Will Republicans Continue To Sanction Obama’s Lawlessness?

Obama Republicans Back Of Bus SC Will Republicans continue to sanction Obamas lawlessness?

Last Tuesday, Barack Obama decided that enforcement of the employer mandate, one of the key provisions of his namesake ObamaCare legislation, would be delayed for one full year, until January of 2015. Three days later, a couple of reporters discovered in a 600 page document dump that anyone enrolling at an ObamaCare exchange would be permitted to provide personal information according to the “honor system.” No verification of income, employment, or current availability of health insurance would be necessary. Apparently, Barack had acquired a profound faith in the American people completely unknown to any of his far-left associates.

The media is portraying these “sudden” acknowledgements of the unworkability of the Affordable Care Act as a simple show of kindness and thoughtful consideration on the part of their White House hero. Barack was giving big business a break with his surprise delay of an employer mandate that would have levied heavy fines on any company that had not insured its workforce. The complexity of ObamaCare and its monthly reporting demands were just too much for the likes of U.S. Steel and Exxon Mobil to digest over only a three year period!

And quite by coincidence, without the mandatory monthly employee reports which ObamaCare had demanded the nations’ employers provide via the employer mandate, information necessary to the proper enrollment of individuals into the Affordable Care Act would just not be available. No way to verify income, employment, or whether John Doe and his family had healthcare coverage at work.

Anyone skeptical of the intentions of a Democrat Party that had to pass ObamaCare into law before interested folks could find out what was in it might suggest that much if not all of this had been planned for months. What exactly has the president done?

1.) He has ignored provisions of a law that he and fellow Democrats were eager to pass.
2.) He has re-written the law, something that is surely the job of Congress.
3.) He has aided and abetted outright fraud, making it impossible to verify information prior to the awarding of subsidies to ObamaCare enrollees.
4.) He has cost the treasury $13 billion, the estimated amount employers would have been fined under the employer mandate.

And why would Obama do these things?

The only way to make certain the Affordable Care Act won’t be defunded or repealed is to create a large number of subsidized ObamaCare dependents. What better way to accomplish this end than to make it clear that anything said by an ObamaCare applicant will be presumed to be true? Those not legally qualified for subsidized coverage will suddenly qualify with a large, taxpayer funded subsidy, thanks to their newly acquired ability to understate income. How many billions will this cost taxpayers? What does it matter?! It is only important that a sufficient number of the poor and sickly apply for coverage–that is, a number sufficient to intimidate Republicans out of defunding ObamaCare!

Thus far, Republicans have NOT charged Obama with facilitating fraud. They have NOT demanded he enforce the law. They have NOT demanded he explain under what constitutional authority he has re-written the law (for his own political purpose and advantage.) They have NOT demanded he postpone the individual mandate just as he has the employer mandate. And they have NOT demanded that he and the rest of the Democrat left scrap the increasingly unworkable ObamaCare fiasco.

Republicans MUST maintain control of the House in the 2014 election. Right now, theirs is a Party doing everything in its power to lose.

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  1. How much longer will Boehner ignore all of this crapola and lawlessness by O? I keep hoping he will grow some and stand up for Americans

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole has the republicans right where he wants them in his pants.So everytime he wants to play with his testicles there is a republican there to help him.Not all republicans are cowardly just most of them.

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