Why I Could Never Be A Democrat

There was a time in the history of our country where Democrats were more for the working man and the middle class, while the Republican Party leaned more toward the affluent. Over the years, however, this, like many other things in our world, gradually changed.

Today, it is the Republican Party who champions the middle class; while the Democrats, the Liberals, and Progressives favor welfare, big government, and a nanny state.

The Democrats of today have given up their morals and have turned their backs on traditional values. They are strong proponents of abortion–the murdering of innocent children, and they have trivialized traditional marriage (a union between a man and a woman) and opted instead for the support of marriages between two men or two women and consider that to be legal.

(Democrats claim that these “peripheral” things are of little concern to them, and they are members of the Democratic Party for the “bigger issues.”)

One of the Democrat’s strong leaders is Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic who has been virtually excommunicated from her Church due to her views on abortion. Pelosi was recently given the “Margaret Sanger Award” because of her “leadership, excellence, and outstanding contributions to the reproductive health and rights movement”over the course of her career. She was presented this award by Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States. Sanger advocated eugenics and described children as “human weeds.” She also opened the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau in Manhattan to provide contraceptives to women.

Why would any modern day Christian want to revere a person like Nancy Pelosi, who is recognized by a Margaret Sanger? Pelosi is the same woman who told America, “We have to pass the Obamacare bill to know what is in it!”

That is probably one of the most backward statements I have heard in a generation, but it seems to be the mindset of the Democratic Party and the people who run it.

Pelosi also pushes racism every chance she gets in an attempt to divide our country and deflect the failed policies of our president from the minds of potential voters.

Let’s discuss some of the failed policies of the Democrats that are in play today, as the present president is a Democrat:

Obama, with a Democratic Congress, rammed through a large, very expensive, and disastrous thing called Obamacare, costing every taxpayer dearly! He presides over a sluggish economy and has for his five years in office. His “shovel ready” jobs were never shovel ready, nor was this president ever ready for his job as president!

Health care should be left to the individual states and not controlled by the Federal Government. It is too complicated, as Obama and his cronies eventually realized. To throw a “blanket” of laws and regulations over an industry that is 1/6th of our economy is beyond the ability of any government.

So what Obama has succeeded in doing is destroying one of the best health care systems in the world under the guise of wanting to insure everyone. Under the “leadership” of Kathleen Sebelius, it is an abject failure; and more lies have been perpetrated about this farce than one can imagine. Not only did Sebelius lose her last page on her last day; I think she lost her mind someplace along the way!

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