Why Obamacare Ruling Is Good For Tea Party

Obamacare Slam Dunk Supreme Court SC Why Obamacare Ruling Is Good For Tea Party

The TEA party movement was born of the threat Obamacare posed to us. It will send the enthusiasm on our side sky high. It will do very little to excite the Left – hey, they won, didn’t they?

The Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling has placed the weight of pulling America’s wagon on middle class people. In the short run, Democrats will be delirious, and their cheerleaders in the media will be insufferable – in the short run. They will all act as if they have forgotten what happened in the elections of 2010 – but we will remind them in November.

In 2010, when Obamacare was originally passed with no Senate votes from Republicans, it became the driving force that propelled millions of Americas to stand and fight. We converged on Washington from all over the country demanding that something be done  “to fix this.” When it became clear that the way to “fix it” was to vote out the Democrats and vote in a conservative majority in the House and Senate, we rolled up our sleeves and, with rarely seen levels of enthusiasm, marched to the polls. That was BEFORE Obamacare was poured into concrete by Justice Roberts. That was before the absolute urgency of voting out every Democrat in the House and the Senate was staring us in the face.

This will do very little to energize the Left – Democrats will SAY we must elect Democrats to preserve what we have, but saving something that IS won’t fire up voters like changing something that has BECOME.

After a few weeks when the decision has been fully understood, the power of America’s TEA party movement will emerge. There will be rallies, and the spirit of 2010 will fill the air.  Those who would say “The TEA party movement is dead” will do so at their own political peril.

This decision keeps the assaults on religious freedoms in place.  Now, which side will THAT  fire up?

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  1. Puddentain says:

    I'll ask this again,,,,,if it were "Putin" or "Obama" in November,,,,which one?…..Seems like one in the same to me.

    • Devasahayam says:

      One difference: Putin is patriotic (albeit to Russia with him as czar) and manly where 0bama is neither!

  2. IF we can make people understand that this is a TAX, when oliar said it was NOT a tax; IF we can make people understand that this will pay for abortions, and suport illegal aliens, IF we can make people understand that economists say that this will BANKRUPT the country in a very short period of time, that you, your kids or your parents should they become (God forbid) critically ill, their medical fate will be determined by a board of charming folks that most Americans wouldn't want on their street just passing through, much less making decisions about their very lives. If we can get THAT message across, rather than the one the dems are pushing that now everyone will have FREE healthcare, then we will win. But if we can't…….heaven help us, if we can't.

    • Excellent point Judy. Your missive should be used to structure the next half dozen commercials for Rommney. Judge Roberts has just awakened a sleeping giant

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Talking does not help with idiots. They are only concerned with what they THINK they can get from the dumb tax- payer. Yes, there is a 15 member panel..none are doctors.. who will decide the fate of senior citizens. Medicare will no longer exist for senior citizens. Conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, hip replacements and some forms of cancer will NOT be covered under obamacare for senior citizens! The idiots who voted for him are murderers!

    • Just to think,,this ruling goes against all that is a Free America,,,Constitutional Freedom,,,and then they go on their Hawian jaunt,,1.2 million dollars,,our dollars and enjoy their flushing away something that has shown in a huge majority of Americans did not want,,,maybe if they didnt get paid,,,if we stopped paying thru taxes,,,maybe then they would hear us loud and clear,,,,this pains me for our military who die and suffer for our freedom,,,,,is this why they fight,,,they die,,,comeon people,,,there are so many law’s broken here by the people placed in office and we pay them for this? It has to stop before November,,,we are and always have been the silent, polite, majority,,,we need to be heard,,,they ALL took an oath to protect our Constitution,,they must go,,,,,I am 65 yrs old and have never in my life witnessed such division,,,such corruption and wish I had never lived long enough to see this,,I fear for my children and grandchilren,,,our Christianity,,,our moral compass is gone,,,,God help us,,,God help America…

    • Energene says:

      Don't forget the 3% tax on the sale of your home starting 2013.

  3. MARY ZACC says:


    • To Mary Zacc… Is this just wishful thinking or are the real Americans going to finally stand up and be heard. I for one wish that it would happen but I have my doubts. There are too many people in this country that are being recognized just for the free handouts. As the saying goes, "Gimmee Gimmee gimmee free and I will sure as all get out put you right back in office." My theory is that we should move all of the political office holders into the beltway in D.C. and blow them all up and elect all new people to the office that will recognize the that is a gevernment of, by, and for the people. Nov 12 they ALL go.

