Will Obama Leave The US In Shambles If He Loses The Election?


Barack Obama speech hand 2 SC Will Obama Leave the US in Shambles if He Loses the Election?

Just like a spoiled child who doesn’t know the word “NO”, I believe that if Obama loses the upcoming election, he and his communist regime will do everything in their lame-duck power to destroy America to a point of no return for the incoming President. New information on five treaties that are currently being negotiated by Hillary Clinton and other members of the regime’s state department could spell grave danger to the soverignty of the United States of America.

It is imperative that We the People keep the pressure up on our Senators to NOT ratify these treaties. This regime is selling America out to the United Nations, therefore giving them the power to override the US Constitution. If these treaties are ratified, any future President’s hands would be tied. This would surely be Obama’s last laugh at OUR country’s expense.

On May 1st, 2012 (mayday), Obama signed another executive order declaring international law for the United States which can be viewed here.

As I said, just like a spoiled child, if Obama can’t have the United States to do with what he wants, NO ONE WILL!  Please stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. stevor says:

    obama has PUT the country in shambles so his leaving will leave it that way and his being re-elected will put us DEEPER in shambles!

    • Robbie says:

      And if he loses the election,do you think he will have the same amount of security he has now, when he becomes John-Q Public??

    • James Johnson says:

      steve, Obama has no control whatsoever. He is a puppet, and will disappear the moment he thinks he is independant. it is disingenuous to suggest otherwise. Consider the NWO will leave the contry in ruins if… etc.

      • You are totally correct. If you thought I meant something else, maybe I just wasn't clear.

        Bush was also a puppet as Clinton and daddy bush before that. Others say all presidents back to Reagan were puppets and they're probably right, but I just haven't looked that far back in time.

        They all are Globalists, just as romney is. So it seems, some folks are pretending to abandon obama but I think it's because they want to make obama fulfill their AGENDA faster, letting barry know that he can easily be replaced by the next puppet

        • D.Marie says:

          If you're right, then we are doomed as a country!

          • Yes, I don't like to admit it but it sure looks as though we're doomed.

            Still, I have faith. There's the SLIGHTEST chance that folks will see romney is a FAKE and worse and vote in Ron Paul, who is our only chance to be saved.

  2. A-Men we need get rid of this evil boy right now.(Obama)

  3. anonymous says:

    Damn him to Hell for ruining our great country!

  4. Paul P says:

    Two approaches 1) If Obama is ousted for not being qualified to be Commander in Chief then everything he has done in the past 3+ years will be null and void. 2) If Obama in Impeached and ousted then everything he
    has done will be a done deal.

    Best option is option number 1 and either option would good but it must be done Fast and Furious to get all the bad things out of the swamp as quick as possible to prevent any further destruction to our Nation.

    • He is the Presidenat and can only be removed by Impeachment in the House and trial in the Senate, or VOTED out in November.

  5. If romney wins, i hope he has all of the codes changed that is on anything of importance!!!

  6. ANTICRIME says:

    BIG QUESTION…..WHY are we allowing known Communists to willfully and wantonly destroy our country that so many Patriots have bled, suffered and died for from 1776 to the present?! ~ WHERE in HELL is our MILITARY, or the FBI, in stopping this "in your face" TREASON by brazen TRAITORS within our U.S. Government???!!! ~ WHERE ARE the STATES in exercising their Tenth Amendment rights to employ the guidelines of the Declaration of Independence to STOP and atrophy the DOMESTIC ENEMY destroying our nation from within???!!! …..H E L L O !!!

    • cfncbeta says:

      Same questions I asked. Truth is our laws protect him. He is wrapped in the power of the oval office. People have no concept of the power of that office. Not the man or woman but rather the office. This is why the pretender has been able to remain in office. It is something we all need to remember and consider in the future. Maybe a dual presidency. Two presidents that must agree before any major activity particularly when it alters our Constitution or regulates its power.

    • Where is the Republican party on Obama's ineligibility? Where are the presidential candidates – especially Romney on this? Where is Hannity on Marco Rubio (also not consitutionally eligible – parents no citizens until Rubio was four) for VP – either we honor and stand up for the Consitution on all things or it will be erased – little by little. We are already losing freedoms and liberty. Agenda 21 – FEMA camps – and the MSM (bought and paid for by Soros) is negligent in informing the people. WAKE
      UP America – do your own research – This country elected a traitorous fool…

  7. Where the hell are a few good men in this insane country??? Everyday the retarded GOP is handed golden amo to use against this non citizen fraud and they sit on their hands. That includes Romney. Is the GOP trying to lose the election for the NWO???? What the hell is going on????

