution unless there was something there that would help him, and all the little piglets follow him..

  5. He had better not side with the Liberals to kill the Constitution or John Roberts may find himself facing IMPEACHMENT!

  6. IF the Supreme Court of the U.S. kills the U.S. Constitution…
    THEN "We the people…" will kill the Supreme Court of the U.S.

  7. David Mumme says:

    The sad fact is that this is not the end, not even the middle, but just the beginning of the crisis. It may have started decades ago but we are just beginning to feel its effects. If We the People do not take back control, by any means necessary, we are going to rightfully lose our freedom. Its no wonder that the Constitution gives the people the responsibility of being the militia. Our federal government owned an operated military is being crafted to turn on the citizenry. We haven't a chance one to overpower the world's strongest military machine with our little hand guns. We need to stop this abomination through our courts and the political process if we have any hope at all. Convict Obama, do not allow any governments agency to take away our freedoms, break the overpowering liberal bias, and reclaim America today.

    • You are right on, but look at all the people who voted for a Communist as President. Valerie Jarrett, his right hand person an admitted communist and her parents are as well. Van Jones a committed communist. How many others in his administration are communists. People need to be informed voters and not discard discussions because they find it hard to believe. I fear that we will find out that we should have paid more attention to who is running the country. I am very disappointed in the Supreme Court and I think it is going to get worse. So the Democrats may vote Hillary in, that will really finish our nation off.

  8. Probably will happen so they can force anarchy and try to confiscate all firearms and cause a revolt like the world has never ever witnessed. . God Help us all defeat these socialist dictators. Love to the Church V

  9. roberts was and is a traitor. Yes, I do believe he will side with the libs (aka: communist, marxist, socialist or whatever other 'ist') and do away with that troublesome Constitution. By doing this, obama will declare himself king and moochele queen.
    obama has been caught saying that he thought that the Constitution was an 'outdated document'.
    He already has a ready made army, and i am not talking about our armed forces. I am talking about the irs, nsa, and lets not forget his favorite misnamed agency 'homeland security'.

  10. roberts was and is a traitor. Yes, I do believe he will side with the libs (aka: communist, marxist, socialist or whatever other 'ist') and do away with that troublesome Constitution. By doing this, obama will declare himself king and moochele queen.
    He has already been caught saying that the Constitution was an 'outdated document'.
    He already has his ready made army, and I am not talking about our armed forces. I am talking about the irs, nsa and his favorite misnamed, department of homeland security.

  11. So many traitors, so little time!!!!

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm sure that the president appointed justices who will kill the constitution with those 2 girl porch monkies and that old hag Ginsburg who never liked the Constitution and now Obutthole bought off Roberts.Kennedy is a fence sitter so who do you have left.The american people better wake up before it's to late.

  13. Wait. Roberts didn't ignore the Constitution nor did he vote to uphold Obamacare. That's just how the Obama administration is touting it, saying the Supreme Court upheld the "law". They did not. They gave a long winded opinion, reiterating that Obamacare can only be Constitutional if it was a tax. That even tripped up Obama when he had to make a statement saying "It's not a tax. It's a penalty." Am I the only one that remembers that? I should hope not.
    That being said, it would not be legal for the Supreme Court to make any ruling to drop the Supreme law of the land. If they thought so and proceeded, it would mean armed conflict. I think that would be the last straw for American citizens. Freedom and God-given rights are not something you can just legislate away.

  14. Thank You!!!!… I was beginning to think I was the only one who realized this stupid “obamacare” was unconstitutional! I mean seriously it is simply ridiculous and my family and I won’t be bullied into doing it either. Take my money but Obama you WILL NOT take my freedom! I fear that this is just the beginning and Obama knows it… It will be every man for himself eventually… Just pray they don’t take all your guns first. How could our generation realistically let this happen? Did they have their ear plugs in? Blind folds on? Or were they just simply to ignorant to see the facts right in front of their faces? I just pray that we the people can maintain and survive while we wait for our government to wake up and rescue us… But I’m not holding my breath!

