Why Low 2013 Gas Prices Will Soon Evaporate

gas pump Why Low 2013 Gas Prices Will Soon Evaporate

Gasoline prices, which hit a 2012 low of $3.22 a gallon Dec. 19, are up 8 cents in the past two weeks and will likely continue climbing through April. Experts say the 2013 national average will likely top out at about $3.95 a gallon.

That early winter break you’ve been getting at the gasoline pump? It’s beginning to show signs of cracking.

Gasoline prices remain below $3 a gallon in at least 50% or more outlets in 14 states. But the national average has crept up three cents to $3.30 a gallon the past week and 8 cents since hitting a 2012 low of $3.22 in mid-December.

It’s likely to get worse in the coming weeks. Crude oil prices are up about $10 a gallon the past month, with benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude closing at $93.09 a barrel Friday, finishing the week up 2.5%.

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  1. disgusted says:

    Isn’t it strange how we now look at gas priced just under $3 a gallon, as “cheap”!? A few years ago, it was just under $2, and we had to accept that is “low” priced gas. How is it that we are now accepting this “new low” as truly a “good price” for gas? Let’s face it, Americans are not all, ALL RICH! All Americans do not have money to spare! We never did, but now, it is worse than it has ever been! When are we going to realize that this is not ever going to get better, that this “recession” is not over, done with and finished, and that we are in a depression? We have huge, major problems in our country! Jobs are either sent outside of our borders, or they are closing the businesses that create the jobs, due to, and thanks to, this “administration” of liars, thieves, and enemies who now infect our nation with their brand of “what’s good for the country”! It is good for them, since they make ungodly amounts of money, and most of this money is the stolen taxes and hard earned dollars of the American people. The igger in office just had a “vacation” to the tune of something like FOUR MILLION PLUS dollars! Paid for, by, you guessed it, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERIC! Now, doesn’t that make you feel like you had the Christmas SPIRIT? MOOO AND HUSSEIN vacationed and ate well, while we scraped bottom just to make sure our families ate, and maybe, had a little bit of a Christmas! Many did not even eat this past Christmas………many do not even have homes in which TO eat! Gas is going to go up, and we who work are going to have to learn how to scrape even more from less money on our paychecks……..and Hussein and MOOO don’t really give a rat’s ass what we do, or if we starve, or lose the roofs over our heads! what a “president”!

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