      • Jan Dinkins says:

        We have more dummies, yuppies and gimmies in this country than any time in this country's history. They will do ANYTHING to keep their "god' in power! But they are so dumb because there will not be enough tax paying workers to keep them up so they will have killed the golden goose. Maybe they'll storm the White House!..the joke will definitely be on them!

    • That is all well and good but we need someone in goverment to stand up and charge these bastards that started FAST and FURIOUS and given 2500 weapons paided for with the $10,000,000.00 that Obama gave them. These weapons have MURDERED two Americans and thrre hundred Mexicans and Holder, Obama, Napolitano, and Hilery Clinton should be charged with Second degree MURDER and Man slaughter.

      • David F. says:

        Gusty, we only know about the 3 guns connected with Agents Terry and Zappata. For all we know there could be even more dead Americans, but it's just not being reported. Just a little food for thought./

      • Jan Dinkins says:

        Yes..all of that are grounds for treason charges. They need to be charges, convicted and prosecuted.

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      We will vote but it will not be an honest election! It wasn't in 08.

  4. How can we overturn this mess when the repubs will need to win the presidency and the House and Senate? That's not an easy task even for the Tea Party. Justice Roberts turned out to be a progressive, that's why he sided with the liberal judges. It's actually sickening what OBAMA is doing to our country.

    • David F. says:

      Or perhaps justice Roberts had a visit from some of Obama's Chicago "Campaign Helpers" (Murders, Thieves, Rapists and all around scumbags), who gave Roberts a little Obama Love tap, and warned him if he didn't vote the way he did his kids and grand Kids may be killed for his insolence to the Dick-Tater in charge.

      • Jan Dinkins says:

        Some of H. Clinton's supporters claim that is exactly what happened to her when she and Billy dared question Obama's eligibility. It seems that some of his thugs threatened the safety of Chelsea if they didn't shut up!.

        • David F. says:

          They killed Bill's best friend (Bill Gwatney) as a warning, and he was still going to spill the beans about Obama till they said "Okay, your daughter is next"

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      And remember the serial liar said emphatically(on many occasions) that Obama care would NOT be a tax! It would not go through on the Commerce law so Obama's attorneys,at the last minute, in March in their argument with SCOTOS placed obama care under the tax clause which is in the hands of Congress and is constitutional.

  5. morningcoffee3 says:

    I am truly convinced that Obama wants America bankrupt financially and morally!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only should we impeach him and hold his administration accountable now we need to FIRE THE SUPREME COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Charge him with treason. Impeachment means nothing. It didn't get rid of Clinton! Nor would the Senate vote for impeachment hearings.

    • GuestFromMaine says:

      @morningcoffee3, THEY put The Obamunist in place to destroy America financially, morally, ethically, spiritually in every way he can. That is his JOB assignment and he is doing a great job so far.

      The question is: Will e wlet him finish the job?

      • Evermyrtle says:

        There is only one who can stop what is going on, and HE can do it alone, but will HE? We have come from being the most Christian nation in the world, to what we are today, and that is not Christian. We have loaded the WH with anti-GOD Muslims and have legalized "abomination to GOD acts like homosexuality, baby murders beastality and all kinds of stuff. We The People have done it. Only a few years, ago the churches were full of worshipers, every time there was a meeting, now there is only a fraction of the number going. Those who go seem to be power struggling people who if they can't get the job they want upset.

        One of the reasons that people are not going is because some of the churches, last desire is to run a truly GOD loving, worshiping and obeying church. Why on earth should GOD, the forgotten GOD, who is the MASTER OF THE WORLD want to help us? According to how I understand HIS WORD, what is going to happen is, HE will send HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST TO LIFT HIS PEOPLE OFF OF THIS EARTH, the living and the dead, (The dead in GOD will rise first then those who are Christians to meet HIM in the air) after which HE will cleanse the earth of all evil and put HIS people back here to live in peace, forever..

        This is coming soon because as the WORD explains the conditions of the world, when this time comes matches today's conditions exactly.