    • Linda From NY says:

      To KynaG.
      65 million morons voted for this loser, and along with voter fraud this is how we got screwed. I remember last year election as I watched on TV how he was announced as the winner. At first I was sad for our Country and then very angry for days, and asking how could people be so stupid to elect a man who had approved to be a failure and a dictator and yet they still went ahead a supported him.

    • The youth of this nation got hijacked with the Federally mandated education 'requirement's or in simpler terms "Indoctrination" they have been taught that guns are bad Obama is Great all hail the King from Kenya. Obamacare was is and always will be Unconstitutional, Roberts sold us all out and gave Obama an out with the is it a tax or isn't it a tax dodge ball game. Since LBJ we have been playing a fools game with our children's futures, no child left behind, the dumbing down of America so that dumb kids felt smarter. They voted for this imposter for a damn Cell Phone and a box of twinkies to eat while playing xbox and sitting on their asses getting a welfare check. handouts no longer are they a Hand up. do nothing make babies get more free money, free money is everywhere just go listen to your town or city counsel talk about all the free federal money they can apply for

  15. John Roberts family was threatened by the Obama people. That is why he did what he did on Obamacare. We have a dictator in the White House and must be removed like yesterday. Obama thinks he can't be touched, that is how sick this man truly is.

  16. I have watched you tube videos by Joe Banister who formerly was with the IRS Criminal Investigations – he states as do many others that the IRS law was never ratified. If this is so, I question how Roberts can declare Obamacare is a tax? Shouldn't that issue be addressed? Further, I question how a tax can be imposed on the American people when the elected leader gives certain special groups exemptions. That should be enough to rile the people to demand impeachment not to mention the destruction of our Constitution. Am I the only one who heard Obama say the American people are not very smart? Obviously, he is right otherwise we would have demanded as a country that he be vetted. I would like to see the judges who are too lacking in character to hear the cases – to actually allow a hearing to go through about Obama's use of a soc sec number that belongs to someone born in Cn in the 1890s and his explanation about the selective service issue and finally the birth certificate that even Israel says is not real. No wonder people think we are dumb -why some people actually believe 911 was not government sponsored. And finally, how can the American public sit back and do nothing while President Egomaniac fires 500 military men and woman in the last five years. This is absurd and it has to stop. Makes no difference about democrat or republican. My final comment is that clearly Obama is trying to destroy our country – he is wasting billions daily and don't forget, the US taxpayers paid 100 million for Obama, Clinton and Bush to enjoy their trip to Africa this summer. How can we allow this? Oh, its because we are stupid.

  17. Leave the Constitution alone. It has certainly stood the test of time and I consider it one of the most complete documents ever written. WHY should nine justices (cough, cough) think they are so much better than the people of the land …

    I believe that since OUR Congress is ignoring the voice of WE THE PEOPLE that is way past time for an organized march on 'washed-up-ing-ton'. I firmly believe the likes of bHo, H Reid and ANYONE that believes and acts like they are above the law of the land that they should be impeached, and any all property/money they have acquired during their time in office be seized. ALL benefits are eliminated, etc. Leave no stone unturned and do not withhold any legal means of imprisonment.

    WE THE PEOPLE must hold these thieves, crooks, scandrals responsible for all their wrong doings .. and do so ASAP!

    I doubt that it will happen as too many do not want to get involved … cowards each and every one!!

  18. Pastor Nancy says:

    How’s that impeachment thing coming along? Why is he still in office? I have signed petition after petition….

  19. the US Constitution is gone..the Republic is over..
    the Legislative branch is simply a lapdog to the Tyrant Executive branch and zero consequence to the Judiciary.. which has usurped the roll of authoring legislation..

  20. blueviolets says:

    Every other branch of our government has shredded the Constitution so I guess it's time that the Supreme Court gets its licks in to complete the process.

  21. why is Ann Barnhadt link posted last when i just posted it 10 min ago!!!

  22. Robert Miller says:

    The Constitution is the law of this soverign nation. The politicians & judges took an oath to preserve & protect same. They'd better do it, or face their own impeachment!

