Why Republican Compromise Is Always A Defeat

Paul Ryan Official SC Why Republican Compromise Is Always a Defeat

I like Paul Ryan. He seems like a great person. I think he’s sincere about wanting to set America back on the right course. But, like so many other so-called “conservative” Republican leaders, he doesn’t understand political strategy for turning around a country headed for unmitigated disaster.

Let’s take what he had to say about the immigration issue on ABC’s “This Week,” for example. Asked by Jonathan Karl, sitting in for George Stephanopoulos, about what Barack Obama had to say about it in his State of the Union address, here’s how he responded:

“I really don’t enjoy saying this. I did think that his words were measured and productive in the State of the Union. But putting this – leaking this out does set things in the wrong direction. Look, the question that we always have to ask ourselves, particularly with this White House, is the president looking for a partisan advantage or is he looking for a bipartisan law? And by putting these details out without a guest worker program, without addressing future flow, by giving advantage to those who cut in front of line for immigrants who came here legally, not dealing with border security adequately, that tells us that he’s looking for a partisan advantage and not a bipartisan solution. There are groups in the House and the Senate working together to get this done and when he does things like this, it makes that much more difficult to do that. And that’s why I think this particular move, very counterproductive.”

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