  6. THE SCOTUS HAS PUT IT TO US!! WONDER IF THE PRESIDENT BOUGHT THE JUSTICES OR JUST THREATENED THEM AND THE THEIR FAMILIES!! How and why do we sit by and let this president decide what we need, what we MUST buy? Telling us what is best for us, the American people. This law will affect every American in the contry! The American people do not want it! And yet once again we let this president ram something else down our throats! Wait until these people who thought this was the best thing since ham and eggs – just wait til these people get sick, need surgeries, get cancer or Lord knows what else, and then find out they can't have have their surgeries, transplants or treatments because they have to go thru a review to see if it's covered and if it's going to be too expensive – oh well, you are just out of luck – not to mention the panel review will be more of this administration probably with no medical background. If this is FOR the people – why wasn't it put on a ballot and let the PEOPLE vote on it!! LET US DECIDE WHAT'S BEST FOR US, OR WHAT WE DO OR DO NOT WANT!!! THIS PRESIDENT HAS TO GO AND THE SOONER THE BETTER!!!!

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      That is so true. The dummies are so stupid that they do not have sense enoug to realize that treatment will either be denied or there will be no one to TREAT them! And senior citizens might as well take that little green pill. That is Obama's plan..to literally get rid of the senior citizens in order to make treatments and doctors available to his zombie voters…legal and illegal. Senior citizens better wake up big time! Their number will soon be up..that is, unless they have plenty of money to spend on health care. Obama and his gang are well accustomed to issuing threats.

  7. This is a racist tea bagger web site. You hate blacks and that all it is about. Hate goes both ways and there is no monopoly on it [we are equal and learn to deal with it] God bless the affordable health care act you bigots.

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Is that the ONLY argument you can come up with? That is SO ignorant! And all Tea Party members are not white…do some honest research. Who PAYS for ObamaCare? Do you? All senior citizens will be taken off Medicare and put on Obamacare. Read page 2004 of your "affordable" care bill and you will find that a 15 member panel will decide the fate of the senior citizen. Cataract surgery,glaucoma treatment, hip replacements and treatment for some forms of cancer will NOT be covered for the senior citizen under Obamacare! But, maybe you're one of those who really do want granny to be pushed over the cliff! And it has been because of most of the grannies and grand-pas who have paid billions of dollars in taxes all their working years for you to be treated for whatever while, now that the grannies and grand-pas are no longer montarily of value.."just give them a pill"(Obama's words) and get them out of the way!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      By what stretch of the imagination did you come up with people from this site hates Blacks?
      Is it because people don't like the overreaching power-grab oblameo is doing? Is it people wish to enforce the law that states what oblameo did with signing amnesty for 800,000 illegal aliens was treason?
      Or do you base your opinion that it's racist to call Holder and Oblameo on their racism of dropping the voter intimidation charges, in which the DOJ had overwhelming evidence, all because they were Black? How about the DOJ's refusal to enforce immigration law? Their refusal to make charges against Blacks for their hate crimes against Whites, which there is plenty of evidence?

      Please enlighten me. On what exactly do you base your opinion that those who don't like oblameo hate Blacks?

      You are right on one point. It does go both ways. Seems the White race is awfully tired of Blacks being allowed to live in an anarchy state. To attack White people at will with no repercussions. They are answering back, and you don't like it.
      I wish you luck on affording health care, that is, if you ever are removed off welfare.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Seeks this boy plays with himself to much or else he's a fudge packer.I would love to seee him answer you.This idiot has got to be black they all have a chip on there shoulder.

    • True American says:

      Go back to your free loaders …..Try CNN or some other American hating Lib site

    • Disgusted says:

