Why We’re Mad And We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore

Many inside the beltway sub-culture who rarely, if ever, venture outside the 202 area code (except to venture to the 212 area code), have reactions ranging from disbelief to sneering condescension regarding the primary challenges being mounted against Republican incumbents.

But if they actually took the time to talk to the people they claim to represent, instead of at them or over them, perhaps this whole GOP civil war thing could have been avoided. Take it from a talk show host whose mouth usually works faster than his brain. So many conflicts and misunderstandings could be averted if folks just listened to the other side sometimes.

Had the GOP patricians listened to their constituents (not plebeians) the last few years, they would have seen this freight train of frustration coming. And although the primary cycle is by and large going the establishment’s way, if the establishment doesn’t change its ways — and quickly — this will be the very definition of Pyrrhic victory. For the first time, patriots are calling nationally-syndicated shows like mine and saying it’s time for retribution. It’s time to make an example of at least one of these Republicans they believe have sold them out.

Who knows how many of these people there really are? After all, it’s one thing to want to cast a primary vote against a Republican who has disappointed you. It’s entirely another to let a statist Democrat have his seat in the fall to send a message, especially if that message is letting obstructionist hack Harry Reid remain as Senate majority leader. Just because a group is loud doesn’t mean it is legion. However, if the establishment doesn’t get the message here, we will soon find out how many of these people there are.

Let’s face it: conservative frustration with the GOP establishment is nothing new. It’s been going on since at least 1964 — a full decade before I was born. I’m sure countless columns have been written for this fine website over many years chronicling this internal conflict. But the frustration has unquestionably escalated in recent years, and I believe one person is the source of it.

Barack Obama.

Obama’s White House Regime has led an unprecedented assault on our liberties, cherished traditions, and prosperity. This president and his sycophantic collaborators are bullies who see no domestic opposition they won’t seek to silence or make surrender. Not even the Little Sisters of the Poor are spared from their anti-constitutional wrath. These Marxists dream of and devise creative ways to threaten our basic freedoms we used to take for granted.

And it’s not just the ends the statists are pursuing here, but also their means. Sen. Ted Cruz recently documented 76 examples of lawlessness by this regime. Keep in mind the Declaration of Independence “only” lists 27 lawless grievances against King George III. The imperial precedents being set by this White House even have a liberal legal scholar like Jonathan Turley concerned.

Those of us who live here in “flyover country” see all this happening to us, and then see how most Republicans in Washington, D.C. who claim to represent us respond. Let’s just say that response is less than inspiring.

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