Will Boko Haram Eventually Force Obama To Show His True Feelings About Islam?

The very best ambush is always the one that traps its victim even before he recognizes he has been trapped. For instance, anacondas squeeze the life out of their victims before they know what the deadly snake is doing.

In the past few weeks, the “snake” of recognition has moved closer to Barack Obama. It may wrap itself around his boney body and compel him to make a decision about recognizing the danger of Islam, something he doesn’t want to do.

The first coil of the snake ironically came from Hollywood’s gay community, the members of which are reliable Obama cheerleaders. Recently, homosexuals rallied in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel to protest the fact that its owner, the Sultan of Brunei, had instituted Sharia Law in his country. They did not intend to damage their leader, but that is how their actions might play out.

It seems Hollywood’s gays have discovered that Sharia Law requires the execution of homosexuals, and this was quite a shock to these “fabulous” people. Some are rethinking this “Religion of Peace” thingy.

It hasn’t happened yet; but at some time–probably sooner than later–a self-delusional gay “true believer” who thinks Obama actually cares more about him than Islam will publicly demand something innocuous like sanctions against Brunei. When that doesn’t happen, there will be questions like “why not?”

Now that it is clear that the seventh century animals of Boko Haram don’t know what a computer is, let alone follow Twitter, the hashtag campaign has been exposed for how ridiculous it is. Because it’s not working, Obama has had to order “26 Americans” to Nigeria to free the kidnapped Christian schoolgirls before they are all executed or sold into sex slavery for refusing to convert to Islam.

This stupid idea rests on Obama’s self-delusion that the Boko Haram animals care that he has not declared them a terrorist group so they can therefore be party to western-style negotiations. When this fool’s errand also fails, questions will be asked about why Obama didn’t send in a Seal Team to begin with. He will have Jay Carney lie using some mumbo jumbo, but people will draw the right conclusion and realize that Obama has no intention of ever being seen as waging war on Islam.

Obama will try to wait this out; but eventually, there will come another dot to connect. And more pressure will build for him to label Islam as the terrorist enemy it is (which, of course, he will not do.) When that day comes, he will lose control of the narrative on the “Religion of Peace” lie–and so will his lapdog media.

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  1. Probably sooner than later

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why would Obutthole wage war on his real religion.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    obama is an Islamic Extremist Muslim Socalist member of al Qaeda, with unequivocal tendencies towards Fascism. One only needs to look at obama's past. obama was raised as a spoiled brat; his mother and grandparents coddled and spoiled the man child boy spoiled brat during his formative years. Spoiled brats tend to become narcissistic, demanding, and disrespectful. Spoiled adults tend to have an overestimation of their talents and abilities and shirk responsibility if anything goes wrong. Since he is aiding and abetting our 9/11 enemy al Qaeda, he is a traitor and should be hung for treason!

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