Why Is America Dividing?

charlesmurray79271 231x300 Why Is America Dividing?

Charles Murray has done it again. His new book, Coming Apart, has blown the lid off the most crucial development socially in the United States over the last 50 years: the rise off bastardy. He concentrates on whites.

The book is receiving a lot of attention. His books usually do. Losing Ground in 1984 was a great book. It exposed the welfare state as a fraud. It has not decreased poverty. It was right, and the Left attacked it.

The Bell Curve a decade later was a great book. It exposed the new elite, based on IQ, and the liberal university system that trains this elite. It was right on both counts, and the book was savaged by liberals.

His new book is getting attention, but the liberals are ignoring its main argument: the rise of bastard culture since 1960. Here is what he writes. His two towns are fictional: Fishtown (lower-class white) and Belmont (upper class white).

Marriage: In 1960, extremely high proportions of whites in both Belmont and Fishtown were married—94% in Belmont and 84% in Fishtown. In the 1970s, those percentages declined about equally in both places. Then came the great divergence. In Belmont, marriage stabilized during the mid-1980s, standing at 83% in 2010. In Fishtown, however, marriage continued to slide; as of 2010, a minority (just 48%) were married. The gap in marriage between Belmont and Fishtown grew to 35 percentage points, from just 10.

Read More at The Tea Party Economist.

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  1. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    Why is America dividing? Because they have lost everything that made them Americans. And in the process, “lost their minds”. Now, instead of thinking for themselves, they allow others to do it for them. America has become a nation of fools, and they proved this when they elected this bastard who now sits in office, the most powerful office in the world, as “president”. When he said “hope and change”, no one gave a thought as to what kind of change he meant. All they heard was “change”, and beleived every lie that fell from his lips. Hope? We have none, unless America starts to think on her own, and her people get off their comfortable couches, and stop beleiving every lie that the “news outlets” blather on about. If one needs proof of these lies from both the “news, and the “”president”, then open your eyes and look around you. Where are the JOBS that they speak of, where is the economy really “improving”?! Certianly not where I live, and I’d have to bet that it is not even remotely “improved” any place else. Yet, we are divided. Well, that may be because this “administration” wants us to be, for to divide us means that they have less problem in taking every right and freedom from us, with no fight. In other words, turn the United States of America, into the “United Islamic Republic” ………..or worse, if that is possible. Lord knows that this thing in office is a muslime, and that his main agenda was to ruin our country, so that he could rebuild it into his own “image” and rule with Sharia Law, and then leave us as basically, his slaves, to do with as he wishes. This division that this article speaks of is exactly what our ENEMY in the once “white” house wanted, and we, fools and cowards that we have became, are allowing it. I will go with the man who once said “give me liberty, or give me death”, for to live under this islimic law would be a hell on earth for anyone who has grown up in America as I have, and loved every single second of it. Do the rest of you feel this way? And would you stand and fight for freedom?

  2. VirgoVince says:

    Because there are too many idiot libturds that know nothing about anything!!
    It's so much easier to be stupid and take hand-outs and be controlled!!

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