Why Paul Ryan Is Optimistic About The Future Of America

Despite a 2012 presidential election that admittedly did not go the way he had hoped, Rep. Paul Ryan indicated that his initial disappointment has been replaced by hope. As one of the first speakers at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the Western Center of Journalism was there as Mitt Romney’s running mate rallied conservatives for the fight ahead.

“A year later,” he said, “I think there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic.”

He stressed the importance of upcoming midterm races, indicating that “on election day, we’re going to win.”

Ryan indicated that the devolution of the modern Democrat Party under the leadership of Barack Obama and his ilk gives reason for hope.

“The president released his budget this week,” Ryan said, “and from the looks of it he’s just doubling down”

Furthermore, leftist leaders in D.C. all “sound alike these days. All they talk about is income inequality.”

The reason for the repetitiveness, Ryan insisted, is that “they’re out of ideas.”

That inherent weakness, he said, must be adequately communicated to the American people by conservative leaders.

“They cannot talk about economic growth,” Ryan said of leftists in D.C. “They have spent five long years in power and all they have to show for it is this lousy website.”

In response, he said the political right must convey a clear path toward fiscal and cultural sanity in this country.

“We have to explain where we want to take the country and how we’re going to get there,” he said, asserting the fact that Democrats will use any tactic possible in trying to dismiss their political opponents.

“They’re going to try to make us the victim in their morality play,” he said, concluding he believes they will fail “because they’re going to overreach.”

It is easy for conservatives to point out the litany of ways leftism has failed this nation, however.

“Right now,” Ryan said, “the tax code is 10 times the size of the Bible and it has none of the good news.”

Taxpayers are expected to send their hard-earned money to the IRS, and “if you do what Washington tells you to do, you get some of your money back.”

Conservatives should embrace a better message — on that resonates with Americans nationwide.

“I have a better idea,” Ryan continued, “why don’t you keep your money in the first place?”

As for the debacle surrounding ObamaCare, he said this administration wants Americans to believe they have no alternative.

Conservative leaders, however, have proposed numerous plans that would address America’s healthcare system from a perspective that embraces individual liberty instead of federal intrusion.

“You should pick your healthcare plan,” Ryan concluded, “not Washington.”

The Republican Party, he said, now has the opportunity to once again define itself as the party of influence.

“The GOP is where the action is — just as it was in Jack Kemp’s day in the beginning of the Reagan revolution,” he said.

While Obama is an easy and worthy subject of conservative criticism, Ryan said the opposition party owes Americans more than finger-pointing.

“Let the other party be the party of personalities,” he said. “We will be the party of ideas.”

 –B. Christopher Agee

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Ryan gives great speeches but that is all.It seems like republicans hjave no will power to stop the muslim.Just look at all the muslims that Pres.Obutthole has already put in strategic places not only that but he has his Silverback gorilla Cummings doing his bidding to make Issa look bad when the big jig should be going after Pignose Lerner because it could have happened to his communist party.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    obama and holder are using the biased, corrupt, and broken IRS to go after people who have a certain political or religious view. The average working American, poor or rich or in-between, hates and fears the IRS for good reason. The IRS is able to seize your bank account or house without a court order, able to shut down your business overnight, the IRS is the closest thing to the Gestapo, America has ever had. Clearly, obama includes intimidation and thought control as part of his plan for “transforming America.” With Obamacare, he will put virtually the entire citizenry on the public dole. What will obama do with the ongoing Obamacarelessjobkiller debacle and his sinking polls. Obigbrother will halt all coverage using MSM lapdogs, report only on evil Republicans and idiot Tea Party terrorists, saying the GOP is so divided that There isn’t a Republican Party to talk to. Lie about insurance policies and doctors that won't be kept, break promises to reduce costs (to the price of a phone bill, I called about commercials stating $75 plans with dental, they said that they don't exist!), and just lie more and more. Then, blame shift and accuse everyone of intentionally causing trouble. Now announce a new program to force youth to buy health insurance ($75 with dental). Soros-funded operatives will help demonize the Tea Party, and revive of the War on Women, along with efforts to worsen race relations by encouraging tensions to violence and riots in the streets (encourage more white deaths by saying nothing about the KnockOut game). Obama (after just taking another multi-million dollar vacation) will demonize the super rich on the Right. The tactics will involve the usual: accusations of racism, corporate greed, narrow self-interest to the exclusion of the poor and dispossessed, condemnations of senators and representatives accused of being corporate shills, accusations that Republicans and Tea Party individuals only want to destroy Obama because they are so filled with hate and racism, accusations the Republicans hate the poor and don’t have a plan of their own, Fox will be singled out for special treatment, and doctors will become the new whipping post as well as other players in the healthcare industry. The age of obamacarejobkiller will not only force people to retire, the suicide rate has also increased. Nice legacy obama! In the interim, millions are getting the feel for obamacare right where it counts – the wallet. We would accept an apology from obama for leading the nation to the place where we are a second-rate power in the world, and for giving our youth the worst example of lawlessness since the days of Al Capone.

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