  8. i hope some one make him pay back all the money he has spent and give away. even bowlegs half mil trip

  9. Nobama says:

    The answer to your question is quite clear my friend. They are on.

    A computer at home. We need to be out in the streets organizing.

    Getting the people to sign petitions for impeaching the sack of

    crap ” potus” . The evil he has wrought on our nations constitution

    has to stop. Fight the way our founding fathers did. Deplomacy then

    bullets if that fails.

    • cfncbeta says:

      Bullets because they wont accept anything less. They have a death wish which needs to be granted. The people must grant their wish.

  10. MARTINI says:

    Obama shoould be executed by te People

    Obama does not have the Constitutiion Authority to give away our Sovreignt. It an automatic execution. By the people without Trial

    • http://www.petition2congress.com People need to sign this and pass it on.

      Tell politicians who call for re-election donations that you will not contribute until he/she speaks out on Obama's ineligibility and calls for an investigation. If we all do this along with calls and e-mails it will frighten our corrupt congress who seek nothing but greed and power i.e. insider trading, lobbyists bribes, pensions, private healthcare etc., They recently voted down term limits! We need to clean out Wash.D.C. – the stench is overpowering!

  11. MARTINI says:


  12. It`s already in shambles but you can bet it will be in worse shape when he leaves. Romney or who ever will have a horrendous job trying to fix it.

  13. cfncbeta says:

    What is he talking about. We are already in a shambles. While the words treaty and we can not do anything about it, makes me angry it remains that We the people have the Constitutional right to tear those pieces of paper to shreds. Difficult maybe but they are all written on nothing but paper. It is the people who must agree. They think that by someone signing some document binds the people. Their wrong! Maybe when they look out the window and see millions of angry Americans coming after them ,they will realize that paper is not worth anything.

  14. He will have to go to a state that allows same sex marriage.

  15. Chess Game says:

    We will put him in jail FOREVER !!! Congress can go after him for crimes against the country. he and his minions have already inflicted too much damage.

  16. cfncbeta says:

    The most offensive president in history.
    He offends my Christianity.
    He offends my patriotism.
    He offends my Marine Corps.
    He offends my common sense.
    He offends my sensibilities.
    He offends my rights.
    He offends my Constitution.
    This list could go on but it all is contained in the first sentence!

  17. Evermyrtle says:

    He has already made shambles out of the USA. theeis not much more he cand and he will do it before he leaves if it is tomorrow.

  18. Tomtom says:

    It will be worse if he stays. Put him in jail…….Now!!

  19. There is no doubt in my mind, what so ever, that Obama would try to do as much damsge as possible, if he even thought he might lose the election. This is a very dangerous person in the presidents office, & along with his czars & the other idiots in congress, there is no telling what he would do. he has proven time after time, that he does no =t care about the constitution, & the laws of this country. i cannot understand why the idiots in congress have done nothing about this Illegal Muslim Traitor in the Presidents office. Everyone needs to light up the phones & send E-Mails to our Reps in congress.

  20. True American says:

    I am so sick and tired of Obama i am not sure if i can put up with his bull shitz until Nov …. If i had a choice i would throw Obama azz out in middle of street before night fall .. F K Obama all way back to Kenya and then some

  21. RioSam says:

    There is NO ONE in my life, past or present, that I have hated as much as I hate this man……Please, dear God, let him be gone in Nov! Or before if possible!

    • Lionelle says:

      I feel the same way isn’t that the darndest thing you can imagine? and I will be damned if I will hold onto this hatred inside of MY body. I HATE THE “IT”. NOT A MAN.

      • Lionelle says:

        also he makes everything so personal when I get his spam in my email asking for more money I don’t have any money, any job any so-called health care. I don’t have any desire to go begging for entitlements which I am sure I am entitled to buy their standards. that’s why he sends the free stuff so he can get a cut of it back read larry sinclair.
        the way he say general motors is by setting up shop for cadillac in china

        I heard he took 250 dollars for an 8 ball and then let some guy do him in the back of a limo
        stuff will keep us entertained longer than that filthy s*** the so called curse of the kennedys.
        then there’s his half sister who thinks that we should have all this testing and so forth for aids medicines ever hear of risky behavior stop doing it and DIE W YOUR rebellious CHILDREN WITH third world
        attractions you monkeys I don’t care anymore

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Lionelle you can use Teflon Ni**er all you want because this piece of crap thinks of himself this way.No one will go after this piece of s-it because they're scared that he'll sic Holder on him the way he's doing to Sheriff Joe of Arizona

    • D.Marie says:

      I agree — can't stand to look or listen to him; I reach for the remote whenever he comes on the screen.

