Why We Must Stand With Todd Akin

Todd Akin SC Why We Must Stand With Todd Akin

First, some full disclosure: When Congressman Todd Akin made his now famous “remark” regarding a female rape victim’s physiological reaction to her violation, I was one of those who called for him to give up his challenge to Democrat Claire McCaskill, the Missouri Senator who was widely viewed as a dead duck. McCaskill is seen as the face of Obamacare in the “Show Me” State; and earlier, a statewide referendum on Obamacare had crashed and burned 71/29.  Moreover, no honest person thinks Missouri is a state where Barack Obama will even do well, let alone win and help down-ballot Democrats.

At the time of the “remark”, Republican Akin was about 10 points up even in widely available polls. Shortly afterward, he dropped to being down about 10 points; but subsequent polls have shown Akin closing the gap. The most recent survey, done Sept. 11 by Rasmussen, shows Akin trailing by just 6 points, 49/43. That the incumbent McCaskill is under 50% shows she has not shut Akin out.

The first Democrat to use “the remark” was Elizabeth Warren, who is trying to unseat Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts US Senate race. It helped her briefly, then burned out. Brown now leads by 6 points. “The remark” has lost its power, and it is now time to close the wagons around this brother conservative fighting to take a very winnable seat from a very liberal Democrat.

Trading down the ratings scale is a sucker’s play.

In 2006, many conservatives were happy to see Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chaffee squirm and wiggle as his inevitable loss grew closer. His Democrat challenger, Sheldon Whitehouse, beat him. In that victory, many were happy because Chaffee had a 35% American Conservative Union (ACU) lifetime rating. But what did we “gain” by cheering on his defeat? Sheldon Whitehouse has a ACU lifetime rating of 1.6%! Chaffee turned out to be a skunk who spoke at the Democrat convention, but we still traded down the ratings scale by 33%!

Democrat Claire McCaskill has a ACU lifetime rating of 15%, which is even lower than Harry Reid’s 18%. Todd Akin has a ACU lifetime rating of 97%. Trading down 82 points over “the remark” just doesn’t make sense.

Todd Akin was cut off from any support by the Republican Senate Committee. He needs our help. We need his conservatism in the Senate, and we don’t need another Democrat who is to the Left of Reid!

Akin needs our help.  Stand up for a 97% conservative. Help him beat a 15% “conservative.” Go to https://www.akin.org/contribute/ and give what you can, especially if you jumped the gun over “the remark” as I did. I have contributed to Akin. Please join me.

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