The Supreme Court Could Lose The Title ‘Supreme’ If Obama Has His Way With This Case

Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson (Flickr)

Just days after House Speaker John Boehner confirmed he plans to file a lawsuit against him for abuse of executive power, Barack Obama seems even more intent to act unilaterally in the pursuit of his personal agenda.

Earlier this week, he announced his intention to bypass Congress in imposing some level of immigration reform. Reports Tuesday indicate he might have similar intentions to use his executive power to mitigate the damage to his healthcare law inflicted by the Judicial Branch.

In its decision to uphold the religious liberty of companies owned by a small group of individuals, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sided with Hobby Lobby in its contention that abortion opponents should not be forced to provide what they consider abortifacient drugs as part of the ObamaCare law. Justices explained that there are existing avenues through which the Obama administration can guarantee women have access to products, including the so-called ‘morning after pill,’ that do not involve business owners violating their deeply held religious beliefs.

According to some experts, including Harvard Law professor Mark Tushnet, the administration will likely extend existing exemptions available to nonprofit organizations to these for-profit corporations.

“The most obvious next move is to have [the Department of Health and Human Services] adopt a regulation – perhaps even an emergency regulation, as authorized by law,” Tushnet said, as quoted in an article by The Hill.

Still, those responsible for the ObamaCare mandates are apparently unwilling to concede that religious rights could trump the ‘right’ to free medicine designed to end a developing life.

“Any workaround is going to rob at least some women of the rights guaranteed to them,” complained Yvette Fontenot, one of the healthcare bill’s architects.

As The Hill explained, Obama is now faced with a decision to either accept the Supreme Court ruling as the latest blow to his beloved law or risk alienating voters who value the separation of powers by issuing yet another executive order.

For now, it seems the administration is remaining coy.

“Frankly,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday, “we’re still assessing the decision and its legal implications.”

He said that, in time, Obama “may be in a position to better consider the range of options that are available to the president.”

Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson (Flickr)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lets face it this decision really got Sambo by the balls now if it was muslim decision Obutthole would be praising the ruling along with every liberal democrap.I'm sure the half jig will try to do something to show he is king and no one disobeys the king.

  2. When will this sorry SOB understand that their are 3 branches of government? You lose again Obama! Face it, if you wanted to MAKE law then he should have REMAINED a senator! I sure as hell didn't vote for the Kenyan, I saw pure evil in his face from day 1! Obama you are supposed to UPHOLD all LAWS, not make them up as you go along! F**K this dirty bastard. Take you pen & write out your resignation. Take your phone & stick it up your A$$!

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