Will Hillary Replace Biden?

Hillary Clinton speech 8 SC 199x300 Will Hillary Replace Biden?

In a sign of increasing desperation on the left, speculation is rife that Barack Obama will kick Vice President Joe Biden off his team and replace him with that perpetual presidential wannabe, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As Hillary’s fans see it, such a maneuver would bring fat dividends to the Democratic ticket.

The only truly useful role Biden plays in the administration is that of a lightning rod and a diversion. Next to Mr. National Embarrassment, the president looks like a tower of intelligence and wisdom, his missteps dwarfed into insignificance by the Niagara Falls of gaffes the buffoonish VP disgorges with clockwork regularity. Otherwise, Biden’s utility is highly doubtful.

The white working class is not buying his faux regular-guy credentials, while the open war declared by the administration on the Roman Catholic Church has negated the Catholic vice president’s usefulness as the administration’s liaison to his church. On top of that, Biden’s personal popularity has been dropping like a lead balloon (in the latest polls, 42 favorable/45 unfavorable, and a lot worse, 40/54, where it really counts — in the battleground states). In short, rather than being an asset, the vice president increasingly looks like a liability to his boss and a serious drag on his campaign.

The secretary of state, on the other hand, looks like a winner. Hillary Clinton is hands down the most popular member of the administration, consistently scoring ratings in the mid-60s. She has been tirelessly cross-crossing the world, building up her resume as well as logging frequent flyer miles in six digits on her executive 757 (technically, a C 32A). During the primary season four years ago, she amassed 18 million votes and beat Obama among white women, seniors, and the middle class. These voters, never enthusiastic about Barack Obama, reluctantly voted for him in the general, but two years later wandered off the reservation and played a prominent part in the thorough drubbing the voters meted out to the Democrats in the off-year elections. The thinking of Hillary’s fans among the Democratic strategists is that she should be able to lure the prodigal sons and daughters back into the fold.

It is not a given, however, that Obama will draft his erstwhile rival. As Charles Krauthammer argues astutely, the president’s narcissism will make it very hard for him to make a move reeking of disloyalty to his own pick, Joe Biden, which would also call into question his judgment. More importantly, Obama would be loath to create an impression that he is desperate and has been reduced to go to Canossa and seek succor from the Clintons (two for the price of one). Furthermore, the powerful distaff tandem reportedly keeping Obama firmly under its thumb, his wife Michelle and his closest confidante and advisor Valerie Jarrett, detest and hate the secretary of state and would be aghast at the horrible prospect of yielding center stage in Washington to their nemesis. But aside from all that, is Hillary really that formidable? Will her luster hold up under close scrutiny?

Read More at American Thinker.  By Victor Volsky.

Photo Credit: US Embassy New Zealand (Creative Commons)

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  1. Well, it all depends on Obama's popularity. If it goes below 40, don't you think some Dems will want Hillary on top of the ticket?

  2. Why not So Biden gets tossed for being LOYAL, Obama brings the Clintons into the White house, where they fight, because they hate each other, and slick Willie roams the halls jumping the very best(black or white)!!!
    Is America great or what ??????

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