Why Tom Smith’s Campaign Is A Sign Of Trouble For Obama In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania SC Why Tom Smith’s campaign is a sign of trouble for Obama in Pennsylvania

During the lead-up to the Senate vote on Obamacare, all eyes were on a few rare Democrats who pro-lifers hoped would stand up against the Democrats’ culture of death and vote NO because of the sections mandating faith-based hospitals to commit abortions.

Pennsylvania Democrat Senator and putative Catholic Bob Casey was one of those quislings who talked a good game about being pro-life but ultimately became the 60th and decisive vote to pass Obamacare. By doing this, Casey forced his church, the Roman Catholic Church, to face either closing its hospitals or knuckling under and committing abortions.

In 2006, Casey had cruised to a smashing 18 point victory over a genuine pro-life lion and fellow Catholic Rick Santorum, a two-term Republican incumbent. In a victory that large, there are always a number of reasons to point to; but Casey’s standing as his father Bob Casey Sr.’s son ( a popular pro-lifer) was a large factor in his win. Pro-life Pennsylvanians voted for Casey “secure” in the belief that they could vote for him without losing a fighter of their cause.

Now six years later, Bob Casey has a 44% pro-life rating, and he will be called to account for what he has done.

Enter Tom Smith, his Republican challenger. Democrat-skewed polls aside, a new survey of likely voters has Smith trailing Casey by just 49/42 , just outside the margin of error. Smith has improved on Santorum’s margin by 11 points.  Why?

At 53%, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has the second highest percentage of Catholics in the nation. The Catholic Church is in an all-out battle with Barack Obama over Obamacare’s abortion mandate. Both of these factors will join with Obama’s war on coal and the photo ID law which has been on-again, off-again that at this point has eaten through six months of the Democrats’ irreplaceable time to register their people.

With Tom Smith closing on Casey and his own war on the Catholic Church and the Coal Industry, how confident can Barack Obama be about his chances in Pennsylvania?

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Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn (Creative Commons)

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  1. People of Pa. had better wake up or there will be no more fracking,drilling, or mining in your state after the election!!
    Ohio is also leaning toward the big zero, they had better think hard also!!!
    Vote for the American, not the Muslim!!!!!

  2. WE want ovomit to lose PA, big time!! If any of you know anyone in OH, try to get them to wake up, too, same for MD, VA and WVA, let's keep it a RED area!!
    casey has to go with ovomit, OUT with the garbage!! Tom Smith has to be better for our state!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right Vince people better wake up in the states you mentioned or we're in serious trouble.Obutthole will kill America and we will become socialists.Too mant of our young people are starting to believe in socialism and this is in he Saul Alinsky playbook which old Sambo is useing.

  3. These people in Pa ARE BEING PLAYED by Obama. He thinks they are dumb ignorant people who vote for whomever . I pray that isn't so and that they take the time to check out the facts and bring home a real American who will stand for our freedoms. R and R for 2012

  4. I have attempted to communicate with Casey Jr. for almost four years. He refuses to respond to my questions and until recently refused to respond to my e-mails at all. Let it be clear Casey is a rubber stamp for obama and must be removed from office.

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