Will Republicans Lose Midterms If They Ignore This New Poll?

The March Battleground Poll says the same things about the ratio of conservative Americans to liberals that previous surveys have said: there are nearly 3 self-described conservatives for every 2 self- avowed liberals. Any politician claiming to be conservative would/should dance with glee upon being told that he would start an election campaign with a 3 to 2 edge. Nevertheless, the Republican establishment (GOPe) doesn’t seem interested in the promise these numbers hold. They want to continue to lust after the acceptance that acting and talking like a liberal will get them from their enemies in the media.

Average Americans are by and large conservative and will happily extend a helping hand to those who genuinely need one. But we detest being made to support “professional takers.” This fact just doesn’t penetrate the GOPe’s psyche.

When the survey focused on respondents who said they were not happy with their political party, there was more surprising news. When asked to pick a course for the future of the Party (“Should be more conservative,” “Should be more liberal,” and “Not sure,”) the responses were astounding. An impressive 43% said they wanted their Party to be “more conservative,” and just 14% wanted their Party to be “more liberal.”

Unfortunately, this data is nothing new. Each election year around this time, for at least the past decade, the Battleground Poll has had similar numbers. Each year, we of the Right are buoyed by what these numbers indicate; but year after year, they are ignored by the GOPe as it continues its drift to the Left.

With few exceptions, this natural edge has been squandered in every election in our lifetime. The leadership of the Republican Party has tied its own hands with insults to its base and concessions to its enemies.  If this happens again in November, the GOPe might not get another chance to change its ways. This year, it is flirting with amnesty, a move that will destroy the Republican Party and eventually destroy America – all because the GOPe was too stupid to just turn Right and not look back.

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