      Up until the diwitted “black” freaks of this country did what you did, not many of us were outright racists. It was then that we were forced into it, and to call us racists, bigots and haters may well be more true than you realize. Because we had no such feelings before, but you insist on calling us names, and threatening us, what exactly do you expect? Kisses and hugs? I don’t think you get that much from those of us who happen to love, or, have loved our country as she was before this losing peice of camel/pig dung, this DISEASE in office got ahold of her and has done everything in his power to ruin what was once a great nation, the greatest to ever exist. And the fact that it is now broke, bankrupt, and on an even more deep downhill slide, it thanks to those like yourself, Mr.Ben TRAITOR whoever you are. Why not take yourself and all the AFRICANS who want to leave with you and go live in Africa, if they will even have your sorry A$$! We are sick of your kind, and we get sicker each and every passing moment. With every breath I take, I get more disgusted, and dislike you and your il, as the seconds pass. People like yourself do not deserve to live in this country, and I have my sincere doubts that you even deserve to breathe the same air that we here in America breathe! Leave. Take this peice of african offal with you. I do not wish you well, and one day, you are going to get what you and your kind have brought down upon this nation, for this filth will turn and bite you on the ass. When your hands no longer recieve the freebies that those of us work to provide for you, where will you go then? it is we, the TAXPAYERS who support your lazy good for nothing (#%&) and when we no longer have any work, and no jobs, there will be no taxes, and there will be then, NO FREEBIES! NO MORE OBUTTHEADBUCKS! And this so called “healthcare”? Wise up if you can, if you have something besides sh)# for brains, for it will not be the “free” anything that you lazy bastards think it is going to be. It will perhaps, and I hope it does for those like you, COST YOU YOUR LIFE ONE DAY WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO GIVE YOU TO SAVE YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE! Hatred? yes. I despise EVIL! And this THING IN OFFICE IS EVIL, BEYOND EVIL! The son of THE FATHER OF LIES, SATAN HIMSELF, THE SON OF SATAN! And you follow this devil, the SON OF THE DEVIL straight into a HELL OF YOUR OWN MAKING! YES! There IS HATRED HERE, FOR THERE ARE THOSE OF US WHO LOVE THAT WHICH IS GOOD! AND, THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS EVIL PEICE OF AFRICAN DUNG IN OFFICE NOR ANYTHING HE HAS FORCED DOWN THE THROATS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! HIS VERY BREATH IS EVIL! you want someone to agree with you? Go somewhere else. hell would be a good start.

      • Henry Leunissen says:

        I guess this Ben idiot feels that it is time that the blacks run this country. Well, we are getting a taste of it, aren't we? Soon all our cities will be Flints, Detroits, Washington DC's. That is what you get when the n…..s take over.

        • mr_bad_example says:

          we'd have to bulldoze half America to save it, like Detroit… the Democrat way… right on Harry!

    • mr_bad_example says:

      ummm, blacks voted like 95% for obama, who's the racist? it took a majority of DUMB WHITIES to elect obama, you darkies are like 13% of the voting populous. you are just a token, enslaved to the democrat party for life, addicted to food stamps and welfare, thank you LBJ! you just kissed affordable healthcare goodbye, MOFO!! anything the government does, it does poorly at a great expense, the "war on poverty" has cost trillions and left more impoverished! do the math you MORON!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Listen fudge packer or would you prefer pillow biter and obviously your one of those low lifers who want everything for free off the backs of the hard working people

    • your a fool,we can't afford it!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Are you black, Ben? I ask because I have not seen any thing about any black on this site. and i is usually blacks who are so racist. Some of them can see all kinds of things that are not even there there.

    • morningcoffee3 says:

      It's true, all you have is name calling and ignorance! When the fireworks are going off in the air on the 4th you need to think about how it all came about. Obama wants to turn America into a socialist country. This isn't Western Europe, it's America, and if you don't like it leave and go to Western Europe!!!!!!!!

  8. GOPDiva says:

    Romney has raised millions since the judgement was announced. Like him or not, it's time to get out your Romney banners, send money, and help his campaign. The alternative is unthinkable.

  9. Impeach them all! President, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, the supreme court and find them all guilty of treason!!! Get rid of all the liberals, socialist, communist and their supporters like we did in the days of the Nazis and communist back in the 40’s, actors and all, put them on a blacklist and ship them away from here, we need a fresh start at filling all government positions with those who believe as or forefathers did, freedom, and or constitution, and we the people! Not we the government! Time to take action my fellow Americans and vote in the tea party and conservative delegates, republicans not rino’s, republicans in name only! Vote foe yours and mine and or children and grandchildren to live in a free country not a socialist state which is what Obama and the democratic party stand for! This is a real fight with or very lives and future at stake, so show up at the polls and take your stand!!!

  10. What justice Roberts has done today by twisting the constitution to fit his views can be compared to what Japan did at Pearl Harbor, awakened a sleeping giant. This has sealed Obama's doom in November. 60% of the American people are against this massive loss of freedom and Obama and his far left administration will be sent packing in the fall.

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      You're assuming that the election will be a fair one. It wasn't in 08. Obama has to be ousted before the Nov. election. Fraud, forgery and disregard of The Constitution are grounds for treason.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        That's why we must be extremely vigilant in this upcoming election. Leave no stone unturned to assure this election is not based on fraud.