    • Reo Sam I couldnt agree with you more. I pray every day for his death. Ive never despised any one as much. I think hes going to declare martial law before the elections then blood will flow in the streets

  22. Ed Frye says:

    Nobodies hands will be tied except for the enemy, the UN. This is America and it is full of Patriots ready to subdue any challenge by the UN. We live by the Constitution not the UN. Obama is going to lose and Shame on Hillary Clinton, Janet Napaolitano, Eric Holder and all of the Obama administration. The same goes for all those treasonist congressman and senators that voted for NDAA and are selling us out to the socialist, facist agenda.

  23. Harold A Priest says:

    I would like one simple question answered. Why is Obama permitted to continue appointing enemies in our security positions, giving all our money to foreign countries (enemies, included), and destroying the United States of America? Why can't action be taken to stop Obama, instead of just letting him get away with it while waiting for election results next November?????

  24. They are just Executive Branch memos. Binding only if you want to be bound. Romney can VOID them on his first day.

  25. Schnable says:

    Executive Orders can be repealed by Romney, however, treaties are a whole different matter, If approved by Congress, they are binding forever, unless the other parties vote to release the USA of its oblgations. Tell your representatives in Cingress to stop him before he can sell us completely and irrevocably down the drain. This Muslim is our worst enemy.

  26. this s.o.b. can be put in prison and all his retirement perks taken away. lets vote out any son of a bit.h who even thinks about taking away american soverinty hillary clinton included… i have had enough of this illegal traitor and his clowns, its time for action folks you can only take so much.. the ballot box… then the bullit box ……..

  27. MD Payne says:

    Why would you have to ask such a question ????? He already has this country in shambles … There is no one that has been as destructive to this nation as he has … My prayer is that he will be removed before any election comes about … along with Biden … Hillary … Nancy P … and there are to many more to even mention …

  28. Bimbam says:

    oBama the negro was NEVER legal to be president so ALL treaties he as signed are NULL & VOID! Then we go after the negro and the other negroes like Erica Holder arrest them for high crimes & misdeameanors, try them and jail them then and let America get back on track as soon as we can.

  29. Carl Manning says:

    With as much tyranny, High Treason, and crime as Obama has been able to blatantly get away with in broad daylight, I see no reason why he should even feel compelled to end his de facto dictatorship even if he loses the election. He has done everything in the world to dare the GOP to touch him, but they sit back and let him get away with murder, doing absolutely nothing to even be worthy of calling themselves an "opposition" party – opposed to what??? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, perhaps??? It would be poetic justice to me if Obama in his 2nd term or dictatorship decides to arrest and frog-march the entire GOP Congress, GOP Senators, and "Conservative" Supreme Court Justices to the gallows and televises their execution on CNN and Faux News. They will have all gotten their just reward for High Treason at the hands of one they stood back and allowed to commit High Treason. Obama now knows the GOP will continue to do absolutely nothing for the Constitution, the rule of law, or the American People. When a criminal knows he can get away with anything, he becomes more and more emboldened.

  30. Carl Manning says:

    The reason this dictator and other dictator Presidents have so much power and can get away with so much is because the Justice Department is directly under them. The JUSTICE DEPARTMENT WAS NEVER CREATED CONSTITUTIONALLY. It evolved out of legislation and the necessity of the President to comply with the law. It has become the exact opposite of its intended purpose. This office in the first place should never be subject to the President; it should be an office that obtains its appointments from the States or the American People much as Senators before the idiotic 17th Amendment were voted into office by State Legislatures. The Attorney General of the United States should derive his power from all 50 State Legislatures or a popular vote of the American People. Like Senators before the 17th Amendment, he should be subject to recall at any time he is deemed to be unfit for office.

  31. Ginger says:

    Not if the NEW president has the guts to rescind ALL that obama has done….step one is to retire Harry Reid.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Only one Presidential candidate has said everything Oblameo has done needs to be rescinded.
      That would be Ron Paul.

  32. we don't have to follow anything the UN says,treaties were made to be broken,ask any native american,we need to kick the bums(UN) out,just sign a executive order voiding all executive orders made by obama,done.

  33. paul revere says:

    When he is not reelected watchout. They will be chimp in out in the streets. Buy ammo it is coming. After this is all done someone crazy enough will execute him. Then the raceriots begin from the racists chimps.

