Why Liberals Insist On Living In Cities

New York City SC 1024x723 Why Liberals Insist On Living In Cities

One constant we have experienced under the reign of Barack Obama has been government and non-governmental agency (NGO) lies and distortions about the statistical state of our nation.  Believing the unemployment numbers, for instance, has become an exercise in suspension of disbelief. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has used a fabricated dysfunctional formula for counting our unemployed neighbors for so long that people have forgotten they are being lied to, if they ever knew the difference.

Recently, a new insidious lie was quietly slipped into the public area. Under cover of Obama’s multiple scandals, the Brookings Institute, a reliably liberal NGO, proclaimed that there are now a million more poor people in our suburbs as compared to our cities.

Our suburbs are being called “ghost towns” to make the lie work and give the appearance that Americans are coming back to our cities.  This and the other lies about crime and poverty in our suburbs being greater than in our cities serve the great “good” in the sycophant Leftist mind. These lies not only attack the governance of suburbs that are more likely to be conservative and Republican; but they promote and perpetuate the lie that liberalism works and makes our lives better and safer. The truth is that there is nothing true in the Left’s assertion of a better life in our cities. Our suburbs are growing, not shrinking.  The truth is that the latest demographics show that 75% of those living in our 51 major metropolitan areas live in its suburban portion.

Urban poverty rates are 20.9% versus 11.4% in our suburbs (and more likely getting worse.)

FBI data shows that cities suffer 3.4 times the amount of violent crime suburban areas experience.

Clearly,  the suburbs are not shrinking, do not have more poverty, and do have less crime than our cities.  So why the lies? A good guess would be a Goebbels-like attempt to spray perfume on the stink-holes that decades of Democrat rule have made our cities. How else can the Left explain away Detroit, a city infected by Democrat liberalism?

“Every city is a paradise comrade, so shut up and pay your taxes.”

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