        • So what Ordinary citizen is going to Spain to watch the vote-counting ???

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            I haven't heard yet. You volunteering, or do you prefer to sit back and have others fight your battle?

  11. Ben, I do not hate black people, I hate BIGOTS, DumocRATS, Liars and people that can not tell the difference between right and wrong. The only thing a black person can do, if a white person disagrees with a black man, is to yell discrimination. How many Whites Only Miss America pagents do you see? How many Black Colleges Only do you see? Do you see, you are being used by the government to support socialism and welfare, do you see why the hispanics and whites are getting a little tired of this racism BS?

  12. Pelosi along with every single member of Congress, except Dr. Ron Paul, must be deposed. The members of The Supreme Court should be thrown out also.
    I have been telling people since Obama took office that he should be impeached along with Biden and all Obama's administration.

  13. patricia says:

    Now we have to stand behind Romney weather you liked him or not otherwise, it's doom for our country.
    60% and maybe more have rejected taking over our rights and freedom and that is exactly what they
    are doing to us with this. What I think Justice Roberts did was put the ball in our hands and out of his.
    Therefore, if we likke Obama and not his healthcare we better think long and hard before voting for
    him as much, much more is going to happen to us. We also have to check every vote to make sure
    there is no fraud as they will certainly try to institute stealing votes. We have hard times ahead but
    we can still lick this and get our country back but we mjust trust Romney now more than ever.
    God Bless America and it's People to do the right things. Nothing is free and we will pay much more
    for Healthcare and all the taxes he is going to implement.

    • Shawn Fahrer says:

      Unfortunately, especially on healthcare, Romney (who I can never support due to his religious views, which aren't much different than Obama the Muslim, especially on their willingness to have as many as four wives) is OBAMA LIGHT! In other words, he is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and a Conservative in Name Only (CINO)– thus without a successful third party, America will be in a DEPRESSION for the next four years (assuming that the world doesn't end in 2012 as Mayan prophecies seem to suggest). Stuff like this makes me wish this Old Earth would end in December (so that the New Heaven and the New Earth can replace it as Jesus Christ promised all True Christians)!

  14. For some of us who somehow survived the 60's and the Cold War. There was a directive that ALL school shildren know. It was just 3 words….."DUCK AND COVER." Now here we are 50 some years later and I am here to warn ALL liberals, progressives and just in general all spineless derelicts…if I were you I'd …"DUCK AND COVER." Remember what happened in 2010 when the Tea Party arrived ? That was nothing to what you're about to witness in 2012. I predict it will be a bloodless coup although I'm all for the shedding of blood. It tends to purify. "The tree of liberty MUST be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants. It is it's own natural manure." Thomas Jefferson

    • Disgusted says:

      Eddie, I am very afraid that it will come to bloodshed. Very, very much afraid that it will. I know I am angry, one very angry American woman. And I have learned that when I feel a certian way, that I am not the only one to feel so. I have never, in all my life, seen my country in such a mess, nor heard and seen so many very angry and afraid Americans. And fear leads to anger, for when people get afraid, or are scared, they get angry, and feel shoved into a corner, and most, in self preservation, will come out fighting, for their lives are at stake. In this case, Americans are going to have to fight for their rights to live free. It will be “Live Free or Die”! I don’t think Americans are going to lie down and allow this Insulting peice of african excrement to take everything from us, that belongs to us by rights, the Right of Being Born In America! Sometimes it takes what happened today with the not so “supreme” court to fully rouse people enough to do what has to be done. To stop perfectly evil men and women from doing what was done today, to rid this nation of the Criminal in Office, along with his criminal helpers. Pelosi, Clinton, Reid, Holder, and anyone else who even looks like they are involved in the destruction of our nation. July 4th should mean more to us this year than ever before, because we are in the process of losing our Independance, if we do not again fight the enemy, and this time, the enemy is within. It is not across the ocean, it sits right in our Capitol buildings, and we have to look at IT every single day since 2008. It is time to end this horror show, once and for all. Time for all good men and women, to come to the aid of their country.

  15. schnitzelschitzen says:

    Nothing good can come out of a branch of government who grants more power to another branch of government to gain more control over it's People, you know, "US"! Those elected who did nothing in defense of We The People are part of the theft of our precious freedom. It is up to us to vett our representatives before elections and only vote for those who we can trust to keep our Constitution in tact. Take names of those who did nothing and put their names on your refrigerator to remember in November.

