Will Boy Scouts Yield To Homosexual Lobby?

Boy Scouts of America SC Will Boy Scouts Yield To Homosexual Lobby?

With its ranks deeply divided, the Boy Scouts of America is asking its local leaders from across the country to decide whether its contentious membership policy should be overhauled so that openly gay boys can participate in Scout units.

The proposal to be put before the roughly 1,400 voting members of the BSA’s National Council on Thursday, at a meeting in Grapevine, Texas, would retain the Scouts’ long-standing ban on gays serving in adult leadership positions.

Nonetheless, some conservatives within and outside the BSA community have denounced the proposal, saying the Scouts’ traditions would be undermined by the presence of openly gay youth. There have been warnings of mass defections if the ban is even partially lifted.

From the other flank, gay-rights supporters and some Scout leaders from politically liberal areas have welcomed the proposed change as a positive first step, but are calling on the BSA to go further and lift the ban on gay adults as well.

The Scouts’ national spokesman, Deron Smith, said the policy toward gays had become “the most complex and challenging issue” facing the BSA at a time when it is struggling to stem a steady drop in membership.

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  1. What's the challenge? You either allow your young sons to be put into a position of being confronted by "boy on boy" sexual situations, or you allow your young sons to be with other young boys. This should not be that hard to figure out. So you say, let gays start their own programs. The real problem is, they don' t really want to start their own programs, they just want to impose their agendas on others.

  2. That will be the end of them if they do. Parents will NOT want to expose their children to HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILES!!! And HOMOSEXUALS ARE PEDOPHILES!!!

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