Why You Can’t Trust Either Political Party This Election

Republican Democrat SC Why You Cant Trust Either Political Party This Election

We have elections, but we no longer have representative government.

National elections are not about Washington, D.C. responding to the will of the American people; they are about the distribution of power between the two political establishments.

Members of the political establishments parlay that power into influence, privilege, and affluence by redistributing the wealth generated by ordinary Americans into their own pockets and those of their friends.

The Democrat establishment is composed of the Democrat Party, liberal financiers, unions, and the mainstream media.

The Republican establishment includes big-government Republicans, their financiers, and pundits masquerading as conservative media.

The objective of both establishments is the same: to maintain a corrupt political status quo unconstrained by the Constitution and the rule of law.

The means by which both establishments maintain the status quo is the same: fostering a culture of dependency.

The Democrat establishment creates a culture of dependency by expanding government control and entitlements fed by tribal politics, which divides America into a collection of minority groups where the only thing that we have in common is our differences.

National Democrat Party Chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (D-FL), admitted as much when she recently proclaimed the Democratic Party as the “natural home” for minorities.

The Republican establishment produces a culture of dependency by limiting choice.

They want to remain the sole alternative to the Democrats. When grassroots movements like the Tea Party arise or independent thinkers speak out, they are co-opted or crushed by the Republican establishment.

On August 28, 2012, at their convention in Tampa, the Republican establishment rammed through a rules change (see video and article) that weakened the Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) delegate count and made other changes that will make it harder for non-establishment candidates to succeed in future elections by centralizing power in the hands of a few GOP operatives and stripping rights away from the state organizations. Several members of the Maine delegation walked out after the convention affirmed the GOP’s decision to replace 10 of Maine’s 24 delegates.

The Republican establishment also limits choice by pre-selecting candidates. In a private conversation, a Republican state chairman stated that Romney was selected as the nominee of the Republican establishment long before the primaries began.

Conservative Americans comprise about forty percent of the Republican electorate. The Republican establishment is now in the process of blackmailing them.

While making rules to suppress the impact conservatives and other grassroots movements have within the party, the Republican establishment proclaims the defeat of Barack Obama as the critical issue of the 2012 election and demands that everyone rally behind Mitt Romney to prevent the disaster of a second Obama Administration.

Wiselot Rouzard, a delegate from Nevada and a Ron Paul supporter, compared the Republican establishment power grab to Adolf Hitler taking power in Germany.

“There’s nothing American about what just happened,” he said. “This is the death of the Republican Party.”

Thomas Jefferson warned of just such a situation now occurring in the Republican Party. He called it “elective despotism.”



Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Afghanistan and the Culture of Military Leadership“. He receives email at lawrence.sellin@gmail.com

Photo credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)

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  1. Greatly disappointed in both main parties. 1st things 1st – unseat the POSER and his cronies THEN build a TRUE Constitutional party to rise and take control next election.

    • I agree whole heartedly. First things first, get this sorry peice of mu SLIME garbage out of office, and along with him, all the rest, Republican and Dimocrat. Although I do like Romney, the change of the rules didn’t inspire trust among the American people, most importantly, among the Republican party itself, the people of the party that is. So we have to move this Garbage out of Washington, and get some Quality in there. But if we don’t get the current Disaster/Disease out of office, the situation we find ourselves in at this moment in time will get much worse than any of us even want to imagine. I beleive that Romney means well, but with the Congress and Senate, and House infected with so many Diseases themselves, nothing good can really happen. Until we clean the Septic Tank out and refresh it with “disinfectant”, we will have the same old bullcrap that we are now dealing with. We, the People, have to start with the Lid of the Septic Tank, Obutthole, and go for the filth that is inside the Tank. We have to start somewhere, and the Top is usually the best place. In my business of cleaning, I have to start with one room at a time, cleaing one at a time, and go from there to get the whole home cleaned. Throw out the trash, and get rid of the dirt. Vacum and mop the whole place, and give it a whole clean look and smell. The situation in our White House is along the same lines as cleaning a house, because this House is in dreadful disorder, and is filthy from top to bottom.

      Then we can start with people who know what their jobs are, and we make sure that they do them as they are meant to do. The ones in there have done exactly nothing as per job requirement, and must be removed immediately. Vote out every single in cum BENT! They are BENT and TWISTED so badly that the only appropriate place for any of them is the garbage heap. Most are Traitors. And a trial is in order for each one of them, where upon they should be found guilty of Treason, and punished accordingly. Making sure that the next elected ones do the Will of The People, and what is good for the People, not only and specifically for themselves, as it has been now for years. The current bunch of Rotten Apples in our Capitol City are totally, utterly, and completely ROTTEN TO THE CORE, and are filled with DISEASED WORMS!
      No, we can’t trust either party, but we have to begin to change our nation’s current path to destruction, and give ourselves the hope that was stolen from us by these men and women who have commited Crimes against the American people, either by enacting “laws” that are UNConstitutional, or who have sat and done nothing at all to stop the shredding and disrespect of that same United States Constitution! And who in the process, have done more damage to the American people by their behavior, or lack of, than any war in our distant past. All must go the way of extinction.

  2. Angelicsweep says:

    obama is a FRAUD and no one in either party wants to do anything about it because everyone of them are responsible for what has happened. If one steps up and shows some spine the whole mess will topple like dominos! The republicans are JUST as responsible as nancy pelosi for ALLOWING this illegal stay in the whitehouse for four years and taking the COWARDS way out by voting him out of office. WITH WHAT? This article is about trust. Trust has been LONG GONE by both parties! How can you trust when it is the republican elites that makes the choices for the people by putting the people THEY want in office and be damned what the people think about it! Look at DOLE…look at MCCAIN and NOW romney was rammed down our throats. THEY wanted romney as the nominee and by George, he became the nominee by hook or crook, regardless what the people wanted. THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS IS TO VOTE EVERY ONE WHO HAS BEEN IN OFFICE MORE THAN TWO TERMS OUT!!! And KEEP it that way! If they won’t do the right thing by the people, then we have to do it for them! As they are quick to say(both parties say it)stop kicking the can down the road…there is no time like the present to start!!!

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Hold the course people. Our day is coming, and coming soon.

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