  16. Evermyrtld says:

    What bothers me a lot is the Kenyan's love of Martial law!!!! Will w have an election or marital law. He is "hell bent" to win the election and will allow nothing to stop him. Usually, I hate to be wrong but this is one time in my life that I sincerely hope that i am wrong.

  17. True American says:

    How can one man make a million people do what they do not want to do ……………..? Only Obama the power tripper and Hitler have done such thing …………….. Right now would be good time to remove Obama from White house . Later as Obama hires more law breakers it will get worse .Out with American hating Muslim

    • Some would argue that Barack Hussein Obama is a half-caste homosexual Hilter, who wants to turn the whole of America into a muslim caliphate with a sprinkling of jewish extremism for luck. In other words he is hooked up with those mad people in the British Labour party, and they are on a mission to destroy both countries so that they can take full control.

  18. skyler goodboy says:

    What will Obama Care do without Catholic hospitals (30% less hospital care in the USA) how will that fit in when Obama insist on abortion in their hospitals?

  19. First of all Pelosi is brain dead. She claims this is freedom? What school did she graduate from? This is a fine expample of one never knows how judges are going to rule. To change the venue in the middle of the argument is kind of back stabbing. The decent thing that Roberts could have done is to vote it down since he had in his mind that it was okay only if it was being argued as being a tax not a penalty. Very dsiturbing ruling against the cause of liberty and smaller government. One thing is certain, come November, the American people have a choice of preserving our liberties or being servants to an ever growing government. Looks like Roberts is a conservative in name only.

  20. they screw Arizona then the rest of america! no one should be suprized with the dictator want to be and his minions in office! NOVEMBER! everyone needs to vote them out!

  21. I was shocked at the Supreme Court and very hurt that Roberts proved to be a traitor. To boost my spirits some what and perhaps to vent my anger, I purchased 400 rounds of ammo just in case. I am ready

  22. My stomach turned, when I heard the decision made by the (communistic) Supreme Court and turncoat Roberts. But it really tears me apart even more, when I never see any action from the People of America in objection of being run by antiAmericans destroying the Constitution. I hope the words in John Boehner's speech of need of urgen repeal of Obamacare he full and positive meaning.

  23. Edwardkoziol says:

    This cowardly lion Roberts caved when Obunghole told him thathe better not go against him again so Roberts turned liberal.This justice roberts belongs in the Douche Bag Hall Of Fame

  24. Obama and his family are low lives. I've just seen the pictures of Barack Hussein Bin Laden Obomo's Irish mother – She's buck naked and in full frontal pornographic sex poses. My God, and this is the president's mother?

  25. Disgusted says:

    I almost wrote an apology for the anger I expressed………..almost. I felt as if my head were going to explode when I heard this “ruling” yesterday. But the more I listened to what others are saying, and how they too felt, the more I feel justified in my anger at this miscarriage of law. But maybe, just maybe, it will help Romney in his fight to win the election. Maybe it will get people off their couches and rearends and to the voting polls in November, and we may be able to rid ourselves of this infection that has taken over our nation. A fair and honest election is all that is needed, which may itself be in danger, but if we act together, and behave as one people, it will be a start. If it is not fair, then there will be a battle to fight afterwards. Then at that point, we again must rise to the occasion, and fight to take our Presidency back from those who have stolen it from us. This may be what seperates the “men from the boys”, and the “women from the girls” of America, or perhaps, The American Patriots from the TRAITORS who live amongst us. Whether it is a Race War, or a Civil War, or the Second American Revolution, in any case, it is We, the People who must, for the contiuation, and the salvation of our nation, who must Stand and Deliver to those who deserve to have delivered what they most sincerely, and justly deserve, their “heads on a platter”!

  26. Louisiana Lady says:

    Please tell me how the Tea Party, Republicans and Conservatives can possibly win the elections in November when a Spanish firm out of the country hired by Obama will count the votes? Our side has been grossly negligent in doing its duty to protect the country. The Republicans in Congress have been either cowardly or complicit, and we will pay a dear price for it. Sad.

  27. JudyG46 says:

    The decision may be invalid as a tax. Check out this site: http://www.impeachobamacampaign.com/video-if-heal

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