Why ObamaCare Could Be Finished!

Obamacare In The Moon SC Why ObamaCare could be finished!

In an effort to intimidate states (that is, Republican governors) into setting up state-run ObamaCare exchanges, the leftist authors of the Affordable Care Act have opened the door to lawsuits that could prevent the federal government from selling health plans at affordable rates.

A centerpiece of the ACA involves the offering of federal subsidies “…designed to help low and middle-income individuals purchase health insurance.” However, as the Act clearly states, “…subsidies may only be applied to insurance exchanges set up by individual states, not exchanges implemented by the federal government.” Congress also denied federal exchanges the authority to provide tax credits to employers who offer federally approved insurance plans to their employees.

ObamaCare revolves around the state-financed implementation of exchanges which the law claims will be one-stop shopping centers for healthcare plans approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. However, as of November 28th, 17 states have responded to an HHS-imposed deadline by refusing to set up a state run exchange, leaving it entirely to the federal government to do so.

As a result, exchanges that the federal government will be forced to build in these states may NOT, according to the Act, provide the subsidies and tax credits necessary to make the purchase of ObamaCare plans affordable. And the remaining 10 states have yet to decide whether to build a state exchange or, like the 17 preceding them, leave it to the federal government as well! Half the states in the nation could therefore be forced to “offer” unaffordable healthcare plans. Quite an embarrassing proposition for a president who had claimed his namesake plan would reduce insurance premiums by $2,300 per year for the average family!

Why would ObamaCare authors provide such a glaring loophole in the law, one that says without possibility of contradiction that only state-run exchanges may offer the subsidies and tax credits so vital to participation in the Act? A number of legal scholars “…claim the legislative history shows that the drafters wanted to give states strong incentives to create their own exchanges, and expected them to do so.” What this really means is that the authors were trying to INTIMIDATE and FORCE states into creating exchanges. Otherwise, the left could claim that the Republican governors of those states who did not do so were COSTING their constituents money (subsidies) and denying them affordable insurance coverage, thanks to their refusal to build an exchange. A typical leftist scam and thuggish “boot on the throat!”

However, over half the population remains opposed to the ObamaCare takeover of healthcare. Moreover, in refusing to build a state-run exchange, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker informed HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that “…Wisconsin is already able to provide healthcare to 90% of its citizens without an exchange and the new system would not improve coverage for state citizens.” (4)

And in addition to the fact that the vast majority of Americans are very satisfied with their current healthcare plans, ObamaCare exchanges would cost states up to $100 million per year. States would have NO control over which insurance plans may be offered or how they would be rated, how individuals or employers would be charged, or indeed how much the HHS would force the state itself to pay on a yearly basis in the future. The federal government makes all of the rules, and the state gets to pay the tab.

Only the left could be shocked and offended that states haven’t jumped at the chance to sign up!

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  1. We should be lucky enough to get rid of this power hungry president's socialized medicine bill. This is not how our country works, Pelosi, Reid and Obama shoved this mess down America's throat. Why aren't they under the same plan if it's so great? Because it stinks and they know it.

  2. If everyone is not on the plan, then no one should be required to be on the plan.

  3. I need Obamacare like Superman needs kryptonite.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why doesn't Obutthole offer the same plan that Poopalosi and punch drunk Dingy Harry get and the one he gets
    If his plan is so good thenall 3 branches should be on these freeloaders get enough comps.They get more comps then a whale at a casino..

  5. I think that the OBAMA, DIRTY HARRY,AND PALOSI, AND ALL THE OTHERS, should sign on the dotted line and have the EXACT SAME insurance that they want US to have. That way the DEATH PANEL would NOT have to wonder who is the right ones to JUST LET THEM DIE, It would be a NO BRAINER, and a NOBAMA situation.
    JUST TELL GRANNY to take another pain pill and we will get to the later, and later, later.

  6. Virginia Reaves says:

    Obama Care is so bad I can't believe the left was stupid enough to pass it in the first place. The feds are always talking about the waste and fraud in medicare so I can not imagine how bad the fraud and waste will be with Obama Care. What part of broke doesn't this country understand.

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