Why Obama Should be Impeached – Now

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This isn’t the first time that I’ve thought President Obama should be impeached. But something has changed.

I don’t expect most people, even elected ones, to understand how government debt hurts the economy, how inflation is caused by government policies (I include the Federal Reserve here), and how it cheats people out of their money. There are a lot of other common government practices where most people just don’t understand the bigger picture; they just accept the story they are told at face value.

But something has happened that everybody can understand and which, in spite of all the perceived benefits of an Obama presidency, should cause them to rise up and put an end to it.

It has now been proven that President Obama is a liar. I don’t mean just the fact that he lied at some point in the past, but that he has been shown to lie regularly.

Now I am the first to admit that not all lies are the same, and everybody at some time or other has been or is less than truthful.

“Do these pants make me look fat?” “How do you like my new outfit?” “How was the meal?”

Many of us know the feeling when a parent, spouse, or boss asked us in an angry tone of voice whether we had done such and such a thing. The fear of the possible repercussions made us afraid to be totally honest.

But President Obama has been shown to have lied over and over with regard to his health care plan. The whole story of this bill’s passage is one filled with examples of corruption, bribery, lies, and manipulation. Obama pledged before his election that every bill would be posted on the internet for three days before voting so everybody would have a chance to read and comment on it. This was a bill that had to be passed so we would know what was in it.

But I digress.

In trying to sell this bill to America, Obama lied. And lied. And lied. The same ones over and over.

The whole point is that, when a person has been found to be a liar, their credibility is destroyed. You never know anymore when they are telling the truth.

When Obama says that we need to have the NSA spy on us for national security reasons, is he telling the truth?

When he tells us that we need to arm the rebels in Syria for our own security, can we believe him? Should we?

When he says that, when Obamacare is fully implemented, we will all be happy, can we trust him?

Once you know somebody is a liar, you never know when he is telling the truth.

The problem here, of course, is that Obama is our President. If we don’t know when he is telling us the truth, he has forfeited his right to be our President.


If you cannot reasonably assume that the President is telling the truth, then how can he lead our country? You will never know if he is lying until the damage is done. That is no way to run a country.

There has been talk in the past about impeachment for President Obama; but this was discouraged because impeachment was considered pointless, seeing that the Senate has enough Democrats to defeat any attempts to remove Obama from office.

Well, that’s their choice. But for the House to overlook these enormous violations of the public trust is itself a violation of the public trust. The House is the branch of government closest to the people it represents. If they don’t stand for us against this bold, blatant disregard for common decency, then we are doomed.


Photo credit: katerkate (Creative Commons)

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