  23. The People says:

    It is time for the people of the United States to unite and come together and remove all of these traitors. We need to bring back hanging as a punishment for treason.

    • There does not seem to be any consequences for all the unconstitutional actions by Obama, by Congress or political individuals. No one has taken responsibility for Benghazie and no one seems to be able to get to the truth of the murders of four people. Judge Roberts defied the Constitution by his ruling Obamacare was a tax. Obama has committed many impeachable offenses – but no action has been taken. Fast and Furious and the rest of Obama scandals – no responsibility – no actions. Hillary and Bill Clinton have left the murders of 50 or more people in their wake (list on the internet) all associates or bodyguards – no punishment but how many people are in prison today for murder? Either we observe the laws of our founding fathers, the Constitution upheld and obeyed or we have no country left. We have politicians that have take the oath to protect and serve our Constitution but have violated that trust. They should be punished to the full extent of the law.

    • Why go to all the ceremony of a hanging?

  24. USA is FREEDOM says:

    Supreme court justices are required to follow the rule of our land, The "Constitution of the Unites States of America". For if they do not, they too are traitors and should be dealt with.
    What Americans NEED is our United States militia to be on OUR side, not the side of a dictator.

  25. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Will someone show me where the Supreme Court has the power to rule on Federal Constitutionality? They have the power for the states but was never given Federal powers. They just 'assumed' it and no one has challenged them over it yet.

    If the Supreme court illegally decides that a treaty made with other countries can trump our Constitution, there can be only one result. Revolution.

    I will charge the White House, by myself if I have to, and take back my country.

  26. By making the "penalty" a tax, Roberts may have actaully helped, all laws created to impose a tax MUST originate from the House of Representatives, the unaffordable care act was NOT created in the house. It can be repealed on this issue alone……

  27. Our White House has no right to change any constitutional laws and they all need to be impeached over this unjust act they have done to the American People. They have stolen our Social Security money that we paid into for our old age retirements. And they need to realize that it is the American people who pay their wages and salaries. They don't pay ours. So when is the American people going to get up off their ***** and revolt against this government scam and put some God Fearing representatives in our government positions? For this is 99% of our problem today. They have removed God out of everything and they will never succeed at anything good, for God remains in control and none of their lies and deceit will ever reign. For God's way is the only way which is pure honesty and unfortunately they are not even close. Our government are nothing but a bunch of lying crooks and they should be locked up for all of their actions!

  28. Baxter Thomas-Bey says:

    There is no Constitution inside America's, it has been hijacked by Terrorist, posing as "Jews", but are really Zionist and the "Illumnati Freemasonry", have destoryed the constititution for their gay life, and the removeal of "G-D" to replace Him for their "G-D" Satan.

  29. Baxter Thomas-Bey says:

    Tina: Love your truth, they are more then criminals. The recent government is not a constitutional government. There are two Constitutions, the United States of America, Inc and the United States Republic. What most people are not aware of is that America, is a corporation, and not a country. In addition, the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme law of the land. Everyone in government, is anti-Republic, and the colorable acts of these officers, are construted to cause injury; and to place their fraud–based, and non-substatantive, implied contract–originating debts upon the Natural People. The people have to state and affirm their Birthrights, and unalienable rights to the powers that be in government.

  30. obamasuxalot says:

    One Word: Hitler!

  31. jon graham says:

    you bet your sweet bibby they will.

  32. This Would be an Act of War from Our Government against Every American,and By Our Court as well,We the American People Will (NOT) Stand for it,Now or Ever,Plain and Simple.

  33. Baxter A. Thomas-Bey says:

    You are correct Sir!! I stand with you and your statement of truth. I am not standing for it, and will make that crystal clear to Obama's and the world. Had enough of him and his criminal order, all good Americans should take a bold stand against the devil, A.K.A. Obama. If I find time in my legal works, I'm going to submit an impeachment petition against him, and expose everything. I am not the one, that voted for him, because of race. He is worst then Bush, and Hitler.

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