Will Obama’s Benghazi Cover-Up Succeed?

Obama Lying King Michelle David Axelrod Liberal Media SC Will Obamas Benghazi Cover Up Succeed?

Barack Obama’s prospects for re-election have been fading for some time now. As Mitt Romney surges, Obama flails, embarrassing himself with silly trivialities that are often summed up as Big Bird, binders and bayonets. That’s what happens when your record is so bad that you can’t talk about it; not truthfully, anyway. So it has been clear for a while that Obama’s re-election hopes can’t absorb another blow. Which the Benghazi story, to the extent the facts get out, surely is.

That is why Obama made a decision early on to stop referring to the Benghazi debacle as a successful terrorist attack. Acknowledging what really happened would have utterly destroyed one of Obama’s main campaign themes, that through his own personal heroism he had al Qaeda on the run. Instead, Obama chose to pretend that Benghazi was an unfortunate but essentially meaningless mob uprising, prompted by a YouTube video. So we got the nauseating spectacle of Hillary Clinton hugging the father of one of the murdered SEALS and assuring him not to worry, the Obama administration would prosecute the guy who made the video to the fullest extent of the law.

But, with a little over a week to go until the election, the lid was blown off the administration’s cover-up by Fox’s story yesterday, alleging that the administration turned down repeated pleas for help over the course of the seven-hour Benghazi battle, and by the white-hot anger of Charles Woods, who has repeatedly called Barack Obama and his White House “cowards” for failing to come to his son’s aid.

If the allegations of Fox’s story prove to be true–still an open question at this point–and if voters know about them, Obama has no chance on November 6. So how will the media formerly known as mainstream, which have done their best to try to drag Obama’s sorry campaign across the finish line, deal with the Benghazi story?

Read more at Powerline. By John Hinderaker.


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  1. Warning to the American People.


    It is obvious that oBama hates America. These people in Benghazi saw the danger they were in and despite repeated request for assistance they were denied. They were all slaugtered with reports the ambassador himself may have been sodomized, just like the way Khadafy died.

    After Bin Laden was killed 26 Navy Seals died in mysterious circumstances. Radical Islamist have been seeing going in and out of the White House. A price to pay for killing a man he admired?

    What does he do next? Party, appear on talk show after talk show grinning ear to ear. He seems to have a penchent for killing our top soldiers, Navy Seals!

    He was caught in with an open mike telling a top Putin aid he will be more “flexible” when he is elected when it comes to our nuclear arsenal. What the heck does that mean?

    He has appointed communist after communist and radicals who then appoint unvetted Muslims as aids.

    Why am I telling you this? Because after Benghazi, what’s next? Your town, your city, your state being the next target of a nuclear or biological terrorist strike? Courtesy of oBama and his radical Muslims seen going in and out of the White House, with who knows with what under their arms or a wink from oBama?

    And with that Alfred E Neumann grin ear to ear? Can you trust what his explanation will be? Do you see what is going on? Do you see the setup that Ambassor Stevens failed to see? Do you see the setup the 26 Navy SEALS failed to see?

    Will you be the next sheep to be slaughtered by this psychopath and his psychopants to bring America down? A dream many tyrants have held for years.

    Do you see why he grins ear to ear everytime something like this happens and then parties with that Cheshire grin ear to ear of his?

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Yes he will when you have asses like Juan Williams,Chris Matthews and other liberal commies sticking up for him plus it is the way he does everything.

    • disgusted says:

      Hey Ed, let’s not forget the Blonde Bimbo Brigade. Yep, the Blonde Bimbos, like Madonna, and Sarah Jessica Parker, and this little twat who is often seen on the Hannity show, whatshername, all of them must be included in the menatally ‘challenged” group of those who have their noses up the backend of this butt ugly peice of garbage in our White House. And they are all Traitors. As are each and every single one of the so called “mainstream media”……….more like lamebrained butt kissers, lying for their Beloved MuSlime in office. If we can get this garbage out of office, the best thing to happen would be for every single one of these “journalists” is to have them all tried for Treason, and punished accordingly. Hang ‘em High.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Dis your right that asshole Madonna at her concert told everybody to vote for Obutthole and she got booed.She should step on those old sagging boobs and fall off the stage the bitch lives in England.We also have that handjob artist Stephanie Gutter then there is Tamara Holder,Maryann Marsh,Sally Quinn and the biggest dickhead Debbi Washerwoman Schultz.I don't count monkies like Pelosi,Watters and Surely Lee Jackson

  3. What racist mysogonistic idiots you people are! Have you heard of Freedom of Speech? You should be familiar because you’re exercising it right now, if especially poorly in your case. All of the women you mentioned are intelligent, driven people who are out there making a difference for the country they love. All you are doing is making Americans look like idiots. And as for Obama and Bengazi, where were you when 3,000 American citizens were murdered by terrorists on Bush’s watch, he began his illegal warrantless wire tapping program, then invaded Iraq, causing a 10 year war based on lies, and murdering tens of thousands of innocent people!

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