  34. effiebee says:

    Mitch Mcconnell is a lier. Last several months I've faxed him [&John Boehner] about BHO's eligibility. One about the release of Barry Soetoro's Occidental College transcripts. He applied for financial aid as a foreign student and was awarded a scholorship from the Fullbright Foundation.
    He is not an American Citizen. January 2009 At Metropolitian Museum in NY City, he told the Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit that he is still a Muslim. Obama is an Islamic Trogen Horse in the Oval Office.Obama is a foreign-born agent who is aiding and abetting our enemies. Folks, that is TREASON. Putin is blackmailing Obama. He will give Russia our most valuable military secrets. I believe Putin knows Obama was born in Kenya. Putin also gave him campaign contributions in 2008.
    In 2005 when Obama & Lugar went to Russia and Obama was questioned as being a spy for Britian [see above article]. I think they knew that Obama was born in Kenya which was a under British rule at time Obama was born. A military COUP is needed to remove BHO and transport to Ft. Leveanworth

    • Carl Manning says:

      I fully support a military coup d'etat, but a military coup would have to originate likely from the lower ranks in the manner of an Operation Valkyrie. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and most of the Pentagon for that matter all work for the Military Industrial Complex, and they are all brass-ass buttmunchers and all about their "military careers" – the Constitution, their military oath, and the security of the American People be damned in their pursuit of the Almighty Dollar and endless un-Constitutional warfare to satisfy their corporate lobbyists. All of us Veterans know the military chumps in the District of Criminals and the Pentagon cannot be trusted. It must come from high-ranking military officers who really take their country and their oaths of office seriously.

      • Carl Manning says:

        Mossad has also infiltrated much of the Pentagon as well. They have blackmailed most of the US Congressmen, Senators, Cabinet officials, Pentagon officials, and top brass in the Joint Chiefs of Staff not only here but also in Great Britain as well. They can track every phonecall in the government. Elliott Abrams was part of this blackmail operation for the Zionist Criminal Mafia before he went to jail. He was using his bribery operation to run hookers to blackmail key government officials in compromising situations for the Zionist Criminal Mafia run by the Mossad. Now he's a columnist for the Neocon WND crowd that is in the Zionist Criminal Mafia's back pocket. It's an extremely icecold day in Hell when WND ever does any objective reporting on Israeli involvement in 911 or the random acts of terrorism it commits all across the world and the numerous "suicides" and assassinations it commits against those who would expose its genocidal atrocities.

    • Carl Manning says:

      They must arrest all of the Zionist Mossad Mafia that has infiltrated our government and our MSM; who have given State secrets and sell our own weapons we provide them to the Russians and Chinese; who subversively play both sides of the fence; who have perpetrated 911; and who have aided and abetted its subsequent coverup. They must sweep out the Communist/Marxist infiltration in BOTH parties. Military tribunals are to be conducted en masse with swift trials and swift executions since our Constitution calls for the right to a "speedy" trial.

    • Carl Manning says:

      The MSM and the useful idiots in so-called "Conservative" Talk Radio, who have been suppressing the reporting of a felony regarding Obama's ineligibility and numerous other crimes against the Constitution such as NDAA voted into law recently by BOTH parties, are to be immediately arrested, interrogated, and temporarily occupied during the takeover along with the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, ATF, and the Justice Departments. State Attorneys General, all 50 Secretaries of State, federal, State, military, and County Judges who have obstructed justice regarding the over 100 eligibility trials, the DNC, the RNC, the FEC, the FCC, the FTC, Nancy Pelosi, and all Congressmen and Senators who have allowed this pile of dung to usurp the Constitution are to be arrested and put on trial for High Treason. Gallows are to be erected in front of the Capitol Building and Faux News and CNN are to then televise their executions, so that all Americans and her foreign enemies will understand that this is what happens to traitors to the Constitution and the American People.

    • Carl Manning says:

      Quit wasting your time with writing these bastards. None of them give a damn. I have written three different Congressmen over the past 4 years because I have lived in three different districts here in Georgia. I wrote Jack Kingston, Tom Price, and Tom Graves, and they never answered any questions about eligibility. I might as well have been talking to dead people. All of these ridiculous blast fax campaigns accomplish ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The fix is in, and we're all just stupid enough to believe that we still have a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBIC when in fact we have a Communist Coup D'Etat in progress right before our very eyes equipped with its own NYC PRAVDA MSM STATE-CONTROLLED PROPAGANDA, its own TSA/CIA/FCC/FTC/NSA/ATF/FBI Gestapo, and Communist/Socialist/Fascist Politburo members in Congress.

    • He needs to be held to account in a Court of Law. If found Guilty of Treason, which is a Capital Crime he should be sentenced accordingly and a raffle held to see who get the pleasure of carrying out the sentence.

