Why We Want the Super Committee to Fail

Washington is once again in a deal making mode, and you are about to lose again. When Congress passed the massive debt increase bill earlier this year, it abdicated legislative responsibility to craft a solution to the spiraling debt. They gave the legislative responsibility to what Congress calls the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

The committee was then loaded with legislative “veterans” to limit the influence of the recently elected Tea Party Republicans. Since its inception, the committee has been pushing a mountain of tax increases using the popularity of the concept of balancing the federal budget. The only question at this point is how much the two sets of Washington elites will raise taxes.

Obama and the Democrats have laid down the gauntlet. They will accept not one penny less than one trillion dollars in new taxes. Republicans have already agreed to raise taxes by at least $250 to 300 billion.

We favor another path: no agreement.

Now if you talk to the governing elite in Washington, D.C., they would tell you the resulting chaos of no agreement is the end of the world. According to the earlier passed law, if the taxes are not increased, then we may actually see a decrease in the rate of spending growth.

According to this agreement, spending will be cut across the board in non-entitlement programs by a mere $75 billion a year in military expenditures and $75 billion a year in non-defense discretionary programs. Remember in Washington-speak the budget that is cut can still increase in real terms.

According to the Wall Street Journal….

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  1. Send to your representatives in Washington.

    like sending billions of tax payer dollars to countries that hate us. Then let’s take a look at all the stupid pork projects that get funding that provide absolutely no benefit to the average Joe Taxpayer. Now let us tackle all those folks that are getting paid not produce or limit production of say corn or wheat or anything else our wonderful government is paying to not produce, let competition dictate who and what gets produced. Really, now let’s talk flat tax. Take a gander at what the tax loop holes are costing us. Keep It Simple Stupid has always been the best practice for achieving goals.

  2. Really, now let’s talk flat tax. Take a gander at what the tax loop holes are costing us. Keep It Simple Stupid has always been the best practice for achieving goals. Let’s have a flat tax for all individual taxpayers of say 10% or whatever, then a flat tax of say 15% or whatever for corporations. Almost forgot about the welfare folks that get a refund for not working. We the taxpayer feel that if the earn or should I say work for money, then you’re entitled, if not, sorry about your luck. Forget all the IRS forms we are now dealing with, KISS again comes into play. We believe that we only need one form for individuals and one for corporations. Makes too much sense doesn't it. Just think of all the IRS agents and staff that could be removed from the fat government payroll. All the bean counters that will no longer be needed could do a more productive job, say actually producing something. I'm not stupid and neither is 99 % of the average Joe taxpayer.

  3. SEAN MURRY says:

    this is a failure from the start.

  4. Obama and his Demo. party are giving China $2 million dollars to study the behavior of chinese drunk prostitutes.
    We have plenty right here, we do not need to study chinese or give them $2M when we owe them trillions. How stup[id can stupid bet. Obama has 7 aliases, 58 addresses,at teast 2 S.S. # and one of them belongs to a dead man from conneticut. He is an islamist musalim, out to destroy America,he hates American people ,Jewish people, said that if it comes to chosing Americans or Musalim's he would go with the Musalim's. Shows where his loyalty lies He is a LIAR ,most of what he has says is mostly lies,never telling the complete truth. But musalems say it's just as good as the truth if you believe it. A vote for Obama is a vote to allow you to starve,not get sufficient medical treatment or medicine you need to live. The true Obama.

  5. Angelicsweep says:

    This was a HUGE mistake from the beginning. We do NOT need a committee making decisions for us, that is the job of ALL members of congress. This was nothing more than another attempt to work around our laws and the Constitution by the fraud in chief!

  6. Finis Brewer says:

    I know an old boy over here on hwy sixty four that could have figured this savings thing out in less than an hour . One thing I know he would cut out would be the $2,000,000.00 proposed for the Chinese drunk prostitutes.

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