Will Obama Betray The U.S. In October Surprise Deal With Iran?

Obama Cowardly Lion Iran SC Will Obama betray the U.S. in October Surprise deal with Iran?

A former CIA operative and spy in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is reporting that a deal has been struck between Barack Obama and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. According to Reza Kahlili, “Iran could announce a temporary halt to uranium enrichment before next month’s U.S. election in a move to save Barack Obama’s presidency.” (1)

Kahlili’s source for this story reports that a 3-member team of negotiators representing President Obama met this week with a Khamenei representative in Qatar. They asked that the Iranian leader “…announce a halt to enrichment, even if temporary, before the Nov. 6 election.” In return, Obama promised to suspend some of the sanctions that have effectively crippled the Iranian economy.

This would not be the first time Obama has been willing to sell out the interests of the American people to the Islamic Republic of Iran. In a January response to Iran’s threat to shut down the Straits of Hormuz, Obama made it clear to Iran’s leadership that, in his view, Iran had “…a right of access to and use of nuclear technology.”

At the same time, through a Swiss diplomat, Obama assured Khamenei that “I didn’t want to impose sanctions on [Iran’s] central bank, but I had no options but to approve it since a Congress majority had approved the decision.” In fact, by threatening a veto on the sanctions legislation, Obama was able to delay its implementation for an additional 120 days and provide himself with the ability to waive any penalties, ostensibly  “…for national security reasons or if it would harm the global economy.” Now isn’t that the very picture of a president acting in the best interests of the United States against a nuclear wanna-be nation of religious fanatics?!

So would the Obama Administration “…remove some sanctions on the Iranian central bank and oil industry, with further collaboration after the election…” all for the purpose of obtaining nothing more tangible from Iranian leadership than a statement claiming it had halted uranium enrichment? Would Obama allow Iran to continue on its course to a nuclear weapon, knowing full well that any promise to stop on Iran’s part would be nothing more than the result of a cynical, meaningless election year deal? In short, would Obama knowingly put the American people at even greater risk just to look good to voters?

Of COURSE he would!

Should Barack Obama announce Iran’s sudden willingness to stop the enrichment of uranium prior to the election, it will represent the most despicable betrayal of the United States in our nation’s history. And as the most despicable of presidents occupies the White House, it certainly WON’T be a surprise, “October” or otherwise.

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  1. I will not put anything past this corrupt imposter sitting in the Oval Office. GOD HELP US!! It may even be too late for that. Just continue to pray and let us not give up.

  2. if he does this then he needs to be arrested for treason,,period

  3. George Gollin is a crook and a fraud. He will stop at nothing even if it's illegal . He belongs in jail !!!!

  4. Well if he sells us out . I can not describe what should happen to him. They all are corrupt we need to weed them out in Nov. Then rebuild our country. Romney is our best chance.

  5. PSUTOPGUN says:

    Obama has put all the structure in place to take down our country and NOTHING would surprise most Americans regarding his hatred of our country and his willingness to sell us out to the enemy. Treason is too good for this Marxist turd and most in his administration.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Oblameo has alredy given us 1 phony Oct.surprize in that the unemployment went down by cooking the books.If
    this doesn't work I'm sure a deal with the ayatollahs and the camel jockey of Iran will be on the agenda.Don't forget this thin skinned spook can't take defeat gracefully.

  7. disgusted says:

    “will obama betray the US”? Hey, when HASN”T HE DONE JUST THAT? Everything he has done has been a BETRAYAL of our country, from the first lie to the latest! So “would he betray” us? DUH! Anyone who thinks he wouldn’t or hasn’t already done so is lying to themselves, or so stupid they wouldn’t know if they had been in the first place. Oh, anyone who voted for this WALKING BETRAYER ALREADY HAS LIED TO THEMSELVES! Lied, or are just plain stupid. The NAME ALONE should have told you what he was in the beginning, and now that he has had his time, his chance to prove those of us who do not, and have not lied to ourselves as to his real agendas, this time and his REPEATED BETRALS have proven all of us RIGHT! He meant to do exactly what he has done, and means to continue doing it, that is, to BETRAY US AND DESTROY US! FROM WITHIN AND WITH THE APPROVAL OF ALL THE IDIOTS, FOOLS, TRAITORS WHO VOTED, AND WILL VOTE FOR HIM ONCE MORE, GIVING HIM THE CHANCE TO FINISH WHAT HE STARTED AND TO DESTROY ALL OF US, INCLUDING THE STUPID ONES WHO VOTED FOR HIM NOT ONLY ONCE, BUT TWICE! Thanks to your stupidity, this nation will be destroyed, and thank yourselves when YOU ARE DESTROYED ALONG WITH THOSE OF US WHO HAD NO DESIRE TO BE DESTROYED! IDIOTS AND FOOLS, ALL OF YOU BUTT LICKING ASS WORSHIPING FOOLS!

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