  35. Tatersalad says:

    The President and his administration has just given China the authority for this communist nation to take over an American bank (ICBC) right here in the United States. Is this what Hope & Change means or is it "Flexible & Forward"? We are now one step closer to communism.

  36. We have a gutless corrupt Congress who will DO NOTHING about Obama's Constitutionally ineligible presidency! The only man in this country willing to stand up to Obummer is Sheriff Joe – and Holder and Obama are suing him! Congress won't do anything because they knew in 2007-8 he wasn't eligibile – turned their heads, are guilty, complicit in giving the American people (aside from the fools who voted for him) an inexperienced man mentored by George Soros and terrorist Bill Ayers – this was no secret! Obama will not go quietly – he has set up martial law in peacetime – which will take away everything from you – so be prepared. Obama needs to go on the eligibility clause because then everything he has done or signed becomes null and void. We don't have to wait for the Supremes to get rid of Obamacare. Pelosi and Dirty Harry belong in Gitmo – with most of the traitorous members of Congress – especially the 79 card carrying Communists!

  37. daisy chain saw says:

    lets.. not a threat… all.. not a threat.. get in a car .. not a threat..then go to canada. when we come back you better not be here because then were not threatening you… going.. not a threat.. to .. not a threat…kkkkkkkkkill .. not a threat…your mother f***** ass.
    actually I’m talking about the sport of hockey. censored

  38. D.Marie says:

    I don't think it will matter whether he gets re-elected or not, either way, he's doing everything he can to destroy the U.S. He's fulfilling the dream he inherited from his father, to destroy America.

  39. Shavager says:

    FOLKS, just keep in mind our U.S. Constitution REQUIRES 67 Senate votes FOR to pass any treaty signed by a president before it can become LAW of the LAND. Right now in an election year and after November's results, he CAN'T get a majority of his OWN PARTY to vote for anything he wants. HIS budget went DOWN with ZERO VOTES FOR in the 435 member House, Senate under Harry Reid is STILL VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW by NOT producing a budget as REQUIRED by the Constitution. The closer election day comes, MORE DemocRATS will JUMP SHIP–he's an anchor of socialist control around their necks and America KNOWS IT.

  40. D.Marie says:

    I think we woke up too late to what was going on in our country. We have been infiltrated by people that look like us but who are socialists, marxists and communists. That's the only thing that makes sense, since congress just stands by and lets our country be destroyed. God help us! They couldn't let such a wonderful country stand, as it makes the rest of them look bad. Did you ever hear the remark that liberals are college-educated and conservatives aren't? Of course that's true, as the liberals were brain-washed in college.

  41. D.Marie says:

    I think we woke up too late to what was going on in our country. We have been infiltrated by people that look like us but who are socialists, marxists and communists. That's the only thing that makes sense, since congress just stands by and lets our country be destroyed. God help us! They couldn't let such a wonderful country stand, as it makes the rest of them look bad. Did you ever hear the remark that liberals are college-educated and conservatives aren't? Of course that's true, as many liberals were brain-washed in college.

  42. Shawn S Fahrerss says:

    Actually, he will leave this country in a shambles WHETHER OR NOT HE LOSES IN NOVEMBER. If he wins, he has FOUR MORE YEARS to destroy this country, while if he loses, he'll just accelerate the process….

  43. Pak Shem says:

    Why the Senators and house representatives who were selected by the people of the U.S.A. do not question Obama? In my opinion, this country is governed by the three branches of the government

  44. Seeks_the_truth says:

    The ONLY one who is willing, and WANTS to do exactly that, is Ron Paul.
    If anyone else gets in, we're screwed.

  45. madhatter15 says:

    I find it amazing that Obama is even allowed to run at all, he is not the President and most people in high places know that. This country is being run like a concentration camp, it is obviously taking on an Nazi influence and Obama signing our country away isn't helping any. Obama is a Dictator , a Usurper, he cant be impeached but he could be held until they invalidate him and all of the bills he has signed, it could be quiet and painless for his followers, he will have to answer for the wars he started and the deaths of thousands of people, after all, he was not the commander in Chief and fraud is against the law.. There are all kinds of race riots and such being planned for this summer, the Black panthers clung to the words of Obama, "white people cling to God and Guns" meanwhile Obama of all people should know that every weekend in Chicago is a blood bath of black on black crime, shootings all the time, they cling ot their guns, maybe they should cling to God as well. Let us get this over with, invalidate this usurper and lets straighten this country out, if not we will straighten this country out.

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